160 Plan 3

    "Prepare to launch full attack!" The enemies player leader commanded.

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    "Pull two third troops from each ambushed group to join us launch the full attack!"

    "Let the rest of them scatter around and seek an opportunity to slip through behind their back!"

    Since their ambush strategy was obviously failed, they had to change their strategy. If they could not let their enemies came to their trap, then they should force their enemies went to their trap instead.

    With the quantity advantages at their hand, it would be difficult for Auron's side to fight against endless enemies.

    The enemies general started to do as what they had been commanded. Several commands were being sent across the battlefield. Several minutes later, two groups of enemies came to their side from each of their left and right.

    Meanwhile, as the battlefield was in a stalemate and the enemies didn't came attacking like before, Auron's side stood tensely and watched enemies side movement.

    When the hidden enemies came out from their hiding and joined their main group, it made the student and guards shuddered. Before, they were confused as to why they had to come back when they reached the 1 kilometer marks instead of chasing and killing all of the enemies.

    Although they were confused, however, they could not and would not dare to defy the Fourth Prince's command. But, now, they know the answer. With the sudden influx of enemies coming from their left and right side, even someone who had little knowledge in strategy, should know where these enemies coming from.

    Yes, they were the troops prepared to ambush them. If they ignored the Fourth Prince command, then they would already be dead. With this fact, most of the student and guards sighed with relief.

    However, it was different with Fourth Prince, he still looked at the enemies' side seriously. Then, he gave commanded to the officers beside him and the leader of royal troops.

    "It seems the enemies will launch an attack to us soon" Fourth Prince said followed by nodded from the officers.

    "Tell all of our troops, this time, we will defend at the village, don't chase the enemies far from 500 meters from the village."

    "Spread out the royal troops but don't spread too much, also send the several thief to monitor the side of the enemies' group. I believe they don't pull out all of their ambushed troop and will look a chance to infiltrate the village through our backs"

    "Also, enhance the defense near the village's wall and entrance. Make a blockade through the side of the way, so the enemies would be funnel down to the entrance. Since, we were at disadvantage in term of number, we should make use of the terrain."

    Several command also issued at Auron's side. Blockade began to be made at the village's entrance. They use big rock, wood, even house furniture to serve as a blocker. Although, the enemies still could choose to trample upon this things, but they would be obviously slowed down.

    The enemies' also saw what Auron's side was doing. Seeing Auron's side scattered around, and position several thief to watch the left and right side, the enemy player's leader knew it would be difficult to circled his opponent.

    He took a deep breathed and thought to himself, "It seems I have to sacrifice a lot". Then, he issued another command to pull out all of the troops.

    Yes, he changed the strategy to full scale attack with all of their troops. His target was the Fourth Prince, he knew if he didn't do this, the Fourth Prince would not join the fight and would be only at the backs.

    While Auron's side was still preparing at their end, the enemies began the attack. They rushed out towards Auron's side.

    Seeing this, Auron's side who was still carrying stone, wood, and other things, immediately stopped. They put what they were doing right now, and pulled out their weapon prepared to received the enemies attack.

    With the speed from the enemies, a few seconds later, the clash was happened. Just like, before the royal troops leading at the front. While the guard and the student supported them from behind.

    "It seems, they don't have any more tricks" Fourth Prince who was observing the battlefield felt that the enemies didn't have any more trick.

    "It comes down to the troops quality and number." The Fourth Prince said softly only the officers and leader of royal troops beside him could hear this.

    The Fourth Prince still felt confidence at their winning chance. It could be seen from the front line, the enemies casualties started to rise. Although, his side was lose in number, it was only a matter of time before they had the same number again.

    With situation starting to turned at their side, the Fourth Prince and the officers also joined the fray. The officers kept on following the Fourth Prince wherever he went. They still had their responsibility to protect the prince.

    Seeing the Fourth Prince joined the fight, the enemy player leader smirked and commanded, "The target had joined the fight, go form group of elites, we will kill him"

    Soon, the groups was formed, with that player lead the group. The group consist of 12 people excluding the leading player. The group was the elite that they could find in this battlefield. All of the enemies' general joined at this group.

    Then, they immediately march as fast as they could to the Fourth Prince's position. They went straight to the Fourth Prince's position and cutting through their ways.

    This movement caught the attention from Auron's side. Since, they knew the enemies went straight to the Fourth Prince, several royal troops tried to protect the Fourth Prince, however they was stopped by the Fourth Prince.

    "No! don't leave your position. The enemies still far away"

    "It was enough with the group here!" The Fourth Prince shouted.

    Beside him, there were the three officers, the royal troops' leader and two royal troops. He felt it was enough with this group to fight against the enemies.
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