362 Promotion 2

    The promotion department was not that far from the mission building. It didn't take Auron much time to reach that place. As soon as Auron arrived at the place, he immediately to walk over to the staff in charge.

    Auron had already read over the requirement before this. To promote, one needed to pay certain points depending on the rank and level they wanted to promote.

    After one applied for a promotion test, they could cancel their application. However, their paid points would not be refunded. Meanwhile, if one failed their promotion test, then they would get one-fourth of their points back. On the other hand, if they completed their promotion test, then they would not get any points back, but their rank would rise.

    Because of that, none of the people wanted to cancel their application once they had applied. They would fail the test rather than cancel their application. After all, if they failed, they would get one-fourth of their points back.

    The staff in charge was still compiling some paper when Auron came and said his goal in coming here, "I want to apply for a promotion."

    The staff in charge who was still busy glanced at Auron and took a blank form. "Here fill this form, you can use the computer over there to search for your opponent."

    Auron took the form and went on to the computer. Before searching, he began to fill his information first, such as name, current rank, etc.

    After finishing all of that, he began to look for the enemy. Auron searched one by one from the senior level. However, just as he thought, there were no opponents around the same level as him.

    All of them were at least level 310. With Auron's current status, he could manage to defeat an ordinary opponent at that level. However, he didn't have confidence if the enemy had superior skills. Moreover, this was military, they would not wear crappy equipment. So, he had to dismiss the idea of having the equipment's advantages.

    Next, he went to intermediate level soldiers. Some of them were pretty good, and Auron felt that he would have a little advantage towards them. Auron kept some of the options inside his mind. He would be weighting about his options later on.

    Auron went to the next section, the junior level soldiers. In this section, there were a lot of choices since there were many of them here. Auron looked carefully and in detail about some of the soldier's profile.

    Not only that, but he also took note of some of the soldier's names. He would compare that name and reduce it to only three names.

    At the promotion test, when there were two people at the same level, but one of them was stronger than the other, there were no extra rewards for defeating the stronger soldiers. This was why selecting a weaker opponent was the best choice. Of course, not everyone thought the same. Some people looked up to the challenge and tried to defeat the stronger soldiers for their satisfaction. Obviously, Auron would not choose the stronger opponent because it didn't give him anything.

    Auron looked at his two notes. There were several names on the junior level at one of the papers, while the other paper had the names of soldiers from the intermediate level. Auron was confident that he could defeat all the names that he took note of.

    Auron was pondered for a bit on which level he would challenge. There were fewer names on the intermediate level. But, there were still around 8 names on it.

    In the end, Auron crumbled the junior level and decided to go with the intermediate level. If he completed this promotion test, he would directly go to the intermediate level. This would save some of his points that would be used when he was promoting from the junior level to the intermediate level.

    Auron walked to the staff in charge once more and gave back the form. The staff who received the form back began to check Auron's opponent's schedule.

    The one who was challenged here could not refuse the challenge without a proper and essential reason. So, if they had a meeting with a friend for a cup of tea or they got dating, they had to cancel it to accept the challenge, or they would be deemed forfeiting the match.

    Of course, for the one who was challenged, if they lose, they would get a harsh punishment. Their current points would be halved. They also needed to pay up money the same amount with six months of their salaries. Not only that, but they would also be marked. If they lose once more, then they would be demoted.

    Of course, if they had an important reason or maybe a military order, then the choices would be given back to the challenger. The challenger could postpone the match, or they could change their opponent. This same applied if the opponent had another match that day since there was a rule, only one fight a day.

    Meanwhile, if the one who was challenged won the match, they would also get a reward. They would get six months of their salaries. They would also get the three-fourth of the points spent by their challenger for taking the promotion test.

    From the 8 names that Auron took, he already gave two of the weakest name. The staff quickly checked the mentioned names' schedule. Then, she also sent an invitation to the match.

    One of the names quickly accepted the match. Unfortunately, the other one had a military mission, and he could not take any match until next week. Auron didn't want to postpone the match. Moreover, the third name was still someone he could handle quite easily. So, he gave the third name who accepted the match.

    With everything settled, Auron's promotion application had been accepted, and he could not cancel. His match was scheduled for the next two days. One day each.
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