164 Escape 1

    "Watch your back!" The Fourth Prince shouted to remind the three officers.

    With fast speed, Chaotic Death hurriedly shot towards the three officers. Meanwhile, the three officers was busy facing their own enemies. They only had one enemy left each. Their fight was almost over with their winning.

    Slash... Officer Molke killed the last remaining enemy he had. Hearing the Fourth Prince's shout, instead of helping the other officer killed their enemy, he went forward at the Chaotic Death's charge.

    Preparing to receive Chaotic Death's attack, he raised his sword. Chaotic Death still charging fast towards them. With the Fourth Prince and one of royal troop followed behind Chaotic Death, Chaotic Death was in the middle of pincer attack.

    However, he didn't even feel scared, instead he still calm and tried to hide his calmness behind a serious act. The distance between Chaotic Death and Officer Molke became closer. When they was almost clashed, suddenly, Chaotic Death turned 180 degrees and dashed forward.

    With dagger in his hand, he launched an attack towards the Fourth Prince. Didn't anticipate this sudden situation, the Fourth Prince tried to block the attack, however he was failed. He could not completely dodge the attack.

    Chaotic Death's dagger slashed out the Fourth Prince's right arm deeply. The wound in Fourth Prince's arm was deep. Blood flowing out from the wound. In a matter of second, blood already covered almost every part of the Fourth Prince's right arm.

    Chaotic Death didn't want to miss this chance, he followed his attack. This time, it was towards the Fourth Prince's neck. Although, the Fourth Prince's right arm was wounded, in a danger situation, he could not think about his wound.

    The Fourth Prince raised his right arm to block the incoming attack. The sword in his right arm successfully blocked the incoming dagger. However, as the right arm was injured, the Fourth Prince didn't have many power in his right arm.

    Although he could blocked the incoming dagger, he could not pushed the dagger, instead he was pushed by Chaotic Death's attack power. The Fourth Prince fell down to the ground. Chaotic Death followed another strike towards the Fourth Prince in the ground.

    Fortunately, the royal troop who was followed behind the Fourth Prince already arrived and also attack towards Chaotic Death's head. Also, Officer Molke, who was also surprised at this sudden event, moved forward and tried to block Chaotic Death's attack.

    This time, Chaotic Death's dagger met with Officer Molke's sword. Chaotic Death gnashed his teeth as he could not finished the Fourth Prince, he also turned his body 360 degrees fast enough to block the royal troop's attack.

    Then, Chaotic Death moved away from the Fourth Prince's place as the other two officers and the royal troop leader already coming towards them. He looked at the situation, he managed to injure the Fourth Prince's right arm, but he didn't manage to kill him.

    He was furious as he think that this chance could not come twice. The other who were coming with him to attack the Fourth Prince's group, all of them already dead. He knew it would be difficult to get a chance like this. However, he didn't want to give up.

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    He looked around. There were 6 enemies in front of him including the injured Fourth Prince. He pondered over a way to break through this group and assassinate the Fourth Prince.

    As he was pondered over on the way, the royal troop's leader, and the other royal troop attack Chaotic Death. They were filled with rage as they thought their incompetence to make the Fourth Prince's injured.

    "Ran away with the Fourth Prince, I will stop him!" The royal troop's leader shouted at the other officer.

    Yes, he was trying to buy some time so the Fourth Prince could run away. He knew he was no match against Chaotic Death, however he still could buy some time for the Fourth Prince to run away. This was his way to amend his mistake.

    The Fourth Prince wanted to shout, however he backed down. He knew why the royal troop's leader behave that way. Even if he was not dead, his Royal Father would not forgive this mistake, only dead what wait for him.

    If all of the choices would leads to dead, he would choose the best option out of them all. This was what he choose to attack Chaotic Death and buy times, so the Fourth Prince could live. This way, although he would be dead at the end, however, at least, his family would be saved from punishment.

    "Protect the Prince! I will help them to buy some time" Officer Sathire said with heavy breath.

    At the battle before, although he could killed all of his enemies, he also suffered injured because of his carelessness. He thought with three person, they could buy more time for the Fourth Prince to run away.

    Officer Molke and Emsire gritted his teeth at his comrade's sacrifice. However, they also know the Fourth Prince was in dire strait. They needed to look for the nearest cleric and stopped the wound first.

    The situation was beginning to turn south for both sides. At the Fourth Prince's side, the most important person in the battlefield was injured. Meanwhile, for the Chaotic Death's side. Their number going down sharply as his troop getting killed because of the royal troops.

    With the royal troop's leader, the other royal troop, and Office Sathire, coming at him, Chaotic Death backed out and rang a siren. As the siren's sound was rung around the battlefield, all of the player on Chaotic Death's side quickly used a scroll as the shield was formed after the scroll was used.

    Meanwhile, all of the NPC in Chaotic Death's side also took out a scroll. They tore the scroll. With the scroll tore down, their body began to slowly vanish. In a matter of seconds, they vanished completely. When the body already vanished completely, a huge energy burst out from place where they vanished. A second later, many huge explosion sounded around them.
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