153 Last Day 2

    Inside a large tent in Miderian, several men stood around a table. Various expression could be seen on each of their face, from agitated, furious, confused, even shocked. They could not even uttered a word which made this tent void of sound.

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    Near the entrance of the tent, several soldier were kneeling down waiting for a response from these several men. When suddenly, one soldier entered the tent.

    "Sir, Officer Molke request for reinforcements"

    When the news was brought into the tent, the several men who stood around the table didn't even gave slight of response to the news as if they didn't care about the news.

    After few minutes of silent, one of the man broke the silence, "How can they do this? How can they have so many soldier to send? Based on our calculation, their number could not sent this many soldier"

    These questions were the questions which circulated among all of the men's mind. "What should we do? Should we take back some troop from Bridge World to defense?" One of the men stated his opinions.

    "No, from what I heard, we have the upper hand in Bridge World. If we recall some troop our situation could be reverse."

    "How many spare troops we have?"

    "We don't have any spare troop. You know the operation this time was so big that we didn't spare any troop."

    "We only have the royal troops and the few guards which guarding the various city left."

    "However, we don't have the authority to command the royal troops and if we force ourselves to deployed the guards in the various city, the city would be left with no security at all. What if a rebellion occurred"

    Hearing the concern about the situation, one of the man who had the most highest authority in the tent gritted his teeth, "Informed the royalty about our situation and asked the permission to borrow some of the royal troops."

    With that command, a messenger was sent to the royalty. The atmosphere inside the tent become more intense. All of them was hoping that the royalty would lend them hand.

    After several minutes of waiting, a young man entered the tent. The young man entered the tent with charisma. Majestic aura could be felt around the man. Despite the charisma and majestic aura, from his appearance, he was around 19-20 years old.

    He walked to the table inside the tent, behind him two scary and strong bodyguards followed him. When the young man walked, the kneeling soldiers and men immediately gave a way for him. The several men around the table who saw the young man immediately bowed down and greeted him, "Greetings to Your Highness."

    The man with the highest authority took up his courage and said, "Apologize for this lowly one to make Your Highness travel to here. As you can see, we are not in a good situation. We ...."

    However, before he could finish his speech, the young man waved his hand, "I already know the situation. Royal Father, send me here to assist the situation."

    The young man was the royal prince. He was the fourth prince and the youngest prince out all of the prince out there. He was sent by the king to resolve the situation. Of course, the king didn't leave him alone, before the prince left, the king already gave out several suggestion for him based on the situation stated from the messenger.

    "What's the situation in the attacked village, right now?" The fourth Prince asked. He tried to be careful enough about the situation, so he felt that  he know the situation on the field right now.

    "Some of the retreated to the village and barricade themselves inside it, while the other manage to stopped the enemy halfway. However, they already lost control of the situation on the portal."

    "Also, the enemy seems pulled back and wait at the portal for some unknown reason. Our officer believed that the enemy was mustering their troop as many as they can until the portal was close and attack us at the same time."

    "Although, not all of the attacked village was in dire strait, however, most of them was in dire situation. However, seeing the enemy mustering their troop, all of our officer already asked for reinforcements to hold the village."

    "Moreover, from the enemy movement, some of the enemy, already split out into several little groups to infiltrated inside the kingdom and act as a spy. We believed that if we deploy guard inside the various city, the spy would take this chance to run a havoc or to create a rebellion."

    "One thing that we didn't know was how can they muster that many troops. Based on calculation, it would not be possible"

    "Forget with the calculation thing! You can see the fact here that you calculation were proved to be wrong. You don't need to know how can you calculate wrongly right now. There is more urgent situation, which is to save the villages!" The fourth prince berated the man who insisted on his calculation which made him silent immediately.

    "I agreed with your speculation, I believed that the enemy would muster their troop as many as they can before the portal closed. Then, they would attacked all of the villages at the same time."

    "Heed my words, pull back all of our troop to the village. We will defense there. Also, make the various city guards to stricken their guard. Check every identity of every person who came or out the city. If there were no urgent or important business forbid them to enter or out the city. If it is necessary close down the gate until all of this was over!"

    "Next, I brought 450 royal troops here. Split them and send them to all of the village immediately. Don't move until the portal close. When the portal close, if they are not attacking then we will attack them. However, I doubt that they will not attack us."
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