154 Last Day 3

    Although, the reinforcement number was not much but the quality of the royal troops was different compared to ordinary soldiers. An ordinary royal troop's strength was almost the same with an officer, even slightly higher.

    With this reinforcement, he believed it was enough for them to fight with the enemy, even if the enemy had more numbers.

    "I heard the academy's student is in the battlefield as well and they suffered a lot?" The fourth Prince asked.

    "Yes, Your Highness, it was inevitable to avoid casualties. However, through this we can have a more capable student with high quality to join us in the armies." The man with the highest authority below the prince spoke.

    "However, since we have suffered a lot, their noble parents was pressuring us to withdraw their child. I am afraid that if we didn't solve this problem immediately, they will defy the order and create a chaos." Another man chipped in to give more information.

    "No worries, this was also why I am here. I will personally go to the student's village and defense the village with them. This should be qualms their worries."

    Although, the fourth prince was still 19 - 20 years old, but his strength was not ordinary. With the  royalty blood and royal resource, his strength soared. Right now, the Fourth Prince's strength was comparable to a high leveled royal troops.

    It was believed that if the Fourth Prince given 10 or 20 more years, he would have surpassed his father's strength, the current king, by huge margin.

    Which was why, the Fourth Prince was crowned as a talented man despite his young age. Moreover, his character was good. He didn't want to struggle for throne. When the king wanted to crowned him as the crown prince, the fourth prince rejected it and advice his father to give it to the current crown prince, the First Prince.

    Furthermore, the fourth prince had a good relationship with all of his siblings. Also, he liked to help the commoners who was in need. This was also the reason why the fourth prince was not only famous in the royalty but also in the eyes of commoners.

    Fourth Prince's sense of justice was also so high that he was the first one who resisted the idea of making the academy's student to fight in the battlefield regardless of the reason. However, since the others had already agreed to the idea, his resistance met a dead end. Which was why the idea was executed.

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    "Also, if the noble still insisted to send a reinforcement, then tell them to send it to various city to strengthen the security or send them to Bridge World to help my first brother."

    "Prepare everything quickly, we will departed from here in 10 minutes."

    "Meanwhile, you lot prepare a plan to eradicate the enemies that already infiltrate inside the region. We will immediately executed it after the defense done. Don't forget to keep track and find the whereabouts of the infiltrator." The Fourth Prince faced all the men in the tent and commanded them.

    "As you wish Your Highness!" All of the men inside the tent said in unison while the fourth prince exit the tent.


    "Remember, your first task was to evacuate the villagers away from the villages and maintain the order in the village." The fourth prince remind the other royal troops.

    Just as scheduled, 10 minutes later, the royal troops spread to their designated village and help to defense. The fourth prince company also went to one of the village, the village where Auron was there.


    Although, they race fast to the village, it still took a lot of time to arrive at the village. When the fourth prince arrived at the village, it was already evening.

    Meanwhile, at the village, all of the officer and the student, as well as the noble's guard were shocked to find that the fourth prince came personally to their place. All of them immediately stopped what they were doing and knelled down and greeted, "Greeting, Your Highness!"

    The fourth prince gave them permission to stand, then he immediately called up all of the officer in charge to the tent. Meanwhile, the mood in the village became better with the fourth prince's presence.

    Inside the tent, the fourth prince asked the situation in the village to the officer, "What's the situation here?"

    "We was in dire state. Our side had lost many student from our original number. This gave huge pressure to the student. Moreover, at the last battle, we had lost more student and guards. Right now, we only had less than 80 students, 3 officers, 4 soldiers, and less than 40 guards."

    "However, the students had low spirit. Meanwhile, the 40 guards only cared about their young master and it hinders a lot. Fortunately, Your Highness come to this place. It lifted up the mood here and I believed the guards would not dare to defy Your Highness' orders."

    "With that said, please punish us for our incompetency!"

    "No need, you have done what you can. Now, I will take command here. During this time, what the enemy's movement?"

    "We dare not to track too far from the village, so we can only know what is happening around the village. During this time, the enemies launched several mini scale attack. However, no casualties on either side. It was like they were waiting for the right time to attack also to probe our strength."

    "However, I also believe that they knew we were waiting for reinforcements. So, what made me confused was why they didn't attack us before the reinforcement came instead waited until the reinforcement come." Officer Molke explained their situation.

    "It is indeed strange. However, we could not take that to deep since soon or later we will know the answer."

    "Now, my first order was to evacuate the villager farther from the village. I intended to make the village as the battlefield."

    "Second, after the first order executed, gather all of the student and the guards"
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