371 Investigation 1

    Although the referee announced Auron as the winner, it didn't mean Auron would directly get promoted. It was because Auron's opponent surrendered the match.

    In a promotion match, if the one who was being challenged surrendered, an investigation would be started. It was to check whether they surrendered because of bribery or other things that would bring them other benefits.

    The military gave very high attention to the promotion matters. It was because when someone was promoted, they would have more benefits and power. The military didn't want to promote the wrong people.

    As a matter of fact, Auron's opponent surrendering the match would make him and Auron underwent a separate investigation to prove that this match was not a setup.

    The referee wore a cold expression. As the one who led the match, he would also join the investigation as a witness. Even though he had a low chance to blame, but it would still take some of his time. That was why, he really didn't like someone who surrendered, especially during his match. Moreover, the referee also could not find any reason why Auron's opponent surrendered.

    Not only the referee, but the spectators and Auron also astonished because of the opponent's resignation from the match. Auron's opponent still had around 80% of his health left. Although he had lost the upper hand and could only take a defensive measure, there was still a long time before he lost every hope to win.

    Auron's opponent was the only one who knew why he surrendered the match. He had already known the repercussion of his action. However, he didn't care and still choose to surrender.

    Auron's opponent looked at Auron and the referee with a grim expression. Then, he left the area followed by his friends who immediately asked his reason. However, Auron's opponent didn't say anything and kept his silence.

    Auron left dumbfounded by this. He didn't know why. However, he could not help but to go along the way.

    Auron smirked helplessly at the referee. He wanted to show that he also didn't know why all of this happened. But, the referee ignored Auron and left the area as well.

    The match ended just like this. Everyone who already came here also felt disappointed. The recruiter who had seen that Auron was worthy to recruit had to postpone their idea until the investigation over.

    They would not want to join the mess. Moreover, if Auron really proved to be wrong, they could avoid being seen as an accomplice. Everyone began to leave the area one by one.

    Auron also dejectedly left the area. However, before he could go further away, two people had come to him. It was Felice and Patricia.

    When they heard that Auron going to have a promotion match, Felice and Patricia immediately went here to see the match. Even though they were shocked by the fact that Auron could promote, but they still happy as they saw Auron as their friend. However, they also never thought that everything would end like this.

    Felice and Patricia also could do nothing except cheered Auron up. And, that was what their intention by approaching Auron right now.

    Auron smiled. But, deep inside, he was tired and disappointed as well. What if the military thought that he was guilty and kicked him out from the military. Or, Auron's opponent dragged him down by slandering him.

    Auron didn't do anything but the thought that he could be punished without doing anything was creeping inside his mind. He sadly thanked Felice and Patricia before going back to his room.

    Auron was tired and wanted to forget everything. This was more tiring that the real battle. He had to refresh his mind.

    Auron decided to leave his mage character doing nothing in his room and went to his swordsman character. He didn't want to let anyone find any fault from him.

    At least, he would let his character doing nothing until tomorrow. In the meantime, Auron decided to fend his frustration by hunting. He wanted to unleash his rage by bashing the monster he found.

    Soon, Auron was drowned in his hunting. He slowly forgot his rage and raising his experience bar.

    Time passed by, soon the next day came. Auron was still busy hunting the monster. Fortunately, by doing this he could gain a level from hunting all night.

    Today, at the noon, Auron would have a trial to decide what action had to take. Of course, he had to come to defend himself.

    Meanwhile, the military had also ordered a team to investigate this matter. They had investigated and collecting proof all night while Auron was hunting in his swordsman character.

    The trial's time was near. Auron had to move once again back to his mage character. Despite the fact that there were still rage and disappointed feeling, but it was lesser than before.

    Auron knew that he had to face this no matter what. He exited his room and started to go to where the trial would take place.

    There was still one hour left before it was the trial's appointed time. Auron decided to wait inside the building. As he was one of the suspects, the guards didn't stop him and let him come inside. Then, he was escorted to a small waiting room.

    Time passed by, one by one the judge and the investigator came. The spectators also came. Auron's opponent's friends, Felice, Patricia, the recruiters, as well as the opponent that Auron beat in the first match.

    Auron's yesterday opponent had already arrived but he was put at a different waiting room from Auron. It was to forbid the two of them to meet and communicate.

    Actually, since the day before, both Auron and his opponent had already been monitored. All of their movements were recorded and could be used in this trial.

    "Silent! It is time to start the trial. Bring the suspects!" The judge shouted.

    Then, not long after, Auron and his opponent were brought inside the trial room. It was time to decide Auron's fate.
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