144 Operation 2

    A crowd were seen on the academy's field. There were many noises and chattering around the area. Some were discussing about the operation gonna come. Some were discussing about last month ranking.

    And, just like few ceremony before, the crowd was divided into two big group, the noble group and commoner group. However, this time, the commoner group had less people compared to the previous ceremony.

    Meanwhile, at a corner on the field in the commoner's group, three people were talking to each other. This were Auron's group. They tried to guess on the operation's detail. When they were in deep discussion, they heard a group of people beside them also tried to guess the operation.

    "I heard this operation was related to war zone" One of them stated.

    "Really? Don't we had the upper hand in the bridge world?" His friends replied.

    "No, you guys don't know anything." The other friend who seem to have inside story acted smart and explained.

    "Don't you guys know what month is this? What usually happen during this month?"

    "Yes, it is the Raiding Month"

    "So, are we also gonna be send to a raid?" A slightly confused commoner asked.

    "No, you idiot! Look at our strength. If we were sent to the raid, we will 100% lose our life. And, do you forget that who were sent to the raid was only immortal people. I guess we will divided into group and sent to help on the defense as well as gaining some experience." The smart guys rebuked.

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    As the game name, Two Worlds, there were two worlds which were in a constant war against each other trying to occupy the other world. And, there were two ways for a world to invade the other world.

    First, through the front way, the bridge world. Between the two worlds, there were a smaller world which connect the two. They named it bridge worlds.

    There were no direct portal for one world to get into the other worlds. They had two teleport to the bridge world and in that bridge world, there were portal to other worlds. Of course, the portal was tightly guarded by the other worlds.

    And, the second way was through a back door. That back door was what will happen soon. It only happened once a year during this month.

    Basically,  there would be a random portal opened to directly let a person teleport to the other world. There were two types of portal which were going to be opened, allies portals and enemies portals.

    Allies portals were portal that could be used to invade to the other world and it is located near the kingdom, Miderian. Whereas enemies portals were portal that would summoned the enemies from the other world and that portal would be placed on the outer most territory of the kingdom. The number of the portal would be random each time it appear however the number between allies portal and enemies portal were same.

    However, both of the world could not pinpoint the exact when the portal appeared. They only knew that during this month that the portal would appear. Which was why, usually, they would prepare in advanced and guarded the affected area or attack enemies' area. Also, the portal would only appear for 7 days.

    The first time Two Worlds started, since their player was still low level and the quantity was small, Gaia always suffered a huge loss on this occasion. However, throughout the time, as the player grew stronger and the quantity also gone high, Gaia gained the upper hand.

    This was also one of the reason that Gaia could pushed back Regalia on the fifth year since Two Worlds started. Another reason was, since the third year onward, Gaia only sent player as the raiding party.

    By doing this, Gaia didn't suffered big loss. As player could not truly died and can always resurrect. Meanwhile, Regalia which only comprises of NPC can only sent NPC who could not return back to their worlds.

    The truth was this back door was akin to a suicide mission. The reason was you would be summoned at the most outer of the kingdom and you have to get into allies portal of the other world to get back to your real world. Since you were summoned at the outer most, to get to the allies portal located in the inner most of the territory, you would have to past many village, town, and long distance. Moreover, you have to do it in 7 days to get back else the portal would disappear and you can only get back through the bridge world.

    However, to get back through bridge worlds was impossible since the portal connected from the world and bridge world was located inside a big city and it was guarded heavy.

    There were no history that a player or NPC managed to get back after invading through the portal. Meanwhile, in Gaia, the player actually didn't have any desire to get back. They would treat this as a hunting ground with NPC as the enemies instead of monster.

    They would gained more experience when killing enemies NPC also they would have higher chance to get the equipment from that NPC. So, no one wanted to miss the opportunity and get back to their original world.

    There was a time when a group of 10 above level 400 players gained 5 levels each through the raid and gained more that 200 equipment range from common grade to epic grade. Meanwhile when they died, they only dropped 1 level and few equipment each. Of course, this only applied to high leveled player or lucky player to encounter weak enemies when they were in enemies territory.

    Since a huge benefit was coming to them, many players called this as a Raiding Month and this named spread wide until NPC also used Raiding Month as a term to call this month. During this month, usually the NPC would be responsible from guarding against the enemies' attack or pressuring the enemies in the bridge world to divide the enemy's attention.
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