162 Chaotic Death 2

    Chaotic Death sprung forward towards the Prince. He sheathed his dagger and prepared to slashed it out towards the Prince. Yes, Chaotic Death's class was a thief. As a thief, his agility was high which made his movement speed fast.

    In no time, he already moved in front of the Prince and slashed out his dagger in his right hand. He used his [Power Attack] skill to enhance his slashing power.

    DANG... A dagger and a sword collided. Although, Chaotic Death's speed was high, the Fourth Prince also not a weak person. He still could kept up with the speed despite he could only see shadow blur.

    When the dagger and sword collided, the Fourth Prince's sword was pushed back because of the sheer power from the dagger. Despite a thief, Chaotic Death didn't forget to raise his strength attribute. Moreover, he got a bunch of high rated equipment from the Regalia's King. Combined with the effect of [Power Attack], his strength could contest with the Fourth Prince's power as a swordsman.

    After the attack blocked, Chaotic Death didn't stood still. He followed up his attack. His left hand swung out towards the Fourth Prince. From that left hand, Chaotic Death threw [Sand Attack] to blind out the Fourth Prince's eyes.

    The Fourth Prince also raised his hand to blocked the sand attack. He also closed his eyes to make sure the sand didn't enter his eyes. Then, the Fourth Prince kicked out his right leg towards the enemies.

    Chaotic Death blocked the kick with his elbow. But, he still got pushed from the kick a bit. However, the kick could not make him stumbled down. Regaining his foothold, Chaotic Death dashed out and attack once more.

    Both Chaotic Death and the Fourth Prince exchanged blow for several more times. In such short times, they already exchanged more than 20 blow. Despite that many attack, there were no one from them that managed to gain the upper hand.

    The Fourth Prince's hand gripped his sword more firmly as he unleashed a skill. The [Weapon's Aura] on the Fourth Prince's sword began to fluctuate. The aura surrounding the swords began to move toward the tip of the sword.

    From the tip of the sword, the aura condense and shot out from the tip of the sword and shot at Chaotic Death. This was [Weapon's Burst]. It was one of the strongest ranged skill that a swordsman could have. However, not many of the swordsman player could use this skill.

    The reason was because this skill was the skill could not be learnt through skill book. They needed to complete a quest from instructor NPC first. And, the prerequisite to have a conversation with that instructor NPC was that person had to have a minimum of level 600.

    Since the maximum level for a player before the update was 500, that was why no player could learn this skill and could only drooled when the NPC used this skill. However, because of this new update, the player could learn this skill as long as they met the prerequisite requirement and completed the quest from the instructor NPC.

    The condensed aura which was shot from the sword sliced through the air so fast that it reached Chaotic Death in no time. Chaotic Death raised his dagger and blocked the aura. The dagger blocked the attack completely, however, the force from the aura pushed Chaotic Death backward.

    Chaotic Death stumbled back and tried to regain his position back. However, the Fourth Prince didn't miss this chance, he moved forward and used [Royal Bash]. This skill was an enhanced skill from the common [Bash]. It was stronger than ordinary bash and the chance to produce stun effect was higher. However, as its name implied, this was a skill that could only be learn by royalty.

    The Fourth Prince swung down his sword with full power. Chaotic Death tried to block the attack however, his body position made it difficult for him to block the attack. Nonetheless, the bash successfully connect with Chaotic Death.

    Chaotic Death crashed down and hit the ground. However, he didn't immerse in his pain, instead he rolled over to the side and tried to stand back up. The Fourth Prince didn't leave him alone. He chased Chaotic Death.

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    Chaotic Death who was cornered, threw an item towards the prince. The prince cut the item into two. From the cut item, a dense of smoke was released. Seeing this smoke, the prince backed out and closed his nose.

    This smoke contained poison. This was one of the hidden weapon that a thief could have. With the help of the poisonous smoke, Chaotic Death could move from his cornered position and got back up.

    Although, Chaotic Death could escape from a dangerous position, but he didn't happy instead he was gnashing his teeth in anger. He felt really furious. He was stronger than the Fourth Prince, however, he was cornered by him, how could he not be angry.

    "Okay, let's get serious!" Chaotic Death who was underestimate the Fourth Prince before, didn't like how the situation progressed. He declared angrily and became serious.

    The Fourth Prince didn't tried to rebuke Chaotic Death's declaration, he kept his calm and focused out at Chaotic Death's movements. Chaotic Death drank a potion. This potion enhance his fighting strength by 30% for an hour.

    He also used another item, a scroll. The scroll's function was to forbid any use of escape item 1 kilometers from him for an hour. Yes, he use the scroll to prevent the Fourth Prince from running away.

    This scroll and potion was given by the Regalia's King to increase the chance of killing the Fourth Prince. He knew every royal member should have some item to help them ran away when they were in dangerous situation and this scroll will prevent it as long as the distance between him and Fourth Prince not more than 1 kilometers.

    At first, the king gave him the potion for him to use so he could get rid of the Fourth Prince as well as his bodyguard or chase him when he was running away. However, as he was cornered by the Fourth Prince despite he was being stronger, he didn't want to save this potion anymore.
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