359 Royal Meeting 2

    The First Prince was responsible for everything that happened in the Bridge World and the spies. It was a huge burden for him because Bridge World was an important place.

    Meanwhile, the Second Prince was responsible for everything that happened to the internal military matter. The Second Prince was the one who managed the military base, from the soldiers' training until the soldier's allocation throughout the kingdom.

    As for the Third Prince's responsibility was to help the Second Prince and the First Prince wherever he needed. He filled the empty spot.

    Actually, the task to explore the ancient ruin was supposed to be given to the Third Prince. However, the Third Prince had currently had another important task at hand. He was assigned to exterminate and fend off the demonic monster. That was why the task for exploring the ancient ruin was given to the Second Prince.

    Meanwhile, the Fourth Prince didn't have any significant position. To receive the task, he had to volunteer himself to the king, just like what he did when the Raiding Month and the ancient ruin's expedition. Fortunately, the king never rejected his request.

    After the report from the Bridge World had finished, the meeting continued to the matter in the military. The Second Prince stood up and moved to the center. Behind him, several generals also helped him.

    The Second Prince's report was about the number of soldiers, the supplies for the military, and things related to that. He didn't say anything about the ancient ruin's expedition even though he joined the expedition.

    Then, the matter continued to the Third Prince, who reported about how his progress in the demonic monster's matter.

    The Third Prince listed several territories that were destroyed during the demonic monster's invasion.  In total, it was a lot. However, from the data, the number of destroyed territories declined.

    Then, the Third Prince also gave a report about the demonic monster's current condition. From 13 demonic monster that appeared. One of them was being exterminated by their own. Meanwhile, the Third Prince and his troops managed to eliminate another one.

    Not only that, but two demonic monsters were still hiding to recover their strength. As for the other demonic monster, their whereabouts were still unknown.

    At the end of his report, the Third Prince asked for help. He was afraid that the longer the demonic monster still alive, the more dangerous them for the kingdom.

    With the Third Prince asked for help, the discussion began to shift to discuss the matter. Some of the generals began to express their opinions as this was also related to them. The number of soldiers was limited. So, when one place wanted to get reinforcement, it means that there would be another place that got reduced.

    The generals tried to defend their numbers. It was not like they against the royal family's orders. But, they had to think about their responsibility as well.

    None of the royal members were offended by the general's action. This was the meeting's goal after all, to solve problems like this.

    The discussion was heated and lasted for one hour. During this one hour, the king and General Elbert, as well as the First Prince, were silent. They just became a spectator.

    Because of this prolonged discussion, the king started to take action. He could not let this discussion going for too long without any solutions. The king decided to allocate some of the soldiers to the Third Prince.

    Of course, the general would not defy the order as it was the king who said it. After all, they had tried their best to defend their soldier's amount.

    After the Third Prince, it was the princesses' turn. If the princes' responsibilities were about the military, then the princesses' responsibilities would be about the economic and social life of the citizen.

    It was started with the First Princess' report on how the gold in the royal bank. Then, it continued with some matters regarding on how to improve the citizen's social life by using this money.

    Each of the princesses took a turn and gave their report and opinion about the kingdom's economic condition.

    From the report, the kingdom's economy was great. It was enough for all of the citizens for another 3 years. However, the social life of the citizen was slightly disturbed.

    It was due to the recent tragedies around the ancient ruin's area, as well as the unknown danger from the demonic monster that hadn't been resolved. The citizen's comforts started to deteriorate because of this matter.

    Even though the princesses just said the report here, but, in fact, they already took action, which was to give some territories to the players for them to develop. The First Princess gave the princes and the other princesses to allocate some number of lands. This action proved to be effective. However, the First Princess still wanted to monitor the situation first before confidently said that it solved the problem completely.

    One by one, the princesses took a turn and said their report. After all of the princesses finished their report, it was the Fourth Prince's turn.

    The Fourth Prince had already waited for this turn. Actually, this was his first time attending a royal meeting. That was why he was slightly nervous.

    The Fourth Prince, with the help of the general beside him, already compiled a report about the ancient ruin's expedition. The report contained everything about what they found inside the ruin, the monster, and how they defeated the ruin.

    Not only that, but the Fourth Prince also presented what they gained from this ancient ruin's expedition. He also reported on their casualties and how he allocated the resources that they earned.

    It was not a long report. However, it was also not a short report. No one asked a question to the Fourth Prince as the king only nodded his head when he heard the Fourth Prince's report.

    It seems the Fourth Prince's report satisfied the king. With the Fourth Prince finished his report, it was also almost the end of the royal meeting.
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