361 Promotion 1

    Back to when Auron was in the Fourth Prince's resort. After asking on the way to get stronger quickly, the Fourth Prince had promised him for one way. However, he had to wait for at most two days for the Fourth Prince to arrange the administration since Auron's swordsman character was not in the military.

    Unfortunately, an hour later, a messenger from the Fourth Prince gave him news that the plan had to be postponed because of the royal meeting. The Fourth Prince would provide him with follow-up news at a later date.

    Initially, Auron was excited because of the Fourth Prince's promise. However, it looked like his excitement had to be postponed as well.

    After finishing his schedule with the Fourth Prince, Auron still had one other thing to do for the day. He settled down his swordsman character and went to his mage character. Yes, he had to claim his expedition's rewards.

    Auron regained his sense, and he was already at the military base. He just needed to go to the mission building to claim his rewards.

    When Auron arrived at the mission building, the place was crowded with people. It was because there was quite a large number of soldiers that participate in the expedition this time. Not only that, but almost all of them also wanted to claim the rewards as soon as possible.

    Currently, there were three lines of people, and Auron joined in one of them. There were still around 25 people in front of him. Auron had no choice but to wait, except if he wanted to claim his rewards the next day.

    Slowly, Auron's line became shorter and shorter. Finally, it took almost 1 hour until Auron's turn. Auron greeted the staff, "Hello."

    However, the staff didn't reply to his greet. Instead, she immediately asked while facing the computer in front of her, "Name? Rank?"

    Auron didn't take this staff's rudeness to his heart. He thought positively that the staff did this to reduce the time and reduce the waiting time for the others. Auron told her his name and rank.

    The staff began inputting something on the computer. A second later, the staff replied, shocked, "Wow, you have accumulated quite a lot of points already than the people at the same level as yours."

    "Here is your money, and this is your share of treasures." The staff handed over Auron's salary and the portion of the treasure.

    Of course, Auron didn't get too many treasures because he didn't go inside the ancient ruin and just helping at the outside of the ancient ruin. However, it was better than nothing. Auron's salary also increased a bit because of the importance of this ancient ruin.

    Auron also didn't get a lot of military points from this expedition. However, he had already accumulated a lot of points from the previous mission. He got a lot during the Raiding Month, Destroying the demonic stick's mission, saving General Aston and his recent spy activities.

    The ones that contributed a lot to his point was the Raiding Month and the saving General Aston. It gave him a massive leap in points. And, Auron's accumulated points actually was an achievement because there was no one at the same level as he had the same amount of points.

    "Thank you," Auron said, and he proceeded to leave. However, before he could go far enough, the staff said, "Your point was enough to promote to the next rank. So, if you didn't want to exchange for weapons or equipment, why don't you try to promote?"

    Auron stopped his walk and looked over. He pondered a bit and said, "Thank you. I will think about it."

    Auron left the place. Actually, previously, Auron was thinking of browsing the item's catalog. He wanted to use his point to exchange for some things. The thought of promoting never crossed his mind. However, because of the staff's reminder, he began to think about it.

    The military and its staff implicitly wanted to force its staff to promote the rank. Its purpose was to keep the competitive atmosphere within the military. So, whenever a soldier had enough points to promote, they would remind them to promote, just like what happened to Auron.

    Of course, everything was up to the soldiers, whether they want to promote or not. But, there was nothing wrong if they succeed in taking the promotion test. After all, if they really succeed, then their salary would rise, and they would get some more benefits.

    There were two types of promotion. It was the rank promotion and the level promotion. The level promotion was promoting their level within the same rank, from junior to intermediate or intermediate to senior. Meanwhile, the rank promotion means that it was promoted from a senior level to the junior level of the next rank.

    Between the two types of promotion, the level promotion was easier. They would need to defeat one soldier at the next level. Meanwhile, for the rank promotion, one could choose between three options.

    The first option was to defeat an opponent from the senior level of the next rank. The second option was to defeat two opponents from the intermediate level of the next rank. And, lastly, to defeat three opponents from the junior level of the next rank. They would fight in a one on one duel format.

    These three options would have a different result. If one could complete the first option, they would immediately raise to the Senior level of the next rank. As for the second option, one would become an intermediate level of the next rank. And, the third option, as well as the most taken option, one would become a junior level of the next rank.

    The one who took the promotion test needed to complete the test in one week after they declared to take the promotion test. If they could not, then it would result in their failure. Of course, there was some special case that could prolong their test time.

    With the promotion matters in mind, Auron began to walk to the promotion department.
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