155 Defense Battle 1

    A series of command immediately sounded from the three officers. A depressed village turned into motion. Lively atmosphere started to fill the place again. With rush, several student regardless of noble or commoner started to move.

    The fourth prince's presence really brought back the place to live. Auron also could feel the change in the mood. While he was tasked to evacuate the villager further away, he felt it was easy to move them under the name of fourth prince's order.

    Moreover, when the villager was escorted, there were no one that put a disappointed face or dejected face even though, they knew that their village will be destroyed as a result from the war.

    It took one hour for Auron and his teams to move the villager away and back to the village. When he arrived back at the village, a command to gather around was issued. With that command, everyone stopped what they were doing and gathered outside the military tent.

    "As everyone have already known, soon, we will face an attack from the enemies. And, we will face it with all the member here." The fourth prince started his speech.

    "Before the fight began, I want to give you a chance. A chance to run away and save your life. I will not blame you and no punishment will be given if you run away right now."

    "Take this chance if you are afraid. Later, there will be no more chance to run away since deserter will be executed on the spot or be trialed in the military trial."

    "However, if you are a brave man, take this chance to make your name known and fight with me here."

    "Yes, defense the village with me here and let your contribution known to others."

    "I will count to 10. If you want to back down, this is your last chance"

    "10... 9... 8..." The prince started to count down.

    Several seconds passed by, however, no one back down even made a slight movement. For the noble, this was a chance for them. If they can take this chance to make some contribution, their status in their family surely would rise up.

    Meanwhile, for the commoner, this was a rare chance to fight in equal status with the prince. Usually, in war, the commoner with low status would be sent at front as a pawn for the noble. But, not in this battle.

    "5... 4... 3..." There were still not movement from all of the students. As for the noble's guards, if their young master didn't move, then they would not dare to move or make their own decision even if they were afraid.

    When there were only two seconds left, one person knelt down with head facing down. With that one person's movement, several other person followed.

    Soon, the prince finished his counting. There were 8 person who were knelt down with all of their head facing down.

    "This is what you guys have choose. For the eight of you stand up, and move away. You have to protect your life yourself as we will not escort you back." The 8 person who knelt down directly stood up without sound but they didn't dare to look up. Then, all of them left the village and move on their own.

    All eight of them were commoner, they were tempted at the glory to fight with a prince, however their fear of death took over their decision. Of course, they not left just like that. When they were leaving, several contempt look and gaze shot out from the other nobles and some commoner student.

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    When the eight people could not be seen anymore, the prince continued humbly, "Thank you for choosing to fight with me. It is a pleasure to fight with you guys here. Now, prepare yourself for the battle!"

    With all that said, all of them disperse and went on their own. The nobles went with other nobles and their guards. Meanwhile, the commoner tried to make a group on their own.

    Time passed slowly, there were still long way until midnight, the time when the portal would close.

    During the time, the enemies still send several men to harass them or sent a group to infiltrate inside the kingdom.

    At first, there were no casualties at the skirmish. Moreover, they knew that there were only several student that guarding the village. This situation made the enemies became braver. They didn't only harass them but they also blatantly sent a group to infiltrate inside the kingdom while there were another group that observe the troop's movement inside the village.

    When they knew this, the prince sent several royal troops to execute the infiltrator. A casualties began to shown in the enemies' side. This made the enemy's attacking general furious. They sent half of their force to intimidate the enemies and if there were chance to annihilate them since they still didn't know how many reinforcement their enemies sent.

    A huge crowd of enemies was showed up outside the village. Moreover, there were also some of the high leveled general there. However, before they could launch their attack, the fourth prince showed which made the enemies backed down and retreated.

    This made the troops inside the village cheered up and praised the fourth prince since they could drive out the enemies easily without fighting. Amidst the cheering and praising, the fourth prince frowned.

    He immediately called up all of the officer and all of the royal troops to discuss. What made the fourth prince frowned was not the fact that the enemy retreated without fighting but it was because the enemies' number was surpassed their calculation by lot. Moreover, the quality of their enemy was not like the wars before.

    Although, he still felt that he could win the battle, but he knew this would not be an easy battle. A series of heated discussion issued up inside the tent. Some strategy needed to be revised.

    Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours. Finally, the midnight had arrived, it was the sign of a huge battle coming.
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