151 Raiding Month Begin 3

    Six days passed by, during the past six days, the enemies' attack starting to get harsher each day. Although, from the second day the number of enemy's player reduced, but the number of enemy's NPC increased.

    It was no surprised since the enemy's player died a lot and they needed to recover their lost level to join the last huge wave. The enemy's player started to hunt to recover their level. What fortunate for them was the fact the enemy's had agreed to support them to recover their level.

    Bit by bit, the number of student also reduced. From 323 students, they went down to 264 students after the first days. Thankfully, started on the second day after they employed the ambushed strategy, their casualties went down.

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    Only, 10 students died on after second day. However, the enemy also didn't stay still. After several attempt, they started to get the gist of the ambush strategy and they came up with the counter strategy.

    They started to randomly invaded Gaia. Moreover, each invasion with huge number of enemies. This made each time the ambush took place, not only the enemies took heavy blow, but the academy also took heavy blow.

    This continued for two days, which made the officer in field furious and could not hold anymore and took out their rage at the academy and military to request for help.

    At first, the request was immediately declined, however, the dead count started to build up which made the academy increased their pressured to the military. Moreover, during the two days, several student already showed sign to desert the battlefield. Especially the nobles who was pampered.

    The nobles somehow managed to get through their family although the communication already cut. This made the several nobles family also started to pressure the military to send reinforcements.

    They berated the military and academy for stupidly sending their child to battlefield. Even the family from the deceased nobles student asked for a tremendous remuneration.

    With a potential internal conflict rise up, the military higher management commanded to agree to the request. However, they could not withdraw the student from battlefield. With all sort of excuses made up, the manage to let the student stayed in the battlefield.

    In exchange the military send another 10 soldiers to their place. Also, the reason the nobles agreed was because the military agreed to let them send their own guards to the battlefield. Each of the family could send 3 guards.

    However, not all of the nobles send their guards. There were several nobles that didn't send their guard instead they send their guard to the Bridge World to gain more popularity and achievement.

    There were several reasons for this. But, most of it was because the children who was at the battlefield was their least favorite child or just a child from their concubine.

    With this more than 100 guards was gathered to the battlefield near the portal. The groups was brimming with people. The quantity of the group was way more than the other defense party at others portal.

    At the end of the fourth day, the group consisted of 3 officers, 10 soldiers, 101 guards, and 164 students. From 164 students, 67 from it was a nobles family, meanwhile the rest was just a commoner.

    With this huge group the officer decided to camp the portal and left a little, 5 soldiers at the village. The condition gradually improved. However, there still some student who was died since the guards that was sent by the nobles only defended their young master.

    The groups seems strong, however, the enemy's didn't just let it slide. When they knew, the group increased, it piqued the enemy's high leveled player. At first, the value was low since the level of the student was low. However, with the soldiers and guards, the value of the groups increased.

    There were even some enemy's player that already battled in the Bridge World, when they heard the news, they went to this portal instead.

    Huge quantity of enemies started to appear in the portal. Casualties started to appear once more. There were even some casualties in the soldiers and guards group.

    Of course, during the six days, it was not with improvement. All of the students that survived until the end already gained several tens level. There were even, some who had gained hundreds levels.

    Auron also gained more than 50 levels during the war. Right now, he was level 127. This was because he was very careful during the war and looked some place safe at the back. This cause his experience to raise slowly. Moreover, with the four times experience needed than normal, his progress was slower than others.

    It look likes he gained a lot but it was because he started low. Gaining 50 level from level 70 was different from gaining 50 level at level 130. However, Auron still brimming with happiness. With this one war, he already gained a lot compared to his days hunting alone.

    Now, the seventh day started to begin. Today, was also the day when the portal would close up. With the groups camped out the portal, they took turn to observe the portal. When there were slightly changed in the portal, they would immediately rung the bell to inform the other that the enemies coming.

    And, today was Auron's turn to observe the portal with several other commoner. During the war, Auron kept on silent and just fight passively from the back. Moreover, he was in the commoner's group. So, most of them didn't care about him.

    "We are lucky to survive until this point." One of the commoner beside Auron who was in duty said.

    That man was also a mage and throughout the war, he already gained more than hundreds level and his level already at 309.

    "Today is the last day, if we could survive today, we can exchange our huge contribution point" That man smiled  widely.

    "What will you change it for? I would..." Before that man could finished up his sentence, a movement in the portal was detected. 10 students in duty, including Auron, immediately rung the bell to inform the others.

    However, before the bell could rung, 3 heads flew up in the air followed by blood splattered.
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