172 Devils Pill 3

    "F***!" Chaotic Death cursed out.

    "These little flies kept on coming again and again!" Chaotic Death cursed out.

    Officer Molke could come and block this crucial attack was thanks to the cleric who tends to Officer Emshire's injuries. After Officer Emshire stood up to protect the prince, he told the cleric to go over to the Officer Molke's place and tend to his wound if Officer Molke not died yet.

    Although frightened by the situation, the cleric still do her job properly. She went to the Officer Molke's place. With Chaotic Death was filled his attention to the Fourth Prince. This little cleric could easily escaped his attention and safely arrived at Officer Molke's place.

    Fortunately, when she arrived at the place, she saw that Officer Molke still had his life on despite the heavy injuries. She immediately tends his injuries as best as she can. As time slowly went on, the injuries was healed little by little.

    But, it was not enough, the heal was too weak. However, the situation also grim, Officer Molke knew he could not wait until he fully healed or the prince would already death. That's why he tried to stand up and went to Chaotic Death with difficulty.

    The cleric kept on accompany him as they went slowly to Chaotic Death place and kept healing him. However, the situation was worst that what he thought. When Auron blocked Chaotic Death's attack, Officer Molke knew he had to be there.

    So, he ignore his injuries and left out the cleric alone and went over to Chaotic Death. Fortunately, his decision was correct. He arrived in time to block the attack. He even use all of his might to push Chaotic Death one meters back.

    With Chaotic Death's pushed one meters back, Officer Molke knew he needed to use this chance to push Chaotic Death away from the Fourth Prince, so, he went forward despite his injuries.

    At first, he could gain the upper hand in the several moves. However, his injuries prevented him to do more. Chaotic Death kicked him away.

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    "F*** YOU MAGGOTS!" Chaotic Death cursed Officer Molke while kicking him hard.

    "Wait for your turn! I will kill you right after I kill your Dearly Your Highness!"

    Chaotic Death only had 20% of his health left and it still counting down as the time passed. He needed to be quick.

    He looked over to the Fourth Prince and walked towards him. After one step forwards, the surrounding area atmosphere suddenly changed. The wind blew for several seconds. The heavy atmosphere before lifted a bit and vanished.

    "Not good!" Chaotic Death cursed. He knew what this changes meant.

    His scroll to prevent the Fourth Prince from escaping before had ended. Officer Emshire who also felt this knew what he thought was right after looking at Chaotic Death's expression, he screamed out, "Your Highness quickly escape with the pendant!"

    With half conscious, the Fourth Prince tried to regain his mind back as he was dizzy when suddenly, he felt the changes in the atmosphere. However, he could not know what it means since he could not thought straight due to the blood loss and dizziness.

    He heard a shouted about the pendant, "Oh right... the pendant" The Fourth Prince head kept on spinning and he tried his hard to stay conscious. He just reminded the pendant by the shout. He didn't even know who was shouting.

    He even forget that he was lock down by the scroll used by Chaotic Death and prevented to use the pendant to escape. He just like a robot who did what he had told. As he took out the pendant he immediately used it without second thinking.

    A white light began to slowly wrapped the Fourth Prince. There were 5 seconds of channeling after using the pendant. If within 5 seconds, the Fourth Prince moved from his spot or attacked, the channeling would be cancelled and his escaped would be failed.

    Chaotic Death who was seeing the scene knew about this. It was late if he need to wait until he close with the Fourth Prince, so he used one of the thief ranged skill that a thief would got when they were level 450, [Death Shot].

    It convert the death power that a thief could gather when they were above level 400, and shot it like a beam towards the target. What good about this skill was it was a range skill and if the skill collided with an obstacle and after the collision the skill still had power it would pushed through obstacle and continued its journey until all of the power gone.

    With this, Chaotic Death was sure that this time the Fourth Prince would be death. He grinned over, when he saw Auron moved at the path of the skill intending to block the attack. His grinned more widely and thought, "It was useless"

    When the beam was close towards Auron, a water formed out and wrapped around Auron completely. The beam hit the aqua ball surrounding Auron and vanished. As the water surrounding Auron vanished, he pushed over and fell down to the ground. At that time, the Fourth Prince also vanished from his place.

    "F***!" Chaotic Death cursed once more. He forgets that Auron was a mage and mage had that one invincible skill, [Aqua's Barrier].

    Chaotic Death was furious, his time was nearing the end. He only had less than 30 seconds before he died. But, he still could not accept this as he cursed all the time. He took out an item from his inventory.

    It was a short stick with a weird ball head. He stick it at the ground as he kept on cursing out until he died. When the stick was on the ground, the weird ball head suddenly had an eye opened wide and demonic aura was spread wide around 5 kilometers of the area.

    The two officers who was on the brink of their death knew this was not a good sign, Officer Molke shouted out, "Quick you guys leave this place! Run as fast as you can!"

    Everyone also knew this situation was grim, however they could know how they could leave the area, they didn't have teleportation scroll as the military prevented them to bring it since they was afraid they will desert.

    Auron quickly stood up and shouted, "Quick! Come here, I have enough teleportation scroll!"

    Auron took out several [Teleportation Scroll] in his hand. He distributed it to each of them and used it. He even helped Officer Molke and Officer Emshire who had heavy injuries.

    One by one all of the survivors left the area. When all of them already gone, the stick suddenly vibrated heavily and from its eye, a figure came out from it. Then, the eye closed once more and stopped vibrating. The demonic aura lessen a bit but there still demonic aura spreading from the stick it just way more thinner than before.

    The figure who was coming out from the stick had a two pointy horn coming out of his head. He looked at his surrounding, however he found nothing, so he left the place in the village direction and continued on until he disappeared to the forest.
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