360 Royal Meeting 3

    The king looked around. It seemed there was no one going to talk anything about. With that, he concluded the meeting, "Thank you for everyone's hard work."

    "I have prepared a banquet. You all invited to come." The king stood up and left the room, followed by General Elbert.

    Throughout the entire meeting, General Elbert didn't say anything and just watched the presentation without giving any comment. Meanwhile, it looked like what everyone had thought didn't happen.

    Many of the generals here thought that the king would begin to participate in the kingdom's current affairs. However, it looked like they were wrong.

    After the king left the room, the people inside started to relax a bit. Some of the generals immediately crowded over some of the prince or princess to discuss something. However, some generals got out of the meeting room.

    Outside of the room, many servants and maids had already waiting to guide them to the banquet hall. The Fourth Prince looked around, and all of his brothers and sisters were busy with their own responsibilities.

    The Fourth Prince didn't have any choice but to go to the banquet hall. He was hungry. As soon as he arrived at the banquet hall, he directly took some food and ate.

    Time passed by, one by one, the people began to come to the banquet hall. Not long after, the banquet hall was crowded with people.

    Since the Fourth Prince started first, he had finished his food. He wanted to exit the banquet hall when someone called him over.

    It was his big sister, the First Princess. Of course, the Fourth Prince would not ignore the call. So, he came over to where his big sister was.

    "How do you do, big sister?" The Fourth Prince greeted his big sister.

    "Come and sit here. As I was busy with work, I rarely meet with you. I want to know about your situation. Come and tell me your stories." The First Princess blatantly said what she wanted.

    In the royal family, the Fourth Prince was the youngest and also the most doted person. Not just the king, but even his big brothers and sisters doted him.

    When he was a kid, the Fourth Prince like this special treatment by his brothers and sisters. However, as he grew older, this special treatment made him awkward. Moreover, he was a man. He wanted to refuse, but he was afraid that it would hurt his brother's and sister's hearts. After all, they didn't have any bad intentions.

    The Fourth Prince began to retell his stories inside the ancient ruin. Although the First Princess already knew the stories from the report and the other, she still listening attentively. At some point, she would ask a question or made a reaction.

    This happy conversation between brother and sister continued. The conversation continued to where the point where his sister asked him about the allocation of the new village. As a prince, the Fourth Prince also got his portion to promote people around him to get a land.

    "Are you really only giving the land to Uncle Wang? I can still give you one or two slots more if you wanted." The First Princess said.

    As the one who managed the process of the allocation, the First Princess knew the one that the Fourth Prince had chosen. Actually, the other princes and princesses gave to at least two people. As for the Fourth Prince, he only gave it to only one person.

    "Yes, I am sure of it." The Fourth Prince said. Of course, he could not say that the initial person he wanted to give had already rejected his offer.

    "Well, fine then. That's up to you. Come now, tell me, do you have someone you like? I will help you." After the talk about the village over, the First Princess began to tease her younger brother.

    The Fourth Prince blushed. However, he knew that his sister was only joking to him. This friendly conversation continued for another hour before the First Princess had to go.

    Meanwhile, the Fourth Prince didn't have anything to do. However, he suddenly remembered something. He went outside and went to find his Second Brother.

    The Fourth Prince knocked the door to the Second Prince's room and told that it was him coming. From inside, his second brother's voice let him in.

    The Fourth Prince went inside and greeted his big brother, who was busy with many documents on his desk.

    "Wait a minute, let me finish this one document first." The Second Prince said while holding a document in his hand.

    The Fourth Prince nodded and took a seat near there while waiting for his second brother. Several minutes later, the Second Prince put the document, signed it, and then he stood up. He walked up to the Fourth Prince and said, "So, what happened?"

    "Actually, I am here to ask about Tower Training. Can I ask a slot for my friend to join? However, he wasn't a soldier."

    The Second Prince was astonished. It was so rare that his younger brother asked something from him. Moreover, it was for his friend. The Second Prince smirked and said, "Is it a girl?"

    "Stop your wild thought! It was a man. I also think you have caught a glimpse of him. He was the one who distributed the mana potion inside the ancient ruin." The Fourth Prince immediately clarify things so that his big brother didn't have much wild thought.

    "Oh... I think I had seen him before, but I don't remember his face." The Second Prince said

    "Is he your friend?"

    The Fourth Prince replied with a nodded. "Okay, fine. I can give him a slot. However, since he was not a soldier, I cannot provide him with other things than the entry."

    "Have him come to the training place next week and bring out this identification." The Second Prince didn't dig deeper into his younger brother's relationship. After all, everyone had their own relationship.

    Receiving the token, the Fourth Prince bowed thankfully and exited the room.
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