363 First Match 1

    The next day came, it was already in the afternoon when Auron walked to where the promotion test took place. He already prepared really well.

    Auron had researched his opponents beforehand. His opponent right now was a level 288 Mage. Auron deliberately chose this mage because he was also a mage. As a mage, even though Auron could fight in close combat, but of course, he would choose the easier option.

    Auron knew that his current opponent had experience in close combat as a mage. However, he believed that he still could overpower his opponent.

    Not only that, but Auron also had researched the most used skill from his opponent. It turned out his opponent was a specialized mage. His opponent only learned ice-type spells.

    Auron was waiting for his opponents. There were still 5 minutes more before the appointed time. Not long after, a commotion was heard. Auron's opponent came. However, he was not alone.

    Behind Auron's opponent, there were some people. It was his subordinate and his friends. As an intermediate corporal, he already had his trusted subordinate and friends. Meanwhile, Auron was alone.

    Actually, if Auron told his friend from the demonic stick's raid, they would come and support Auron. However, Auron deliberately didn't tell them any news.

    As the opponent had already come, Auron's match would begin soon. The referee walked to the arena and declared, "You all have 5 minutes before we began the match. Killing your enemy is forbidden."

    "You have to make your opponent surrender or out of the arena to win. I will also monitor the fight. If I deem one of you cannot continue the fight, you will be considered lost the match."

    "Any question?" The referee looked at both Auron's side and the opponent's side.

    "If there is no other question, then 5 minutes start from now."

    Auron checked his weapon and equipment. So, he would not use any wrong equipment. He also looked into his spell's detail once more to remember the spell's cooldown.

    During the fight, the buff and healing potions were forbidden. However, one could still use an attack potion like [Fire Potion] or [Ice Potion].

    Auron glanced at his opponent's side. His opponent's subordinates and friends had come to support. One of them even massaged his opponent's shoulder. There was also another one that talked with his opponent.

    It seemed Auron's opponent had done their homework. One of them had brought a piece of paper. Auron believed, inside that paper, there was information about him.

    And, just as Auron had thought, it was really information about Auron. The data was pretty complete. It contained the info starting from when Auron was still in the military academy.

    Soon, the 5 minutes finished quickly. The referee called each of the participants. As this was a fair match, the referee asked both of the participants, "Are you ready?"

    Both Auron and his opponent nodded their head. "Then, let the match start!" The referee started the match while exiting the arena.

    As soon as the match started, Auron's opponent took out his dagger and went into close combat.

    The opponent had already known that Auron was capable of fighting in close combat. So, if it was not him that start, then it would be Auron who would come forwards.

    Not only that, but Auron's opponent also cast a standard [Ice Bolt]. It seemed he wanted to probe Auron's strength.

    It was apparent for a mage with close combat experience. Every one of them had learned [Walking Chanting]. It was an essential skill for a mage who wanted to fight in close combat.

    Auron also took out his dagger, and he faced the [Ice Bolt] with his [Fire Bolt]. Even though Auron had the basic spell from all of the elements, but he more inclined to the fire spells. He had more fire spells at his arsenal compared to the other elements.

    Both the [Ice Bolt] and [Fire Bolt] destroyed each other in the air and produced faint white steam. As the fog spread in the air, both Auron's dagger and the opponent's dagger clashed.

    Auron's strength was higher than his opponent. So, Auron could stop the attack easily even pushed the opponent a little bit. However, Auron knew his opponent's dagger was more powerful than his own.

    Soon, what Auron had though was proved. The opponent's dagger lit up. While the dagger lit up,  the opponent pulled the dagger and kicked Auron away. Then, he slashed empty air in front of him using his dagger towards Auron.

    As soon as the dagger was slashed, a wind was formed from the dagger. Then, the wind materialized into a wind cutter, and it flew towards Auron.

    The wind cutter was the unique effect of the dagger. Upon clashing with another object, the dagger would have a 5% probability of filling up a charge. And, the user could use that charge to summon the wind cutter just like what Auron's opponent had already done. Unfortunately, for Auron, his opponent was so lucky that it could immediately use the special effect at the first clash.

    "Of course, the one who had been long enough inside the military will not have ordinary equipment." Auron thought.

    Just as what Auron had thought, Auron's opponent got this dagger from exchanging his military points. Actually, Auron could do the same, but he had decided to take the promotion test instead of renewing his equipment.

    Auron was pushed back by the opponent's kick. And, with the wind cutter coming towards him, Auron summoned his [Earth Wall] to block the wind cutter.

    Auron glanced at his opponent, and it turned out his opponent already in front of him, slashing his dagger towards Auron.

    Auron raised his hand and managed to block the attack with the dagger in his hand. However, the opponent had already chanted another spell, [Ice Lance] was formed beside the opponent's head. Then, with the opponent's command, the [Ice Lance] flew towards Auron.

    Auron tried his best to dodge the lance. However, it managed to graze Auron's arm.
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