372 Investigation 2

    The judge looked at the case file, "So, both of you were suspected of colluding together."

    "You should know that deliberately surrendering and took bribe were a very wrong thing. You guys could be punished heavily."

    The judge put down the paper and stared at both Auron and Auron's opponent. "Well, let's do this. If you guys confess your wrongdoings, I can reduce the punishment."

    "Any of you want to confess?"

    The judge looked and there was no response from both of the suspects, "No? Don't be shy. Listen, a reduced sentence is a rare opportunity. If you miss this opportunity, I don't know how harsh your punishment will be."

    Silence still permeated the trial room. Even the spectators didn't dare to murmur or whisper to each other. Of course, everyone knew what the judge offered was a great opportunity. But, it could also be a double edge sword.

    Of course, the judge would not lie about the reduced sentence. But, it would not be that easy to get it. The judge could use some other laws to give an additional sentence. Then, both would cancel each other. Not to mention what would happen between both parties.

    First, it absolutely would ruin the relationship between both people. They would not trust each other or even hated each other.

    Second, sometimes, the investigator could not find any hard proof to punish them harshly. So, when the defendant didn't know it and confessed, although the sentence was reduced, the punishment was still worst than if he didn't confess.

    Even though there would be many disadvantages, but there were still people who would take the opportunity. After all, many people could not think straight when they were under heavy pressure.

    The judge often used this trick to fish out people. Sometimes this trick worked but sometimes it didn't work. But, it was worth trying as the judge didn't lose anything.

    The judge waiting for the response. While waiting, he observed both suspects' behavior. Auron's opponent looked calm. So, did Auron.

    None of them showed any weird behavior. The judge said while leaned his back to his chair relaxedly, "I am waiting."

    5 minutes of silence. The suspects didn't do anything at all and just sat facing the judge. Since he didn't get an answer, the judge fixed his seat position once again and said, "Well, then. You miss your opportunity."

    "So, let us get straight to the point?" The judge said.

    "Why do you surrender? Did he bribed you?" The judge asked straightforward to Auron's opponent.

    "No reason." Auron's opponent said calmly.

    Auron shocked hearing the answer. It was weird. And, how his opponent answered the question was stupid as well.

    In a formal trial like this, Auron's opponent said something like that. It was like he wanted to kill himself.

    Just like what everyone had thought, the judge frowned. To get on the bad side of the judge in a trial was a suicide. Everyone didn't know what Auron's opponent had thought even his own friends.

    Auron didn't answer anything since he wasn't the one who was being asked. "There is no action without reason. You must have your reason. Why don't you make this easier for me and state your reason?" The judge's voice began to rise.

    Auron's opponent didn't answer anything. Getting no answer, the judge started to move to Auron, "You! What did you give to him that made him this obedient?"

    "I didn't give anything. I also didn't know why he surrenders the fight." Auron answered. He was disappointed because he was blamed even though he didn't do it.

    "Both of you make this hard for me." The judge started to read the investigation report he received.

    However, to his shock, the judge also could not find any result from the investigation report. He called the leader of the investigation team. Then, both of them whispered to each other about the issue.

    Because of this, the audiences also started to speculate on why the judge act like that. Whispered also heard among the audiences.

    Slowly, the whisper's sound became loud enough and it disturbed the trial. The judge slammed his hammer and shouted, "Silence! The trial is suspended for 1 hour."

    "Both of you, if you want to confess, this is your last chance!" The judge said to Auron and his opponent.

    Then, the trial was suspended. The judge went with the investigation team, while the suspects were brought back to their waiting room. Meanwhile, the audiences were told to exit the trial room until the trial started again.

    Auron was back in his room. He looked at his front while thinking about what the judge's action means. However, seeing the judge's action, Auron knew it was a good thing for him.

    It seemed that the investigation team didn't find any fault or at least a proof. This means that Auron should be free from any punishment.

    One hour later, Auron was called back to the trial room. As soon as the judge sat at his seat, he said, "Say it! Why do you surrender?"

    Auron's opponent kept his silence. "Why are you silent? Are you afraid that the one who backed him up will kill you?"

    "Don't you afraid we can protect you if you want to blurt everything out." The judge started to entice Auron's opponent once again.

    However, it looked like it could not move Auron's opponent at all. "Why are you so stubborn?"

    "Fine! If you want to do this. Up to you!"

    "Let me announce the trial's result!"

    "You!" The judge pointed at Auron's opponent, "The investigation team could not find any reason and proof. However, we, the military, don't like the act of surrendering. Moreover, it was without any reason or at least the parties involved don't want to say it at all. Hence, we decided to demote you one full rank."

    "You will become intermediate private effective starting tomorrow. Also, you will be fine with 3 months of salaries."

    "As for you!" The judge pointed at Auron. "We cannot blame you or accused you without any proof. However, we also cannot accept the match result. Hence, you will have another match for your promotion. After this, you can pick your opponent once again."

    "The trial ended here!" The judge left grumpily.
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