366 First Match 4

    "Urgh..." Auron's opponent knelt down on the arena. He was devoid of energy. Not only that, but there were wounds all over his body. He had lost against Auron.

    All of his subordinates and friends immediately went to the arena and came closer to him. All of them already looked at the battle and worried about their friend's conditions.

    Although Auron's opponent was lost, it didn't mean that he was weak. He had already come all the way up to this point. So, it would not mean that he was weak.

    It just that Auron was stronger and capable than him. By stronger, it just not seen by the level. However, it was calculated from every aspect. Strength, strategy, equipment, even luck would affect a battle's result.

    Just like the current situation, Auron's level was way lower than his opponent. However, the battle result could be seen. It was Auron's win.

    Of course, everything was thanks to Auron's overwhelming attributes compared to his peers. Also, his equipment was not that crappy either. Not only that, but Auron's past experience fighting against a mage also helped him a lot.

    With the battle had over, Auron's burden immediately lifted up. His shoulder began to relax and he breathed a relieved sigh. Even though Auron was the winner, but his current condition was not that good either. There were also wounds all over his body. However, obviously, it was still better than his opponent.

    The referee approached Auron and said, "Congratulations! You have one win. Take care of your body, tomorrow is the final."

    After giving that one congratulate speech, the referee left Auron. However, before he left the place, he looked back at Auron with a confused look.

    The referee saw the entire previous battle between Auron and his opponent. He was astonished at the fact that Auron could somehow fight against his opponent. However, as the battle was going on, Auron was beginning to lose the upper hand. It was not a surprising fact for the referee with his thought.

    However, at the crucial time, suddenly Auron gained a huge boost in speed. This increased in speed was the one that turned back the match around.

    The referee knew that as a mage there was [Wrath] spell that could increase the movement speed. However, that spell had a bad effect on the one who get buffed. Even though there was no sign of [Wrath] spell being cast by Auron, but the referee believed that Auron had used it.

    The referee only knew for such a spell that could increase the speed for a mage. However, as the battle kept on going, the negative impact from the [Wrath] spell didn't show up. At this point, the referee began to think of the possibility that it was not [Wrath] spell.

    The referee could not think of any other possibilities. He had the thought that Auron was cheating. However, he could not accuse someone without concrete proof. He wanted to ask Auron, but he knew that Auron didn't have the obligation to tell him if he didn't want to.

    Everyone had their own secret and to push someone to tell them their secret was wrong. That was why the referee could only leave with a confused look.

    After the referee left the arena, it was Auron's opponent's turn to approach him. He was also one of the people that were confused by the sudden boost in speed.

    Just like the referee, Auron's opponent also thought that Auron had used [Wrath]. That was why he held on Auron's continuous attacks. He would strike when the [Wrath]'s negative side effect kicked in. However, after a long time waiting, that side effect didn't show up. And, it was already too late, when he wanted to fight back.

    With big curiosity, Auron's opponent asked Auron even though he knew Auron would not answer it. And, just as what he had thought, Auron only smiled mysteriously and didn't give any hint of it.

    Without getting any answer, Auron's opponent could only leave the arena. His wound already healed by one of his friends who was a cleric.

    Meanwhile, Auron also left the arena to go to the military infirmary. He had to heal his wounds. Despite the fact that Auron won the match, he was not that excited.

    It was because he had underestimated his opponent. The supposed to be an easy match became harder because of that. He even had to secretly use his swordsman's movement skill. Yes, what Auron had used to increase his speed was his swordsman's movement skill.

    Auron had just used one of his swordsman's skills, but the nervousness came from it was huge. He had to try hard to calm his mind throughout the battle. Auron was afraid that he would be spotted on. Fortunately, what Auron worried seemed did not happen.

    However, Auron could not be careless next time. There was a risk if he kept on using that swordsman's skill. That was why he had to be more prepared for the next battle.

    After coming out from the infirmary to tend his wound, Auron began to review all of his opponent's next information. He even tried to update his opponent's information. Auron even used some of his money from selling the spear to buy his opponent's information.

    There was less than one day before the next match took place. He had to prepare well. So, after getting every information he could get, he went to his room and didn't come out until the next day. He tried to strategize for the next battle as well as learned from today's battle.

    Meanwhile, the news that Auron defeated his opponent arrived at the military. It immediately garnered a lot of attention. Not only because Auron wanted to skip a level by challenging the intermediate level, but also because it was not that long since Auron had joined the military.

    People were curious about how Auron could achieve such a feat. Because of that, many people anticipated Auron's next match. It seemed there would be a lot of spectators in Auron's next match.
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