142 Blacksmith 2

    "Since this is my last item and I am so happy right now, I will give you a discount"

    "This set just cost 120 gold, no negotiation cause this already cheap" Seeking Enlightenment said.

    Auron thought for a bit, this was really cheap considering it was a rare grade equipment. Moreover, it was a set of 5 equipment which mean each item equipment only cost 24 golds. Usually, the cheapest price for a rare grade equipment was 30 golds and that was not for a set equipment.

    "Wow, it was so cheap. Don't you lose a lot?" Auron asked. He tried to know how this equipment could cost this cheap. He knew that the material cost to forge an equipment was not cheap. For a level 100 equipment, it would cost around 1 gold up to 3 gold each. And, it was only for one try. Also, it didn't guarantee a 100% success.

    Even though, it was a success on the first try, if the produced equipment was only normal grade, that player would suffer lose instead of profit. It was already hard for a player to create a normal grade let alone a rare grade equipment. Moreover, for 5 equipment.

    "No worries, since I was so happy let me tell you a secret"

    "Yes, for this set equipment, I would only gain a little profit. I failed a lot for this set."

    "But, today, I was so lucky. Not only, I succeed in advancing to Medior blacksmit, but I also made a mix level 150 epic set equipment with only few attempts."

    A set equipment could be called rare set equipment because all of the equipment needed to make a set was rare grade. Whereas, a mix set equipment was referred to a set equipment with a mixed grade in it. However, there was some rule in it which were, the other equipment could only one grade lower than the highest grade.

    If it was mix epic set equipment which mean, there was a minimum of 1 epic grade equipment while the other would have to have a minimum of rare grade.

    "Although, there was only one epic equipment in it, with only few attempts to make it, I already gained a lot from it."

    "Moreover, the one who buy my equipment was some big shot. He paid me more than what I want. That transaction already cover all of my loses"

    "And, today, I am not just selling this set. I already sold out another 2 sets before and bunch of non set equipment."

    "You can looked at my stall. It only left with this one. It was enough for me. I just want to sell this last piece quickly and celebrate this."

    Throughout the explanation, Seeking Enlightenment was smiling widely and very excited. A lucky guy. That was what passed on Auron's mind after hearing that man's explanation. Auron could not help but felt happy for him.

    "Okay, then I will buy it. Here's the money." Auron handed over his money and exchange it with the set equipment. However, since he still could not use the equipment he would have to save it for later.

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    After trading with Auron, Seeking Enlightenment happily packing his tenant stall, while Auron asked, "Do you accept commission?"

    "Yes, I do. But, not today. If you want, you can contact me tomorrow."

    "Well, it is not that fast. What I want is level 200 set equipment. It was still long way for me to reach that level. I will just add you as a friend first."

    "Okay, sure" Seeking Enlightenment accepted Auron's friend request while packing up his things. After that, he said few more words to Auron and left him.

    Auron looked out for another thing in the bazaar, but he only found few other consumable items that he bought immediately. The items sold here was way to high leveled for him right now. He could only left the bazaar and went back to the academy.

    Arrived at the academy, Auron could feel some weird atmosphere around the academy. There was heavy atmosphere around the academy. When Auron was arrived at the academy the first time, there was already heavy atmosphere but it was not this heavy. This time, it was ten times heavier than before.

    Auron entered the academy, there were officer ranked higher than him or teacher rushing like they were in a hurry. And, it was not only one. Although, not all of them were at that state, but most of them was like that.

    Auron met up with Alice on his way to his room and greeted her, "Hello, Teacher Alice"

    "Oh, hey boy, I am busy right now. Don't forget your practice, I will check your progress when I have time. I don't want you to sully my self created spell." Alice warned Auron

    "Sure. What is wrong with this heavy atmosphere in the academy?" Auron could not help but asked Alice.

    "Don't mind it now. You will know about it soon. Okay, I've got to go. Don't forget your practice."

    Auron felt weird. It was like there was some big secret hidden behind this heavy atmosphere. When he was thinking about this matter, he arrived at his room. There was no one in the room.

    "It looks like the other were practicing hard. Then, I can't lack behind"

    Auron decided to practice what Alice had taught him. So, he went to the academy's library. He also didn't forget to let his swordsman hunt. He chose a rather safe hunting spot for his swordsman. Although, it could not compared to orc's camp, but it was better rather than stayed idle. Auron also didn't want to suddenly find out that his level had went 2 level down while he was practicing Alice's self created skill.

    With all in set, Auron began immersed in his practice on the skill. Day by day passed by, soon it was almost the appointment date where Auron and his friends supposed to meet up to take another mission.
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