170 Devils Pill 1

    A deafening sound was heard at the Officer Molke's side. A thick smoke was seen on that side. Auron could not see anything beside the smoke. In truth, the deafening sound not only get Auron's attention was everyone else including Officer Emshire who was on treat.

    Nobody could see what was happening inside the smoke. Auron knew whatever happened inside the smoke would be not a good thing. He moved closer to the smoke. Before he could reach the smoke, a figure came out from the smoke fast.

    That figure went directly to the Fourth Prince. It was Chaotic Death who was coming out from the smoke. He headed to where the Fourth Prince was receiving his treatment.

    "Not good" Auron went to chase Chaotic Death, he also gave a signal to his groups.

    Seeing the signal, the group poured out their spell towards the dashing figure, but that figure was too fast. All of the spell were late by split second. Auron knew this would be the result. But, he still needed to hope that at least one spell could hinder Chaotic Death's progression.

    But, not all what we hope would come true. Chaotic Death went to Fourth Prince's place fast with Auron chasing behind him. Officer Emshire also knew this situation, he tried to get up but it was hard. His injuries not small.

    After the treatment by the cleric, some of his injuries were healed, but it was not enough for him to walk or act freely like he had no injuries. Moreover, the cleric's level was lower than him which made the healing not too effective.

    The Fourth Prince also knew he was the targeted. He had been treated long enough compared to Officer Emshire, also his injuries was not as bad as Officer Emshire. Right now, his condition was half from his full condition.

    The Fourth Prince stood up and raised his weapon. While the cleric besides him kept on healing him to raise his condition even it was just a bit.

    In few seconds later, Chaotic Death arrived at the scene. The first thing he did was not to attack the Fourth Prince, instead, he went and attack the cleric. He unleashed his full power towards the little and pitiful cleric.

    The cleric could not escape her death and died immediately. When the cleric died, Chaotic Death directly changed his target, the Fourth Prince.

    Clang... the dagger met with the Fourth Prince's sword. As the Fourth Prince not at his peak condition, his lost in the power struggle. He moved backward a bit. Chaotic Death continuously barraged the Fourth Prince with his attack in full power.

    The Fourth Prince tried his best to block the attack. Although, he was pushed by Chaotic Death sheer power, he still kept up and block all of the attack.

    Dang... At the end, the Fourth Prince's sword broke in half as a result from the collision between the sword and daggers. Panic seep across the Fourth Prince's face. He tried to run away. But, an attack already came at him. Before, the attacks arrived, a swords repel the attack.

    It was Officer Emshire. With heavy breath and death pale face trying to hold the pain, Officer Emshire arrived in time to block the attack.

    "Quick, get away from here Your Highness!" Officer Emshire shouted with difficulty.

    "Tch" Chaotic Death felt furious, he missed another chance. Actually, he also had difficulty if the situation kept on developing this way.

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    Before, when he fight against Officer Molke, he had the upper hand in the battle. But, he didn't know why he seems could not get Officer Molke out of his way not matter what he tried. He already tried his best to throw this officer but he couldn't

    The officer was like glued to him and he could not get rid of him no matter what. With no chance, he used the last thing that the Regalia's King given to him for use in dangerous situation, a pill. The pill could not be found anywhere in Gaia, so there was no way Gaia's people could obtain it.

    However, could not obtaining it, didn't mean they didn't know if it was not exist. This pill had shown in the Bridge World war several times. The people in Regalia called it [Devil's Pill].

    It was a secretive pill that even the people in Regalia didn't know how to make it or how did such pill exist. What they knew was that the only one who could make this pill was their king. Moreover, it was by a low amount each time he made it.

    [Devil's Pill] was a deadly pill for those who used it. In exchange, the user would gained an overpowered strength. The user would not feel pain, they could not be slowed down by controlled magic such as [Sloth] or mental skill. They would also gained power comparable to the current percentage of the user's health.

    If the user had 50% of their health left, then their attack power and speed would raised by 50%. If they only had 10% then their attack power and speed would only raised by 10%. Chaotic Death who had 80% of his health left, gained another 80% boost in his attack power and speed.

    However, there was a reason why it was called [Devil's Pill]. The user's would lose 1% of his health every 6 seconds. Which mean 10% every minute. As Chaotic Death had 80% of his health left, he had 8 minutes left to kill the Fourth Prince and complete his mission.

    That was why he was furious when he knew he missed his chance to kill the Fourth Prince because the near death man. Time was not on his side after all.

    With a swiped from his dagger, he blew officer Emshire who was protecting the prince away. Auron who was almost arrived, saw the situation was no good. He used his swordsman movement skill which was off cool down while chanting an [Earth Wall] spell tried to buy him some time.
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