158 Plan 1

    With the addition of 2 royal troops, the thief lurking out became more careful. They already suffered several casualties since the royal troops joined to fight against them. Now, they numbered less than 15.

    Meanwhile, the cleric, archer and mage became more calm and could attack as they will. The enemies' front line suffered because the reduced pressure on the cleric, archer, and mage.

    Slowly, the enemies number started to reduce bit by bit. The enemies' number started at more than twice Auron's side, it slowly dwindled down to one half of Auron's side. Then, it still going down until they had almost the same number.

    With the victory was in front of their eyes, Auron's side became more ferocious and aggressive. Meanwhile, the enemies started to feel fear creeping out from within their mind. However, they could not backed out since they were in army and the army had their own rules.

    However, this rules didn't apply to the enemies' player. Although their number was low, but, they still had some number in the enemies' side.

    With the situation slowly turned out worst for the enemies, the enemies' player slowly detached from the force and tried to desert. One player moved back from the front line then slowly but surely moving towards the back line.

    However, before that player could arrived at the back line, One enemies' player killed attack him. With this sudden attack, that player who was trying to back out immediately raised his weapon to block the attack.

    Clang. A sound of metal collided rang out in the middle of the enemies' force. "What are you doing?!" The player who was attacked furiously said.

    "Shouldn't it be me that ask that question?" The attacking player return the question.

    "Can you see we cannot win this battle, the royal troops are to strong! Rather than dying pointlessly in this losing battle, I prefer to went hunting alone and ambushed the enemies low level"

    "Do you forget you had signed the agreement and received some benefit from the king?"

    "Why you stick to that stupid agreement? Moreover, we are the player we could resurrect endlessly, how could a mere NPC could hinder us."

    In fact, all enemies' player that participate in this battle already signed some sort of agreement with the enemies' king. They would receive some equipment or skill even some status. In turn, they would help and cooperate in this attack.

    At first, the player felt skeptical about this agreement. After all, although, they will receive some benefit, why would they need to die in a battle that 100% they will lose. However, as they saw at the agreement, they became surprised.

    The punishment was light, it could even be considered very light compared to the benefit they will received. It was said in the agreement that if they backed out or ran away, they would need only to give back all of the thing they received before. If they could not give it back, they could exchange it with money.

    Moreover, if they didn't back out until the end and the attack was succeed they could keep the benefit they received. However, that player who was running away felt that as the situation right now, he knew the attack would be a failure. So, instead of just killing himself, why not benefiting a little by hunting the enemies' NPC with the equipment he had received.

    Although, at the end he still need to return the equipment, he could still kill some enemies and gain several loot. However, that plan was stopped as he was attacked by another player from his side.

    "You know the agreement right? If you want to run away, then give back the equipment you receive!" The attacking player demanded.

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    "Could you just let me through this one time? After all, at the end, I will still return this equipment" That man tried to persuade the player.

    However, the attacking player didn't comprise with the demand. He kept on sternly looked at the player. Knowing this, the player gave up on persuading the player and decided to give back the equipment.

    Time was essence, if he want to run away from the battle, he need to be quick before all of the NPC in the front line wiped out. If he was late, then he didn't have any time to detach from the group and got slaughtered as well.

    He quickly gave back the equipment and said, "Happy? Now, let me go through"

    That man gave back all of the equipment he received and use his initial equipment. Then, he started to walk passed the attacking player. However, before he could move further, several attacks aimed at him.

    The several attack reaped his life, as he was dying he looked at the man before and asked weakly, "Why?"

    "Deserter are not allowed to life!" That man said.

    This commotion was surely attracted attention. All NPC and players looked at the commotion. When the NPC looked at how the situation turned out, they didn't bothered a bit. They knew who was that man. That man was the player's representative who was selected by the king himself. He was also the strongest player out of all player in the groups.

    They even knew that that man was stronger than the Fourth Prince out there. It was all thanks to the support from the king. Also, he was an important piece for their plan which was why although he was strong, he didn't go to the front line.

    However, when the other players looked at how the situation turned out, some frowned displease however they didn't voice out their dissatisfaction. While the player who knew who was this man felt it was an expected outcome and didn't feel any bit of dissatisfaction, instead they scorned at the running player.

    The man looked at the equipment that the running man dropped out. Then, he laughed mockingly at the equipment as if it was a trash rather than picking it out. With hand in his back, he observed the front line once more.
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