167 Clearing Out 1

    Then, a few seconds later, another pained shout was heard. Yes, another victim had fallen from Auron and his mage companions focused attack.

    This sudden development caught the rest enemies who was killing the student off guard. However, quickly, they regained their mind and one of them shouted, "Kill that man, he is the one giving command!"

    That man was pointing at Auron. The enemies believed that Auron was the source of problem. If they get rid of Auron, then the student would go back to the flock of lamb who was crying in fear.

    Facing two enemies was not an easy feat, but still Auron still shouted out, "Four clerics went to the officers and support them! The rest come quick with me and support me!"

    Auron still could not forget the officers since they were the savior that could save them. Fortunately, seeing this formation, not all two enemies went to Auron. Instead, only one of them went to Auron, while the other one, tried to kill the clerics.

    Auron could not help to think about the life of the clerics, instead he could only hasten the killing of this one enemy. Auron pulled out his dagger and went forward to the charging enemy.

    The enemy slashed out his dagger, however Auron didn't meet the enemy's dagger, instead he moved to the side and slashed out his dagger. It managed to scratch the enemy's arm but it was only light.

    Moving around, Auron raised his hand. As he was raising his hand to the air, another series of [Earth Spike] was formed under the enemy he faced. This time, the enemy already prepared beforehand. He could dodge several [Earth spike]. However, it was still difficult to dodge all of them, and he still took some damage from one or two [Earth Spike].

    The enemy was deeply furious by this [Earth Spike], he prepared to charge out at the mage's group. However, Auron went to his front and stopped him. Auron stabbed out his dagger towards the man's stomach.

    The man blocked Auron's attack with his dagger. But, suddenly, a [Fire Ball] was launched from Auron's left hand. He was caught off guard as he didn't believed that a student could learn [Walking Chanting].

    He got hit by the [Fire Ball] in his face and limped over and fell to the ground. Seeing this chance, Auron gave out another signed for the mage. A series of [Earth Spike] was sprung out from the ground. However, it was a split second late.

    The reason was because when the enemy wanted to went to their group before, the mage was shuddered and made them shrunk down. This made their fear of death overcame them. Which made their spell late by split second.

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    Luckily, the enemy could only dodge several first [Earth Spike] and got clean hit at the rest of it. Getting stabbed by that many [Earth Spike] still didn't manage to finish him off. And it was Auron's worked who finished him.

    Auron went to the man and stabbed his dagger multiple times to the man with ended his life. Auron looked behind his back to search the other enemy. He found that the enemy already finished all of the four clerics also several archers that was tasked to support Auron's group and he went to the mage's group.

    Auron went out and used his swordsman's movement skill to intercept him while shouted, "Use your control spell. Throw everything at him and slow him down!"

    While Auron went to intercept the other enemy, he also didn't forget to chant his own spell for use. The mage's group throw all of their control spell. But, in the face of death, they throw their spell aimlessly and just throw it like they were throwing some garbage.

    The enemy dodged several spell effortless since the spell was not aimed at him. In no time, the enemy arrived at the nearest mage and slashed out his dagger. He quickly killed the mage. After killing the first mage and was about to went to the second mage, a [Fire Bolt] went hit him.

    It was Auron's [Fire Bolt] that was launched from several meters away. This sudden [Fire Bolt] woke up his companions, they quickly throw their attack spell and aimed it properly to the enemy. The enemy took several spell, but it was not enough to kill him.

    He slashed out his dagger and killed the second mage. Then, another mage went down by his dagger. When he was about to kill the fourth one, Auron arrived at the location and blocked his attack.

    Another battle sprung out between Auron and the mage versus the enemy. This time, the enemy was more prepared than the last enemy. He could fight with Auron longer than the other. He even manage to inflict light wound to Auron.

    However, since Auron had controlled the situation and went up as a tanker for the other mage, the other mage became calm down. And, with that, they could chant their spell more calmly. Under the barrage of 6 mages, 2 archers, and Auron's harassment, the enemy finally died. At his last moment, he still could not believed that a mage could fight equally with him in close combat.

    After killing the enemy, Auron didn't have time to rest. He rounded up his companions that still alive and led them to support the officers. Although, with the help of four clerics, the officers was in dire strait.

    When the enemy found out there were clerics helping them, the enemies split out their group and targeted at the clerics. During this time, Officer Molke and Officer Emshire managed to kill two enemies who targeted the clerics.

    However, the clerics also could not escape. Two of them also died. When the group was about to aim at the rest of the clerics. Auron's group already arrived and covered the clerics. With this, Officer Molke and Officer Emshire's burden was lessen.

    The enemies who was split up became a target for Officer Molke and Officer Emshire. Moreover, with the help of clerics and Auron's group, the enemies could not kept up. At the end, they were wiped out.
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