143 Operation 1

The third wave was more difficult than the two previous waves. It was because starting the third waves, there were ranged units mixed inside the soldiers. In the third wave, there were 10 of those units.

Auron's group had to move forward to these ranged units soldier to kill them. However, it was not easy because there were still melee units that hindered their path. This means there was a high chance that these 10 ranged units would be carried over to the next waves.

Not only that, the narrow path, which was supposed to be their advantage, also made them harder to dodge. However, this didn't mean that Auron's group was immediately destroyed.

Auron began to distribute the strength potion to the damage dealer. This was to increase their output damage. 

Auron also told the two archers to aim at the enemy's ranged unit. Meanwhile, the mage would start to use their area spell to quickly destroy the enemy.

Everything worked as planned so far. When the fourth wave arrived, only 3 ranged units and 3 melee units were left from the third wave.

Since the strength potion's effect was still in effect, the fourth wave was not a problem. With only a few enemies left in the fourth wave, the fifth wave could be clear safely.

Actually, Auron could distribute the strength potion from the first wave. However, he didn't want to do that. It was because he felt that was unnecessary. And, the most important reason was that he tried to save his money. He still had a lot of costs to be paid after the dungeon was over.

The fifth wave's monster started to perish one by one. After another five minutes, the fifth wave finally cleared.

Auron had to advance to continue. Before he gave the order to go, he told the clerics to heal everyone and recover their mana.

While waiting, Auron looked at the damage ranking. Smite was at the top of the board. The second position was given to Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Julia was in third place. This top-three place didn't change from the start of the dungeon.

Although Auron's level was the lowest in this group, he was ranked above the 6 tankers. For this dungeon, Auron deliberately chose the tanker to be a pure one. So, of course, these tankers' damage output was lost to Auron.

Still from the ranking board, what took Auron's attention was Jeffrey. In the fifth wave, when only half of the enemies left, Auron had observed Jeffrey. And Jeffrey's fighting style was ordinary.

Jeffrey would attack the enemy and sometimes use his attack skill. He didn't even use [Throw Item] skill. It was very ordinary that Auron was curious about how he could stay in the second position throughout the dungeon. 

"Let's move!" Smite said to Auron.

 Auron woke up from his pondering state, then he nodded and led the group forward. After walking casually for three minutes, Auron's group arrived at the end of the narrow pathway.

This pathway was connected to the back of the castle, where the royal was placed. The second stage was about to begin. This time, Auron told the thief to lead at the front.

Since this place was connected to the royal prison, there were many traps laid in position. It was to prevent the prisoner from escaping easily. The thief led the group while disarming the traps.

Not long after, they arrived at the royal prison. The place where the second and the last stage would take place.

Usually, a prison would be a damp and stinky place. However, it was different from the royal prison that Auron visit.

It was clean and the air here seemed clear without any bad smell at all. This royal prison was just like another building that anyone would visit. Even though the prison's interior was not extravagant, but everyone who came here knew that the prison should not have this kind of interior.

Inside the prison, there were many cells. However, the cells near the entrance were empty. Auron's group approached the back of the prison.

At there, he could see there was a man sat down inside one of the cells comfortably. Surrounding him, there were many people kneel down. It was like they worship the man. Among these men, there was also the prison's warden.

As Auron's group arrived at the prison, these group of people realized Auron's group. The man who sat comfortably stood up and said, "Welco..."

Before the man could say 'welcome', Auron's group already attacked. Just like the king in the bedroom, this was to proceed to the battle quicker. Everyone here already knew what would this man in front of him said. So, they immediately cut to the chase and attacked him.

The man who just stood up frowned. His expression turned furious. Then, he command, "Attack them!"

The people who were the man's worshipper immediately got up and attacked Auron's group like crazy. There were around 20 worshippers.

This man was the source of why the king had deranged behavior. At first, he was just an average mage. One day, he made a pact with the devil and gained great power. He could control the people's mind who was weaker than him.

Of course, this great power came with a side effect. He had to sacrifice humans in order to keep his power. Hence, he started to search for away.

Then, he found a convenient way. This man put the king's under his spell and started to collect human sacrifice. He worked in the shadow while the world condemned the king for his act.

As his supply of sacrifice maintained, the devil came to him again to offer another spell in exchange for more sacrifice. Drown in power, the man accepted the offer. Hence, the quantity of sacrifice increased.

And, this man was the boss of this hidden stage as well as where the herbs that Auron needed would drop. Auron's group got into formation.

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