369 Second Match 3

    Auron's opponent swung madly like a mad bull. Auron had to run away first. During his retreat, Auron also kept throwing some low-level spells.

    Meanwhile, Auron's opponent kept on charging towards Auron. He also laughed maniacally. It was similar to seeing Auron facing a mad psychopath.

    Some of Auron's spells were connected to his opponent's body. However, the rest of it was deflected by his opponent's sword. Not only that, even though the spells hit the opponent, but it only produced two digits damage. Compared to the enemy's health point who surpassed 50 thousand. This damage means nothing.

    However, Auron still had the advantage. His movement speed was faster than the opponent. Despite the fact that the opponent using his movement skill and chased Auron, he could not reach Auron at all.

    Auron maintained his distanced. He didn't go further away nor let his opponent approached him. Auron could do this was thanks to his agility attribute that was higher than the enemy. Moreover, the enemy was effected by [Sloth].

    Actually, Auron could leave the enemy behind with the [Sloth]'s effect. However, Auron deliberately didn't do that. He wanted to create an image that his speed was not that fast.

    Auron's opponent didn't have any bad thoughts about this as well. He thought that it was because Auron's [Sloth] that he could not chase him. If the [Sloth]'s effect ended he would be able to hit Auron. This thought combined with the hilarious damage from Auron, he didn't have any thought at all that Auron conned him.

    Time passed on, Auron's opponent's friends still kept on cheering and shouted their mocking. Meanwhile, Auron kept his calm and kept on maintaining a safe distance. It was already one minute since Auron's [Sloth]'s effect was gone. Yet, the opponent still didn't realize it.

    A few minutes after that, Auron's opponent started to feel something was amiss. He realized that the [Sloth]'s effect was gone, but he still could not approach Auron. He halted his step and stopped chasing Auron.

    Seeing his opponent stopped, Auron also stopped fleeing. However, he still didn't stop attacking.

    Throughout all this time, Auron had done around 5 % of the opponent's health. Meanwhile, since Auron only used low-level spells, his mana didn't reduce that much. His mana recovery also helped a bit.

    When the opponent stopped his chasing, Auron immediately thought that the opponent had realized. He knew that this trick would not last that long. Now, he had to prepare to do some real fight.

    The standing opponent deflected Auron's spell while frowning. He looked at Auron's expression who didn't show any changes at all. Auron still kept his poker face and chanted spells.

    The opponent was angry. However, he didn't want to angry at himself. That was why he directed his anger to Auron.

    "You dare...!" Auron's opponent furiously said.

    However, Auron didn't reply anything at all to his opponent and kept on minding his business. When Auron's opponent's friend saw this, they just realized that there was something wrong. Their cheer stopped.

    Meanwhile, the other spectators had long realized there was something wrong. After all, they already did their homework. They knew that Auron's [Sloth] was only level 1 and it would not last that long. So, when Auron's opponent could do nothing after the [Sloth]'s effect was gone, they immediately realized something was wrong.

    This action scored some point in the eyes of some of the recruiters. After all, a clever soldier with ordinary strength was better than a strong soldier with a stupid head.

    Auron's opponent jumped then slammed his sword to the arena's floor. He used one of the area skills that a swordsman had, [Earth Shock]. It was the same as [Wind Slash]. It only affected in a cone area in front of the user.

    The difference was, instead of a wind elemental attack, it was an earth elemental attack. Not only that but [Earth Shock]'s range was also not that far compared to the [Wind Slash].

    Auron just stood there and didn't avoid it at all. He had known that the [Earth Shock]'s range could not cover the distance between them.

    Auron didn't know why his opponent used this skill that could not hit him. He ignored the attack and kept on attacking.

    Auron's opponent also knew that the attack would not hit Auron. However, he wanted to unleash his rage. And, by slamming the arena's floor, he could somehow unleash a little bit of his anger.

    After that slam, Auron's opponent stood up and straightened his body. Auron could see the opponent's eyes were clear. He also could sense the dangerous aura from his opponent.

    Auron raised his vigilance. He knew sooner or later, the enemy would charge to him. It was like a psychic, Auron guessed was right. A second later, the enemy used all of his buff skills and used [Charge] to Auron.

    The opponent's speed soared that it even surpassed Auron's speed. However, this time, Auron didn't have the intention to flee.

    Auron's opponent raised his hand high. Then, with all of his might and the charge's speed, he jumped and slammed his sword to the ground. Such a straightforward move was easy to dodge. Auron moved to the side.

    However, contrary to Auron's expectation, the opponent's attack contained power way more than what he could imagine. As soon as the sword slammed the arena's floor. It cracked the arena's floor and created huge destruction. Even though Auron had dodge to the side, the debris was flying towards Auron.

    Auron could not dodge all of the debris and could only let his skin grazed by it. Then, the opponent followed up the attack. He slashed the sword horizontally towards Auron.

    Auron had prepared his dagger in front of him. The sword and dagger meet. A swordsman should have more strength than a mage. However, Auron also not lose out in terms of strength. But, with the swordsman's buff that his opponent used, Auron was blown away.
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