161 Chaotic Death 1

    Slash... Fourth Prince's sword hacked one of the enemies troops dead. An equipment popped out from the dead enemy, however, the Fourth Prince didn't bother with the equipment.

    On battlefield, numerous amount of equipment scattered across the battlefield. However, none of the people here cared about the free equipment. It was because, a slight mistake could take their life here. It was not worth to exchange their life with several piece of equipment.

    During this short moment, the Fourth Prince already killed several enemies. He was unbeatable here. This was also thanks to the fact that there were no enemies that banded together to fight with him. The most number that fight the Fourth Prince was three people.

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    It was no because the enemies hate each other that they didn't want to band as a group. However, there were several royal troops and the officers that force them to separate no matter what.

    A dust hovered far northwestern from the Fourth Prince's place and it was coming towards him. Obviously, this sight caught the attention of several people near there. This was the group that the enemies' leader player lead to slaughter the prince.

    "Protect the prince!" The leader of the royal troops shouted as loudly as he could.

    However, before any royal troops could move close the prince, the prince shouted, "No need, keep on doing and tried to protect the student by killing as many as enemies you can!"

    "I can fight with them with the three officers by our own!"

    The Fourth Prince felt confidence at his power at the sight of this group. Based on what the enemies' strength he had fight up to now, he felt that there were no danger around here as long as he was not surrounded and overwhelm by enemies' number.

    The officers also felt proud as the Fourth Prince trusted their power. They became more aggressive and furious. However, it was different with the leader of the royal troops. As main job was to protect the royal family, they obviously needed to have some preventive measure so that the worst not happened.

    "Your Highness, we could not dare to leave you around unprotected. Please, at least, take the protection here. Moreover, I looked over at the group and recognized some of them."

    "The group consist of several enemies' general there. I believe despite the number, that was their group of elites. We cannot gamble on your safety. Please, consider our concerns!" The leader of royal troops pleaded towards the Fourth Prince.

    The Fourth Prince was a kind man, so he didn't get offended by this, instead he felt grateful and felt that he was too arrogant for a bit. "Fine, you and another two royal troops will stay with me and the officers to fight at that group. We should killed them as fast as we can, so we can shake their mental off by killing their leader and put close this war as soon as possible!"

    "Thank you, Your Highness!" The royal troops' leader asked another two royal troops to accompany him protected the Fourth Prince.

    The seven of them waited the group of enemies to come. The enemies consist of 13 people. Although, they had lesser number, however, it didn't made they shrunk down. The Fourth Prince was waiting the enemy patiently.

    The enemies' group ran quick and cut through the battlefield. In no time, they already close to the Fourth Prince's place. As the enemy was near them, The Fourth Prince raised his hand as a signal.

    With the signal from the Fourth Prince, several ranged skill spun out from all of the Fourth Prince's group member. All the skill aimed at the enemy at the front.

    This sudden released of skill caught the enemy off guard. The one in front who could see the trajectory of the skill could dodge the incoming skill. However, when he dodge to the side, the one behind him was not ready and got hit by the skill.

    Although, the enemy was not weak, however, the skill was also from someone who was stronger than them. Moreover, it was not only one skill, there were 7 skills.

    Caught off guard, the enemy who got hit by the combined skill died. However, it not stopped the advanced from the group. Another combined skill coming again, and it met with the weakest from the enemy.

    So, it was not a surprised that another enemy died. Fortunately for the enemy, that was the last time Fourth Prince's group could do something like this since their distance was already close enough to fight in close combat range.

    The Fourth Prince's group raised their weapon and prepared to fight with them. The three officers and the royal troops leader each fight against two opponents. While the two royal troops each fight against one enemy.

    The Fourth Prince fight against the enemies' leader player. He knew about this man. As the man was trusted aide of the Regalia's King. That man often fight at the Bridge World. Although, the Fourth Prince rarely fight in Bridge World, however he kept on his sight on the situation at the Bridge World through record and report.

    So, although the Fourth Prince never met with this man before, he recognized the man. When the Fourth Prince saw the man, he turned serious and didn't dare to underestimate him. The Fourth Prince knew this man was a player, so he had some restriction on level before.

    Before, he believed that he was stronger that this man and could win if they fight due to the level restriction. However, because of the newest update, that level restriction was loosen up. He didn't know how strong this man was right now. But, he believed that this man progressed would not be slow since he had the support of the enemy's king.

    "So, it is the famous Chaotic Death coming to this battlefield. It is my honor to fight against you" The Fourth Prince greeted his enemy.

    "I don't care about your honor. But, I will gladly accept your life!" Chaotic Death replied.
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