166 Escape 3

    Officer Sathire and his companions worked fast. They ignored everything even the Fourth Prince, and went up to the nearest enemy's player. In no time, 1 enemy went down. They wanted to continue forward.

    However, they could not have done so easily as the first time they move, in a few seconds afterward Chaotic Death realized their intentions. Although, he didn't care about this player's live but they had their own use to fulfill his goal. So, he could not let they died in vain.

    Unfortunately, he still went behind a few seconds late which made one player died vainly. "Beware! this three are aiming at you!" Chaotic Death could not help but shouted to remind the others.

    "Form a formation and worked together to kill this three!" Chaotic Death issued another command.

    As the enemies' rank was in chaos because of Officer Sathire and his companions, the Fourth Prince already arrived at the nearest cleric player. There still 8 clerics left. However, all of them were students so they were still not strong enough.

    They could only stopped the blood from pouring out with all of them worked together. It was difficult but it was enough to stabilize the Fourth Prince's condition. They need to go back to the capital to get treatment.

    The royalty's cleric could heal the Fourth Prince's right arm back to new as if he never receive the injuries. Before, the Fourth Prince's mind gradually became hazy as he loss a lot of blood due to his injuries. However, right now, because the blood  already stopped, and the cleric kept on healing him, his condition gradually improved.

    However, his right arm still could not be used. He still could lift the sword with his right arm but he could not freely moved in around. It was as if his swordsmanship had gone.

    The blurry sight from the Fourth Prince gradually improved. When his sight regained, he stood up and looked around. Just as he thought, their side lost a lot. No royal troops was in his sight. There wasn't even any noble's guard that assigned could be seen.

    He could only see Officer Emshire and Officer Molke, with several dozens academy's students. Moreover, the student were only the one that was weak in close combat. There were 8 clerics who healed him, 10 mages including Auron, 6 archers, and 2 thieves.

    It was truly a sad sight. If this was not a war, the Fourth Prince would already cried out loud and shouted as loud as he could. But, he could not do it or it will impacted the student's mentality. Right now, he even could see fear in the student's eyes.

    He gritted his teeth and announced, "Prepare to escape! Officers please protect the rear!"

    He could not bother with saving the village anymore, he had more important things to save right now, his life and the students' life. He could only hope that the situation in other village was not as bad as the village where he was right now.

    Fortunately, he already evacuated the villagers to the nearest cities else there would be civilians casualties among them.

    The preparation went fast. In a matter of seconds, they already ready to escape. When they was about to escape, a sound halt them, "Not so fast Your Highness! Why you leave so fast? Things are just started!"

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    It was Chaotic Death. He already finished Officer Sathire and his companions. The Fourth Prince looked at the direction of Chaotic Death. At behind, he could see the body of Officer Sathire and the royal troops.

    Officer Sathire and his companions' sacrificed was not in vain. They managed to bring four enemies more with them. There were left 15 enemies. Meanwhile, at Auron's side, there was still 29 people including the Fourth Prince.

    "Quick! Escape as soon as you can Your Highness!" Officer Molke commanded.

    "Two thieves protect His Highness and open path for him! The rest went with me to stop the enemies!"

    The Fourth Prince felt reluctant, but he knew all of this was for him to escape. If he could not escape, then all of their effort would be meaningless. The Fourth Prince eyed the two thieves and directly escape with them.

    Seeing this, Chaotic Death didn't let them went easily, "Two people go with me to chase the Fourth Prince! The others, wiped out all of this useless maggots!"

    Chaotic Death separated himself with two of his subordinates. Officer Molke knew this was a disaster if he let Chaotic Death chased the Fourth Prince. He launched a range skill towards Chaotic Death.

    However, Chaotic Death blocked it. But, it was enough to hinder Chaotic Death's progression and bought some time for the Fourth Prince to distance himself from Chaotic Death and used the safety measure the royalty had.

    "Idiots!!!!!" Chaotic Death furiously shouted to his subordinates. He ignored Officer Molke and chased the Fourth Prince.

    Officer Molke and Officer Emshire tried to launched another skill. However, Chaotic Death shouted before had woken up his subordinates. After the shout, they already went forward and slaughter their path towards Auron's side.

    Four enemies went to stop the officers. Then, another four also went to stop the officer as a reinforcement. Meanwhile, the rest of the enemies slaughter their way at the students. The student was like a flock of lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

    1 student... 2 students... 5 students...

    In no time, 5 students already dead. Since, all of the remaining student was ranged attacker, in a close combat battle, they panic. It was easy for the enemies to kill the student. When the sixth student was about to die, a pained shout rung across the battlefield.

    One of the enemies crying in pain, a seconds later, he was stabbed to death by a series of [Earth Spike]. "Don't panic!! Follow my lead!" It was Auron who shouted.

    He organized all of the mage and let them chanted [Earth Spike] and aim one enemy. Auron chanted a [Fire Bolt] and launched it secretly. When the enemy caught off guard and get hit by the [Fire Bolt] and went down, Auron gave out the sign. On his sign, series of [Earth Spike] stabbed the fallen enemy and killed him.
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