148 Raiding Month 3

    "Look at them!" One of the commoner whispered to Auron beside him.

    "There were dogs gathering around, wagging their tails and licking their boss' face. So, disgusting!" That man pointed at a group of commoner in front of him who was circled around the so called 'supervisor' in hope they could be be put in a good word for the nobles.

    "Relax, all of you. Yesterday, I have told your concern to Young Noble. Although he could not fully help you, but he had agreed to give you guys some equipment."

    "Make line first, I will distribute the equipment"

    A line quickly formed and the 'supervisor' distributed some rare equipment to them. Each of them get one piece of rare equipment. Actually, it could not help them much, but they really felt grateful and quickly bowed many times.

    This situation just not happen in this place only. Throughout the village, there were two or three similar gathering like this. Also, this was not the first time in happened. From several days before, a gathering like this could be seen around the village.

    "Tch, so disgusting. Didn't they know that this little piece of equipment could not help them to survive." The man beside Auron mocked once again.

    Auron didn't response to any of the man's mock. He knew who was the man beside him. The man actually was like one of the dog that he had said.

    The first day after the device distribution, that man quickly looked for a noble for shelter. He spent a huge effort and managed to get one piece equipment. However, he get on the nerve of one of the 'supervisor' and made the 'supervisor' angry.

    With that, he lost the equipment and was banned to receive another equipment. This issue quickly spread to other 'supervisor' and nobles which made them to banner this man to get any equipment from them.

    This made the man could not receive any piece of equipment anymore and here he was now, sitting and mocking at the old him.

    Auron kept silent and didn't reply. He looked at the clock and it was time for him to feed the villager. He stood up and went to the supply tent to get some food.

    At the supply tent, he found his group mate who was assigned already there. Without any communication, both of them quickly did their job as they could read each other thought.

    When they were about to leave the supply tent, their device rung loudly. Portal was spotted. This mean the battle would begin.

    The man who was assigned with Auron paled. However, he quickly maintain his composure and quickly told Auron, "Quick, you go and gathered at the designated location. I will transfer this food to the villager."

    Without waiting for Auron's reply, that man took some more supply enough for the villager to maintain for a week and with a huge load on his side, he quickly went out to the safe place.

    It happened quickly, Auron didn't manage to stop him. He could only went along that man's order and gathered at the designated location while cursing at that man.

    Auron knew that man used this chance to escape safely so he didn't need to battle. What funny was that man already received a lot of equipment from the nobles but he still ran away quickly.

    Actually, deep inside, Auron also nervous. Although he could still revive if he died, but right now, he was using his mage character, which mean if he died, his 'cheat' progress would stop. Moreover, it will made his future progress slower. But, he knew if he could passed this trouble safely, his reward would be great.

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    This was his first time joining the defense side, usually he would joined the attacking side at the Bridge World or attacking through allies portal.

    From the data that was published, what the officer had said was true, the enemies was less likely focused on attacking and just did it as a formalities. In addition, what Brock had elaborated at the gathering in the academy was true.

    With more pressure on the Bridge World through several days, the enemies already put more personnel on the Bridge World to defense which mean they would spend fewer person on the attack. Moreover, Auron was a mage that only needed to stand at the back line of the battle. With the fact mentioned, Auron felt confidence that he could survive through this Raiding Month even though his level was low by huge margin.

    Auron moved to the gathering place which he found a huge crowd already gathered there, silent with no noise at all. The officer already stood in front of them.

    "We already received the portal's location. Also, from our investigation, there were 6 enemies spotted at this initial attack."

    Since the portal would opened for 7 days, the enemies didn't directly launched a massive attack. They would used an pioneer team to distract the enemies. And, usually the pioneer team would consisted of a group of player that already defect to the enemies side.

    These player were the one that already betrayed Gaia or they were players who already had huge problem with the nobles around and became a wanted person. If they didn't have any way to resolve their problem, they will become a wanted person and chase everywhere they went. With no return place, they could only joined the Regalia side since they would be chased, if they stayed at Gaia.

    However, this time, just like everyone had predicted, the pioneer team number was quite low than the raid before.

    "Just like we had predicted, the enemies would spent little effort in this raid. Intercept the enemies and don't let them get near the village"

    "Don't be arrogant! If you find a way stronger enemies, pull back and grouped with other."

    "It's time for the battle. Fight with your live for your glory! Remember the more enemies you killed, the more things you could achieved."
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