374 Re: Second Match 2

    Auron was waiting for the match to begin. While waiting, he was looking back on the data about his current opponent.

    Today, Auron's opponent was the same as the first opponent. It was a level 279 Mage. Even though Auron's opponent today had a lower level than his first opponent, but, based on the data that Auron had collected, today's opponent should be stronger than his first opponent.

    Not only that, but Auron's opponent today was quite famous among his peers. It was because of his backing. Auron's opponent today had a big brother whose rank was higher than him. His big brother was a lieutenant.

    With such backing, it was no wonder that the younger brother had quite a lot of advantages. The equipment that Auron's opponent wore today half of it was provided by his big brother. And, the equipment was noticeably better than average.

    Auron had put his opponent today on the fourth rank from the bottom in his fight list. Of course, all of it was because of the equipment that his opponent wore. Fortunately, for Auron, despite his opponent got a backing, but the equipment was still okay.

    There was no such amazing equipment, just like what his previous opponent got through a lucky chance. His opponent today wore a rare grade set equipment for a mage. And, what made the equipment was great was the fact that it was an equipment set that raised an elemental fire attack. It was an excellent set for Auron's opponent's since he was a fire mage.

    Yes, Auron's opponent today was a pure fire mage. He was not like Auron, who still had some low-level spell from other elemental.

    What Auron had to take proper attention was the fact that Auron's opponent today was a die-hard fan of Alice.

    Alice, who was famous as a close combat mage, was also a pure fire mage. Using Alice as a role model, he learned almost everything that Alice did. In the end, Auron's opponent's fighting style practically similar to Alice's fighting style.

    10 minutes later, Auron ended his reading session. He had to prepare his mind and heart for today's battle.

    Not long after, it was time for Auron to go to the arena. He exited his room and go to the appointed place.

    When Auron arrived at the arena place, a crowd of people was already waiting for him. One-third of them were people who had heard about Auron and wanted to recruit him. While the rest of them were people who were curious about Auron. His recent controversy had made Auron well known among the military people.

    People who were curious about Auron started to free their time and went to watch Auron's current match. Hence, there were many people here.

    When Auron arrived at the scene, people were looking at him, and they started to whisper to each other. Auron had known that his recent controversy would bring him a lot of attention, so he didn't mind with the people's treatment.

    Not long after Auron arrived, his opponent had also arrived. Behind his opponent, Auron could see his opponent's big brother also came along. When Auron had researched about his opponent, he could not help but also doing some little research on his opponent's big brother.

    His opponent's big brother had joined one of the general's factions inside the military. And, as the big brother had joined a faction, the younger brother would absolutely follow his big brother's step. However, the younger brother still could not join yet because of the level and low rank.

    But, there was a gossip that said as long as the younger brother could promote to a sergeant, they would accept him into the faction. And, this was also why was today's battle was significant for Auron's opponent.

    If Auron's opponent could beat Auron, he would have enough points to take a promotion test to become a Senior Corporal. This leap undoubtedly would help him coming closer to his goal.

    As a big brother, he also wanted to help his younger brother to win. However, he was also a strict big brother. Even though he tried to help his younger brother, but he also wanted his younger brother to survive with his own skill. That was why he only gave enough set equipment for his younger brother and didn't give anything else.

    Auron's opponent's big brother's presence today was because he was also curious about Auron. If Auron was worthy enough, then he would recruit Auron. However, he also didn't want his younger brother to lose. That was why another reason he came today was to give Auron pressure.

    However, contrary to his expectation, Auron didn't seem pressured at all. As both parties had come, the referee went to the stage and called Auron and his opponent.

    "Are you both ready?"

    Auron and his opponent nodded to the referee. With both parties agreed, the referee started the match.

    Auron's opponent didn't attack immediately and jumped backward, so did Auron. Then, Auron's opponent summoned a [Fire Ball] and threw at Auron.

    Auron didn't retaliate the attack. Instead, he jumped backward once again and observed the situation. After his first [Fire Ball] was avoided, Auron's opponent threw a [Fire Bolt].

    Seeing this [Fire Bolt], Auron also threw his [Fire Bolt]. The two [Fire Bolt] met in the middle. However, Auron's opponent's [Fire Bolt] pierce through Auron's [Fire Bolt] and sped up to target Auron.

    Auron's [Fire Bolt] had lost in power. Part of it was because Auron's intelligence attribute was lower than his opponent. However, most of it was because of the equipment set that his opponent wore.

    Auron's opponent's equipment, when wore in a set, gave a 10% bonus damage for elemental fire spell. And, this equipment set was great for a pure fire mage like Auron's opponent right now.

    Auron, who lost in the [Fire Bolt] fight, had no choice but to move to dodge the [Fire Bolt]. Actually, Auron had known that he would lose. But, he still did this because he wanted to know how big the difference between them.
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