364 First Match 2

    Blood seeped out from Auron's wound. However, as the injury was caused by [Ice Lance], the blood quickly freeze. Fortunately, it was just a small wound.

    Auron focused back on his battle. After the [Ice Lance] grazed his arm, Auron tried to create a distance between them. He looked for a way to distance themselves.

    However, the opponent didn't let Auron do that. He followed up the [Ice Lance] with a stab from his dagger. Auron turned his body to avoid the attack. Then, he cast [Fire Lance].

    The opponent saw this move and moved closer to Auron. The [Fire Lance] flew to the opponent. With a minimum movement, the opponent avoided the spell and returned it with [Ice Bolt].

    However, before the [Ice Bolt] could finish, Auron had already slashed his dagger. The opponent didn't have enough time to dodge the slash. But, he still tried to dodge the attack. Auron's dagger cut the opponent's chest and wounded the opponent's chest.

    A line of blood could be seen on the opponent's chest. However, the fight didn't stop right there. The opponent who was wounded, would not want to leave Auron's alone. The prepared [Ice Bolt] flew and aimed at Auron's forehead.

    Auron saw this. He swept his dagger upward to block the [Ice bolt]. It managed to stop the [Ice bolt]. However, that was not what the opponent's goal.

    The opponent slashed Auron's stomach. At that moment, the opponent's dagger lit up once more. The opponent reacted quickly. As the dagger lit up, he slashed once more, and a wind cutter flew towards Auron's stomach.

    Auron was wounded by the slash. A line of blood was seen on his stomach. However, he could not relax yet. The wind cutter already flew towards him.

    Auron cast [Earth Wall] between the two of them. However, the [Earth Wall] was a second late. The wind cutter had already passed the [Earth Wall] when it formed.

    Without any choice, Auron crossed his hands in front of his stomach. Boom... The wind cutter cut Auron's hands and blown him away.

    Auron was blown several meters back. The wound he got was deep. He had miscalculated the [Earth Wall]. If he used other spells, Auron would not get wounded like this.

    However, there was no time to remorse for his mistake. He was in the middle of the match. Auron's opponent didn't let this chance went away. He immediately approached Auron with a fast speed.

    "Urgh..." Auron was in pain because of the last attack.

    Auron gritted his teeth and held the pain. He raised his hands and prepared to receive the opponent's attack.

    However, he didn't wait passively. Auron tried to disturb the enemy's rhythm using [Earth Spike].

    Even though the enemy was in the upper hand, but he didn't let his guard down. When he charged to Auron, he still paid full attention to the surrounding.

    So, when Auron used the [Earth Spike], the opponent had picked off the [Earth Spike]'s sign. An [Earth Spike] appeared from his right. Because of that, the opponent took a detour and moved further to the left side.

    It took several seconds more for the opponent to arrive at Auron's location. This small addition of time was an excellent benefit for Auron.

    Previously, Auron had already stressed out because of continuous pressure from his opponent. However, these several seconds could give him a chance to breathe and calm his mind.

    With a calmer mind, Auron began to look at the broader picture. Previously, he was so focused on the enemy that made him difficult to react for the next two steps forwards.

    Even though the opponent took a detour, but he didn't let Auron free. He already prepared his attacks. The opponent used [Sloth] to reduce Auron's movement speed.

    As Auron had higher agility attributes, his movement speed and attack speed was faster than his opponent. However, the opponent had already investigated Auron. So, he knew that they would fight in a close combat fight. Because of that, the opponent bought some equipment that would increase his speed.

    Because of the equipment, Auron's speed advantages were reduced. Right now, he was only slightly faster than his opponent.

    "Money really can make someone stronger," This sentence flashed in Auron's mind.

    Auron had underestimated the deep pocket of a corporal. Moreover, this opponent of his already in the corporal rank for more than 2 years. It means he already accumulated more wealth than he had thought.

    The seemingly weak opponent that Auron had seen became stronger because of the equipment. This was another mistake from Auron. He didn't think about the financial condition from his opponent when he was selecting his opponent.

    In return of the opponent's [Sloth], Auron also used his [Sloth] spell. Both of the people in the arena got affected by each other's [Sloth].

    However, Auron was frowning. The opponent's [Sloth] was one level stronger than him. So, his speed decrease more than his opponent. It also lasted longer than his [Sloth].

    After using [Sloth], the opponent charged towards Auron. He stabbed Auron's chest. Meanwhile, Auron was already ready. He prepared his dagger to block the attack.

    However, Auron didn't think that the difference of the speed would be different because of that one level difference in the [Sloth] spell. Fortunately, Auron could block the attack this time.

    The follow-up attack from the opponent also launched. He used [Frost Bite] to try to stop Auron's from moving.

    Auron used his maximum effort to dodge this [Frost Bite]. Seeing Auron's speed had reduced a lot, the opponent became more aggressive in his attacks.

    Several attacks from the combination of his dagger and spells were thrown at Auron. Unfortunately, Auron could not block every attack. However, he tried to keep the damage to the minimum.

    At the last moment, Auron used [Earth Wall] to delay the opponent's continuous attack. And, it worked. The sudden [Earth Wall] made the opponent had to walk around it. However, to the opponent's surprise, Auron showed up from behind the [Earth Wall] and suddenly got a boost in his speed.
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