378 Emergency 1

    Auron, Felice, and Patricia immediately stood up from their seat. Everyone in the cafeteria stood up as well. There must be something important that made rung this emergency sirene.

    Auron's group followed the other and exited the cafeteria. A stream of people greeted their view as soon as they exited the cafeteria.

    As this was an emergency, Auron just followed where the people headed. Fortunately, Auron was not clueless for a long time. A shout was heard.

    "Quick, head to the Kevad City! Don't ask anything! There will be someone who will inform you what to do in Kevad City!" A military administration staff shouted.

    Without asking any question further, Auron's group of three went as ordered. They went to the teleportation portal inside the military base and teleported to Kevad City.

    Auron's group arrived at Kevad City. A bustling sound was heard. Many people running back and forth. Also, there were shouts everywhere.

    Kevad City was a city located near the capital of Gaia, Miderian. It was located deep inside the kingdom. So, an attack on this city was not possible.

    If there was really an attack coming to this city, it would not be an emergency like this. It was because the attacker had to get through several towns and villages to get here. They even had to get through two cities before they could arrive at Kevad City.

    Then, this emergency situation would only be meant there was something that happened in Primavera City.

    Bridge World was a world that connected Gaia and Regalia. To get to the other world, outside of the Raiding Month, one could only use this Bridge World. That was why Bridge World was important.

    In the Bridge World, there were eight cities. Four belonged to Regalia, while the other four belonged to Gaia. Each of the cities in the Bridge World would connect to one of the cities in the respective world.

    The connected cities in the respective world were placed in a crucial area closed to the capital kingdom. That was why when a city in the Bridge World fell to the opposite side, it could lead to a disaster.

    Four of the cities that belonged to Gaia were Primavera City, Estate City, Autunno City, and Inverno City. And, Kevad City, where Auron was located right now, was linked to Primavera City in the Bridge World.

    If Kevad City was not under attack, then this means that Primavera City was the one that was under attack.

    Auron's curiosity was answered. An order was heard, "Head to Primavera City! Quick!"

    Kevad City was an important asset to the kingdom. That was why its city's layout also different from the other cities.

    If the other cities' teleportation portal was in the middle of the city, then at Kevad City, the portal was located near the city's entrance.

    There would be an inspection at the teleportation portal and the city's entrance whenever someone came. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the portal and entrance, there was a portal that only linked to Primavera City.

    Kevad City was in a state of emergency. The city's entrance was locked down. No one could come or go out of the city. Meanwhile, the city's teleportation portal could only receive people from the military base.

    This was one of the benefit from a city. Once a month, they could block or allow teleportation from the others. However, this would only last for 24 hours before the blockade would automatically be unlocked.

    A stream of soldiers was got out from the portal and directly headed to the opposite side of the city where the portal to Primavera City was located.

    There were Felice and Patricia beside Auron. The three of them walked to the portal hurriedly. If there was an emergency like this, then this means the Primavera City was not in a good state.

    With the Kevad City was in a state of lockdown, all of the citizens were prohibited to wander around the street and could only stay at their home. Hence, the street was empty. This made the way to the portal was crystal clear.

    All of the soldiers could easily reach the portal without any problem. In 3 minutes, Auron arrived at the portal to Primavera City. He looked at Felice and Patricia, then he nodded. The three of them went inside the teleportation portal with the other soldiers.

    A few seconds later, Auron regained his vision and he was already at the Primavera City. A sound of battle greeted him. In front of him, he could see smoke and some building burned.

    The city's gate had been breached. Fortunately, they still could hold the enemy at the city's entrance. All of the soldiers that arrived at Primavera City immediately joined the fight wherever they could.

    Auron and his two friends also joined a nearby fight. A team of 5 enemies was fighting against two people from his side. And, Auron came to help these two people.

    With the addition of Auron's group of three, it became a 5 vs 5 situations. Auron's side began to get the upper hand from the battle. In the end, Auron's side could kill one of the enemies.

    With one of them died, the other four immediately scattered and run away. Auron told his team not to chase them. Instead, they should go to the city's gate and fend off the enemies.

    All of them agreed with Auron's suggestion and went over to the city's entrance. At the city's entrance, the situation was more chaotic.

    The gate had been destroyed and breached. However, thanks to the reinforcements, the enemies were slowly pushed outside of the city.

    After 30 minutes since Auron came to Primavera City, finally, the enemies were pushed out of the city.

    The enemies who were pushed out of the city felt that they had lost their chance. So, they retreated for a bit.

    Primavera City's situation was under control. As the enemy retreated, the destroyed gate was quickly built. They knew this peace situation would not last long.

    Outside of the city, the enemies also amassed their soldiers. The second round of war would begin soon.
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