358 Royal Meeting 1

    In the royal palace, a wave of people running around inside the palace. These people were maids and servants inside the royal palace. It was a chaotic situation as there were no servants and maids that were idle.

    This was because the king suddenly announced that he would hold a royal meeting. This royal meeting was different from other casual meetings. It was because the king would present, and he would participate actively in the meeting, not just a spectator.

    Not only that, but every critical figure inside the kingdom was also called to attend this meeting. Every prince and princess would attend here with all of the development inside the kingdom. The important generals also would attend this to share the condition.

    The royal meeting's agenda also was to discuss the recent news. And, the most important things was to discuss the recently acquired treasure in the ancient ruin.

    With an event as big as this, it was not a strange thing that the servants and maids would be very busy. They really took this meeting as their life and death battle. Even the chefs were called from the night before to prepare for the banquet's meals.

    A stream of important figures started to be seen one by one. The First Princess came with her aides. Then, an old general came as well. The Third Prince and the Second Prince also came together while talking to each other.

    The First Prince came with several generals besides him. They were discussing the Bridge World's situation while walking towards the meeting room.

    The Fourth Prince also would not miss such an important meeting. He already came back from his private resort to attend this meeting. As the Fourth Prince still didn't have any vital position yet, he wasn't as busy as the other princes and princesses. However, he still had something to report.

    It was because he had the ancient ruin's achievement. Even the Second Prince had already acknowledged this achievement of him. Even though it was thanks to Auron.

    The Fourth Prince actually had prepared a report as soon as he finished the expedition. He was ready to present it. However, he would never have thought that he would give the report at the royal meeting.

    Next to the Fourth Prince, there was a general that would help him later on. If Auron was here, he would recognize this general. It was the only general that knew his secret besides the Fourth prince. Accompanied by his trusted general, the Fourth Prince went inside the meeting room.

    Of course, to accommodate such a huge event, the meeting room used would not be ordinary. It was a big meeting room that was prepared for such an event. This meeting room could afford more than 100 people inside.

    Inside the meeting room, there were already many people presents here. Every one of them was busy talking to each other while waiting for the meeting to start. There was some serious talk, there was also some casual talk to each other.

    Actually, the meeting's participants had already present except the king and General Elbert. However, everyone knew that General Elbert would mostly come together with the king.

    Several minutes later, the meeting room's door was opened. The king and General Elbert had already arrived at the scene. With General Elbert walked behind him, the king entered the meeting room.

    As soon as the king entered, the meeting room immediately quieted. Everyone also stood up to respect the king. It didn't take long before the king arrived in front of his seats.

    "Please, be seated!" The king said. Besides him, General Elbert also took his seat. With the king's command, everyone seat and waited for the king.

    "In recent days, we have truly experienced such a series of unprecedented events. Using this moment, I also want to thank you for all of your efforts."

    "I invited all of you to this meeting was to know our current situation and what you need. If you have something that needs to be helped with, speak all of it here. I will try my best to help you."

    "Now, let us formally start this meeting."

    The king's speech took the attention of everyone. They started to speculate whether the king would begin to actively participate in the kingdom or not. During these past years, the king had already passed every authority to his sons and daughters. He didn't even intervene anything and gave 100% authorities to them.

    "Would the king start to participate again?" Many of these thoughts began to surface inside every's mind even when they received the invitation to this royal meeting.

    With the king ended his speech, the meeting's participants started to present their report to this meeting. The reports were started from the external situation and the Bridge World's situation. These reports also included the reports from their spies in the other worlds.

    There were four cities in the Bridge World belonged to Gaia. And, each city was maintained by a general under the First Prince's direct order. However, the First Prince, of course, would not really know the specific situation in every city.

    One by one, the governed general started to present their current situation to the meeting. Three of them were still under a peace state, while one of them had prevented an attack from the enemy lately. However, overall, the situation was good.

    Then, the reports from the spies were also presented by one of the appointed generals. It was a report on what happened inside Regalia. One thing that took their attention the most was the news that Chaotic Death had recovered.

    Although it was not 100%, it was around 80% up to 90%. And, with that recovery, Chaotic Death had already started to participate in the world's affair once more.

    After every report was presented by the generals, the First Prince also present some data and his viewpoint in the current situation of the Bridge World. With the First Prince's report, it concluded every report about the external situation and Bridge World's situation.
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