141 Blacksmith 1

    Auron looked once more to make sure he didn't look it wrong. It was a super rare item. Even Auron never found it before.

    The seventh and last item was a book. But, it was not a skill book rather, it was an attribute book.

    An attribute book was a rare item. However, it was not impossible for a player to earn it. Also, the effect of the attribute was variate among one book to another even they have the same grade.

    The grade only determined the minimum number of attributes it would give. Meanwhile, the attribute given would variate. There were books that give only one type of attributes. There were also other that give a number of mix attributes.

    And, the most expensive one was the one that give a free attributes point which player could allocated it themselves. This was the one that was on auction's list Auron received. Moreover, it was a king grade which mean it would give a minimum of 200 free attribute points.

    It was a huge amount. 200 attributes mean 40 levels. For a low level player, 40 levels means nothing, but for high level player 40 levels means a lot. When a player already high level enough, it would be difficult for them to raise just one level let alone 40 levels.

    Auron looked at the minimum bid, it was 500 thousands gold. Auron just smiled wryly and shook his head. The minimum bid was rather low for such super rare item. But, Auron believed that this minimum bid was useless. Even, if the minimum bid was set to 0, Auron believed that the price would go spike with just one or two bid.

    It was no wonder that there was already many top ranked guild in the area. Auron also recognized some high leveled player from the top ranked guild.

    With this information, Auron already satisfied. He knew that he didn't have any chance of winning the first item let alone the last item. It would be such wasted of time if he looked at the auction that he didn't have chance of winning.

    Auron decided to forgo the auction. He turned around and tried to look at the bazaar tenant before going back to the military's academy.

    Auron scanned once more. At this time, he found an interesting tenant. He moved closer to the tenant. The tenant store was a middle age man. He was very enthusiastic on promoting his items.

    "Come... come... this was my last items." The middle age man promoted his items.

    It was a set of equipment, Auron looked at the equipment. From its grade, it was actually a pretty good equipment. Although, its grade was pretty high, but the product itself only for low level player. It was a rare grade level 100 set equipment for mage.

    "That couple over there, come buy this set of equipment, it was cheap. You can buy it for your son or nephew!" The middle age man offered his product to a couple passing by.

    Then, the man looked at Auron coming to him. From one look, he knew Auron was interested in his set equipment.

    "Come... come young man, with this equipment you will became stronger and more handsome."

    Auron looked at the man, he was a level 200 merchant. It made Auron wondered, how he could get this set equipment. Was his luck that high that he would get a rare set grade equipment.

    "Take a look here" The man showed Auron his products.

    Auron inspected the equipment. Each of the equipment, have a slightly better performance than any ordinary rare equipment.

    In Two Worlds, two same equipment could price differently. It was because even though the equipment have same defense, appearance, and requirement. The bonus attribute from its equipment could be different. Moreover, if that equipment had a bonus effect.

    And, the performance of  that man's equipment was slightly better although it was not that big. Auron more interested after he read the last line in the equipment's description.

    Made By Seeking Enlightenment

    It was an player made equipment. And, the name of the seller was Seeking Enlightenment which mean this was the equipment he produced himself.

    There were many side class that a player could take, like alchemist, miner, herbalist, blacksmith, etc. There were four major level for each side class. Junior, Medior, Senior, and Master. And, each major class would have 10 minor levels each.

    A player would start at level 1 Junior. When they are at level 10 Junior, they could take a test to advance to Medior. The highest level for a side class was level 10 Master. And, there were few player that could reach that level.

    Each player could get one side class for them self. However, the could get rid of their side class and took the new one. Of course, it would come with a consequences, the side class level would be reset back to start. For example, a level 10 Master Blacksmith decided to change into another side class. Then, after some time that player decided to get back to Blacksmith, he would have to start over from level 1 Junior once more.

    Although, that player would have the gist of it, they would still need to spend many resources and time to get back to their level before. Also, they still need to undergo advancement test once more. He also need to purchase and re learn a new product design to make the equipment.

    "You made this by yourself?" Auron asked.

    "Yes man, looked at the description there's my name on it. How about it? This was my last items" That man politely persuade Auron.

    "What level are you?" Auron curiously asked.

    "I just advanced to level 1 Medior this morning. Want to buy it? I know you are interested" That man kept on persuade Auron.

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    "How much is this set?" Auron began to ask the price. After all, he still interested in this equipment. It was so rare for a low level equipment to be sold. Moreover, the performance for this equipment was better that any other equipment within the same grade.
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