147 Raiding Month 2

    "Now, I will assign you guys task" One of the supervisor said.

    "You will be responsible for the food. You will be responsible for the safety. You..." He assigned a task for each of the commoner.

    "Wait! Who do you think you are to assign task to us? You are just like us a commoner!" One of the commoner could not stand the behavior and rebuked the so called 'supervisor'.

    Without wasting any time the 'supervisor' directly unleashed an attack toward the commoner. Being caught of guard by the sudden attack, the commoner could not manage to defend the attack. He got hit and flew backward for several meters before stopping.

    The other 'supervisor' chuckled while looking at the commoner. Meanwhile, the commoner who was hit was dreaded with fear as he spurted out blood. He and his other commoner including Auron was shocked at this scene.

    What shocking them was the fact that the difference in power was that great. From the level difference it was not that great, so it was supposed to be the level difference from skill or equipment.

    Although the commoner was caught off guard by the sudden attack. He was supposed not to flew several meters back because this attack.

    Moreover, when they first gathered to hear about the announcement yesterday morning, the one who attack was not supposed had this much power. But, now, in just mere one day, their strength rise greatly.

    "Ha... ha... ha..." The one who attack laughed.

    "Yes, I am a commoner. But, I am not just ordinary commoner. Look at this weapon! Look at my equipment!" He showed his weapon and equipment.

    When everyone looked at the equipment he wore, they was shocked. It was a full epic set for his level. No wonder, the damage he dealt was so great.

    "H- how could you get that equipment?" The commoner stuttered asking.

    "It was thanks to the benevolence of Bernard's family that I get this set"

    "Why? Do you want to get this too? Join under him and maybe he could gave you a set like this. However, not all people under him get this privilege. They needed to prove they are worthy."

    "Now, do your job properly and maybe I could give some good word about you!"

    Hearing this, the commoner enjoyed greatly and nodded their head like a broken toys. A set like this could greatly improve their chance for survive. It was important for them to get this set.

    The face of the commoner who was being beaten up, became pale. He knew he was already on the bad side of this 'supervisor'. His chance of getting these set equipment was plummeted to zero.

    Meanwhile, from the start to the end, didn't even doing anything. He just stood still and observed everything. He didn't show any sign of agreeing or disagreeing about all of this.

    Before, he could help the commoner who was being attack by blocking the attack, but the didn't do it.

    The reason was because, there was no reason for him doing that. It would not bring him any benefit. However, he also still couldn't agree to become someone else dog. Moreover, the person seems to be a pampered nobles who didn't care about his subordinate and just use them as a pawn.

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    "Now, you see this power right? Behave properly and your chance of survive will rise."

    "I will repeat your task once again. You will..." The 'supervisor' repeated the task once more.

    "Lastly, for you. Since, you were the weakest from all of us you will do all the task, you don't have any specific task. You will become the assistant for the others. When one task was not done properly you will also get the punishment." The 'supervisor' telling Auron his task.

    There were several types of task being given, like giving the villager food, maintain the villager safety, clearing nearby monster, etc. Each task was maintain by one person each. Meanwhile, Auron would be the helper for all of the task.

    If the villager didn't get enough food, Auron would be punished as well as the one who was responsible with the food task. When there were monster spotted nearby the safe shelter, the one who was responsible clearing nearby monster will get punished and so did Auron.

    However, Auron didn't rebuked anything and kept silent. He didn't even nodded.

    Seeing Auron didn't even voiced anything, the 'supervisor' couldn't be bothered by something like this and took Auron silent as an agreement.

    They turned around once more and started went back to the village. Before they arrived at the village, the supervisor didn't forget to threaten the beaten commoner to make an excuse about his wound.

    Arriving at the village, they immediately gathered around the military command center for a briefing.

    "Before the battle started, stick with your group and work with each other to do your task properly. I will not tolerate internal quarrel!" The lead officer shouted out.

    "When the battle start, remember to keep sticking with your group and fight properly."

    "Now, each of you will received this device. It is used to communicate. Also, this device will also record your battle contribution that you could exchange with many things after all of this finished."

    "Also, if the device alarm is ringing, then it means the portal is appearing and it indicate the start of the battle. You need to do your job properly and not let any of the enemies escape. Now dismiss"

    After each of them getting the device, they immediately putted the device on their body and dismiss.

    Three days passed by, no enemies spotted. From outside, it was very calm and peace. However, inside, the pressure getting tensed up. Many commoner looked out for shelter to one of the nobles which made thing chaotic.

    Meanwhile, for the commoner who didn't want to become the noble's dog or had already been rejected become tensed since they knew their chance of survival was very low.

    And, today, the device's alarm was ringing loudly.
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