152 Last Day 1

    DONG.... DONG... A bell's sound loudly rung in the air. Everyone in the camp who heard the bell directly suit up and gathered at the portal armed.

    However, a hectic and commotion already took place in the camp. A shriek could be heard mixed up with the bell sound.

    Meanwhile, after  3 heads flew up in the air followed by blood splattered, several shrieks and blood splattered could be seen. Auron who was close to the portal also could not escape from the nightmare.

    A shadow passed by near Auron coming closer to him. With a silver glint, a dagger covered with red aura tried to slice him up.

    Auron reacted quickly, he tried to block the incoming dagger with his dagger. However, he knew it was impossible. No time to chant [Aqua Barrier] or use any other spell.

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    So, he had no choice to activate his swordsman skill. He tried to dash away behind. Unfortunately, he was few second late, he could not dodge the dagger completely .

    He used all of his swordsman defensive skill including [Aura's Barrier]. Upon impact, the dagger which missed the vital point could only grazed Auron.

    However, with the difference in power between Auron and the perpetrator, Auron still suffered huge damage even it only grazed him. Fortunately for him, with the change in his equipment, his health soared high. Moreover, he gained 50 more level during the war which increase his health by some amount.

    But, still, even with the increased health, Auron's health plummet down to critical condition. Also, with the attack, Auron flew back several meters and fell down.

    The perpetrator ignored Auron since he thought that with that one impact Auron would died. Because of that, the perpetrator immediately attack the man beside Auron who was just minutes ago had conversation with Auron.

    Meanwhile, the next target was shocked to extent that he believed all that was going now was a dream. His leg was shaking so hard that made him hard to stand.

    He slumped down due to fear. Fortunately, because he slumped down, the perpetrator's dagger missed his neck. He survived one attack. However, this just made the perpetrator more furious.

    With a dagger in hand, the perpetrator used his skill to kill the man which was not necessary. The perpetrator reaped the man life and gone to next target beside him.

    Auron who was at the ground, was in dilemma. He wanted to get up and ran away but it would attract the attention of the attacker. However, if he didn't do anything, with his low health a slight impact would make him death.

    He chose to silently drank health potions without getting up. While he was drinking the potions, one of the attacker realized Auron was still alive. He immediately launched his ranged skill to kill Auron.

    Seeing this, Auron get up and tried to dodge the skill. However, the skill was so quick that with the time he had, he could not dodge it.

    Fortunately, before the skill could reached him, a shadow arrived in front of him and blocked the skill for him. It was Officer Molke who was staying at the village on the first day.

    "Quick, get back and recover!" Officer Molke shouted to Auron.

    Auron ran away to the back and use several health potions to recover his health. Although, it was surprising for him to find a mage still alive despite the chaotic situation here, however he could not think about it. Right now, he had more urgent situation to handle.

    Officer Molke looked at the situation. The situation was grim. In this last attack, the enemies send huge number of soldier exceeding from their prediction.

    With the situation at the Bridge World and attacked from the portal, they thought that the enemy would send 30-40 soldiers, 50 at most. The fact was the enemies send over 100 soldiers.

    Looking at the grim situation, Officer Molke shouted, "Fall back to the village! All soldiers and guards cover the student! Ask for reinforcement from the headquarter!"

    Fighting head to head was a difficult option for him with this soldier. Meanwhile, running away was also a nightmare. The student would not be able escape the chase. However, he felt escaping was the most appropriate choice in this situation.

    With this command, all of the student immediately dropped their weapon and ran back to the village as fast as they can.

    The enemies could not let this slide. They aimed at the student who was running away for their life. A slaughter was happened with the slowest student would died.

    However, it was not a one side massacre, the officers, soldiers, and guards also took this chance to kill several enemies who was aiming at the student while also went back to the village covering the students.

    Halfway through to the village, a huge casualties occur at both sides with Auron's side suffered more casualties.

    The battle continued on, a huge groups of the student was running away behind them were a groups of chaser and a defense group consisted of the officers, soldiers, and guards. However, the number of the defense group was lesser because they suffered casualties when they were caught in surprise.

    When they were near the village, several enemies detached from the big group and spread out. Molke knew their reason. They wanted to infiltrate inside the kingdom, however he could not do anything about it since he still in an intense fight against the enemies.

    With the enemies numbered going down, the pressure lessen a bit. Some of the student took up their courage and help the officer from behind. Auron's side slowly gaining the upper hand. When there were only 20 enemies left, they decided to retreat back to the portal.

    Molke and the other officers decided not to chase the enemies, they were afraid of ambushed since after they were move far from the portal, they didn't know how many more enemies arrived.

    They decided to mend the wounded while waiting for the reinforcement from the headquarter before attacking.
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