368 Second Match 2

    "I will give each of you 5 minutes to prepare." The referee said. Then, both of the participants went back to their own corner.

    Auron cleared his mind from his worries. He needed to do that or else he would lose the match. Time ticking by, soon, 5 minutes passed. Auron opened his eyes and it was crystal clear.

    Even though he could not dispel all of his worries, but Auron was ready for his match. He went to the center of the arena. His opponent and the referees also did the same.

    Then, just like the match before, the referee began to explain what prohibited in the match. The referee was different from yesterday's referee. However, they had the same strength. And, he was more powerful than both contenders.

    After a minute explaining, the referee began the match. However, different from yesterday, both Auron and his opponent didn't immediately rush out.

    Auron jumped back to extend their distance while the enemy just stood at his place looking at Auron.

    Auron's opponent only read brief information about Auron. He didn't even bother to look for more detailed information about Auron. He was confident in his equipment.

    Slowly, Auron's opponent took out his sword. It was a weird sword. The blade was not smooth and sharp like an ordinary sword. Instead, it looked like a saw blade.

    Meanwhile, Auron started to cast [Fire Bolt]. Auron's strategy was to probe his opponent's fighting skill level first. Although he already got some information and video about his opponent's fighting skill, he still wanted to feel it directly.

    The [Fire Bolt] flew towards the opponent. However, this simple [Fire Bolt] was not challenging enough for him. The opponent swung his sword and smacked the [Fire Bolt] away.

    The opponent scoffed mockingly at Auron. However, Auron didn't get persuaded easily. He still maintained his distance and threw another spell, [Ice Bolt].

    Just like before, the opponent fended off the spell away with his sword. He put his sword and his shoulder and casually said, "Is this all that you can do? I guess your previous opponent was so weak that he was beaten by you."

    Following Auron's opponent's taunt was the cheering from his friends. His friends also thought the same as him. There was no way that Auron could beat his opponent.

    The other spectators watched the match calmly. It was still early in the match that they still had not enough data to declared Auron would lose. However, deep inside their mind, they slightly believed in what Auron's opponent had said.

    However, Auron ignored the taunt and threw another spell, [Earth Spike]. He deliberately only used the most basic spell just to see what would the opponent did. Even though he knew that this basic spell could not hurt the enemy, but he still could get some information about his opponent.

    Like when the time he threw [Fire Bolt]. The opponent reacted late to the spell. However, because of the distance that the spell had to go, the opponent easily blocked the attack. Auron's suspicion was proved with the [Ice Bolt] and this [Earth Spike].

    From three attacks, every time, the opponents always reacted a second late. This means that the opponent could not deduce when a mage would use a spell. He could only see it when the spell had already formed.

    Or, it could be that the opponent deliberately showed this weakness to Auron. But, with the opponent's arrogance, the possibility for this was low. However, Auron still kept his vigilance up in case that the opponent really acted out.

    After the fifth spell, Auron was more sure that his opponent didn't fake-out. However, he still didn't take the initiative to attack and just kept on attacking using the basic spell.

    After the seventh spell, the opponent's friends began to shout, "Come on ended this match quickly! Beat him! He is weak!"

    Such cheering was heard from the opponent's friend. Because of this cheering, Auron's opponent started to take action. He began to use his movement skills as well as [Weapon's Aura].

    Auron who saw this directly used [Sloth] to slow down the enemy. This was the start of the battle.

    The opponent ignored the [Sloth]'s effect and charged at Auron. Wielding his sword, the opponent prepared to stab Auron.

    Although Auron's [Sloth] was still level one. But, its effect still could be felt by Auron and his opponent. Auron created [Earth Wall]. Then, he jumped back several steps and created [Ice Wall].

    The opponent ignored this seemingly weak wall. With his sword, the opponent crushed down the [Earth Wall]. Then, he continued and destroyed the [Ice Wall] behind it.

    After he destroyed the [Ice Wall], Auron's opponent prepared to face Auron. However, from his right, an [Earth Spike] sprung out from the ground and tried to pierce him. The opponent could not help but block this [Earth Spike] first with his sword.

    However, there came a [Fire Lance] towards the opponent's body. The opponent was caught unprepared by the [Fire Lance].

    Boom... The [Fire Lance] hit the opponent's armor. Although it still took the opponent's health, it was very insignificant compared to the opponent's health. Moreover, the impact should push the opponent several steps back. However, it didn't happen to Auron's opponent.

    The armor blocked the impact from the [Fire Lance]. Auron frowned seeing this sight. He knew that the armor was strong. But, he didn't know it would be this strong.

    Actually, it was not only because of the armor, but the opponent also had a high vitality attribute as well. That was why Auron's spell would not work as expected.

    Auron's opponent was actually a tanker and a group player. So, he usually would not fight alone. However, he could still bully a weaker opponent.

    Seeing what the armor's effect on the battle, Auron's opponent became filled with confidence. He laughed loudly and charged forward to Auron. He swinging his sword like a maniac.

    Auron knew that this would not be an easy battle because of the armor. But, he didn't know that it would be this tough. He could only carefully took one step at a time.
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