373 Re: Second Match 1

    With the judge left the scene, the trial had officially ended. All of the verdicts had been announced and waited to be executed.

    A pity looked could be seen among the audiences who were leaving the trial room. Meanwhile, Auron's opponent's friend who was also coming to the trial to watch felt disappointed. As soon as the trial had ended, they immediately surrounded Auron's opponent.

    Being demoted was not a surprising fact. If it was only being demoted within the same rank, then it could still be considered a light punishment. However, he had to be demoted one full rank. It was a pretty harsh punishment.

    However, Auron's opponent's friends also could do nothing. They had already witnessed what their friend's behavior throughout the trial.

    They believed that his friend would not be bribed. However, they still didn't know the reason why he surrendered. Some of Auron's opponent's friends tried to cheer up while some others still frustrated at his friend's behavior and kept on persuade him to tell them the reason.

    While there was a gloomy aura around Auron's opponent's side, at Auron's side, although it was not a cheerful atmosphere, it was not as heavy as the other side.

    Patricia and Felice approached Auron. They were happy for the verdict that Auron received. Although it was tiring to have a rematch it was better than getting expelled.

    There were also some other people who were the trial's audience that congratulate Auron for the verdict. Although they didn't know each other, congratulating someone on a happy occasion was not a weird action. Auron's first opponent also included in the list of people who congratulate Auron.

    While they were talking happily with Auron, an officer came to Auron. It was the promotion staff representative. He had also attended the trial. So, he knew what Auron should do.

    That was why his goal approaching Auron was to remind Auron. The staff said straightforwardly, "You have until tomorrow at 8 am to submit your new opponent. If you didn't submit by 8 am, you will be considered forfeiting your promotion test. And, to be safe, it will be better if you bring more than one name in case the opponent you picked had other matters."

    After reminding Auron, the staff directly left the trial hall as well. Meanwhile, Auron still continued to have a conversation with the people around him.

    10 minutes later, everyone had left Auron alone. With everyone left, Auron also left the trial hall. However, he didn't come back to his room. Instead, he went to look for his opponent's data. From 8 names that he had, he had already picked 3 of them.

    One of them was busy so he could not battle against him until next week. Auron had one from another one. And, the last one was the person who attended the trial with him.

    Until now, it was still a mystery why Auron's last opponent surrender to him. But, Auron didn't really think that matter too deeply. Everything had come to an end for that opponent. If he didn't want to say anything then he could just keep it by himself. Auron didn't care.

    Now, Auron had more important things to do, picking another opponent. The last two opponents that he fought brought a pretty surprising present for him. During the last two fights he almost lost, but by luck, Auron could win the battle. Even though the last match's result he had was canceled, it could still be considered his win.

    Seeing his past two fights, Auron didn't want to get another surprising present that dangerous him. That was why he wanted to use this moment to observe and collect information and pick a correct opponent.

    To save time, Auron had decided to pick his opponent from one of the 5 names left. Of course, after Auron updating his opponent's information, if he felt that he could not defeat anyone from the 5, he would pick another opponent.

    Auron began to collect more information about every one of the 5 names he had. He spent some golds to buy information about them.

    Auron didn't hold anything back. One more win and he could promote to the next rank. He had proved it was possible by defeating his first opponent.

    Although his second match was considered a mess, he had another opportunity to pay back what he lost. At least, he didn't want to fail this promotion match.

    Auron collected every information he could get. He even kept the gossips or rumors about his opponent. Of course, he would separate that information with the information that had already been proven.

    It took Auron until dawn to collect the information. After he felt satisfied, Auron started to arrange every information he got. Then, he started to arrange his opponent's ranking based on their information and their strength.

    Finally, at 6 am in the morning, Auron got a list of names. And, he had sort it from the weakest to the strongest. Unfortunately, there were only four names inside the list instead of five. It was because of the opponent had too much uncertainty information. Auron decided to leave the name out of the list.

    Auron rechecked once again. After checking it once more, Auron went to the promotion staff to register his opponent.

    The staff already knew what Auron wanted. He immediately asked the name which Auron gave it immediately. After receiving the name, the staff began to check the schedule and call the opponent.

    Fortunately, for Auron, his opponent was free. Then, the staff asked Auron once again, "It seems the person you choose is free. He had confirmed the match. He even asked back whether you want to fight today or tomorrow? So, what do you say?"

    Auron pondered. He was fortunate that the weakest enemy from the list was available. But, he was still considering the opponent's question of whether to fight today or tomorrow.

    After 5 minutes of pondering Auron replied, "Let us do it this afternoon!"
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