379 Emergency 2

    Primavera City, Estate City, Autunno City, and Inverno City were four cities in Bridge World that belonged to Gaia. These four cities had more or less the same blueprint.

    In Bridge World, these four cities were placed in a straight horizontal line. The distance between the first and the second city was the same as the distance between the second city and the third city.

    These four cities were located in the same order as Primavera City, Estate City, Autunno City, and Inverno City. This means that Primavera City was at the edge, and the closest city was Estate City.

    It took ten days to travel between Primavera City and Estate City. However, that was the amount of time it took with the normal human walking speed. One also needed to walk nonstop to cover the distance in ten days.

    However, as many movement skills increased speed, the amount of time one took was shortened. Unfortunately, there no transportation here as the field was not suitable for vehicles. Moreover, there was no teleportation portal to travel between each city.

    The First Prince had tried to build the teleportation portal and connected it to the other cities. However, no matter what he did, the teleportation portal didn't want to connect. The teleportation portal could only link to the respective city in the Gaia world. The teleportation portal in Primavera City could only connect to Kevad City no matter how many portals the First Prince had built.

    Since the teleportation could only connect to the one at Kevad City, the First Prince decided to destroy the other portals and left only one portal left. This situation also happened to the other three cities.

    There was only one way to quickly transfer the soldiers from one city to another, which was through the city in the Gaia world. For example, one wanted to transfer from Autunno City to Primavera City.

    The soldiers in the Autunno city could teleport to Sugis City, the city it is connected to. Then, from Sugis City, they had to teleport to Kevad City. From Kevad City, they could teleport to Primavera City.

    This was a feasible way. However, it would also cost a considerable cost. The portal that connected to from Bridge World to Gaia World had different costs with the intraportal between each city in Gaia World.

    The portal costs four times more than the regular portal. That was why they usually would close the teleportation portal and activated it once a month or in an emergency situation like now.

    An emergency meeting was held inside the Primavera City's meeting hall. The First Prince was present at the meeting. He was frowning, hearing the situation's report from the general in charge.

    The First Prince had just arrived after the attack had ended. When the attack took place, he was overseeing the situation at Inverno City.

    "How come the gate can be breached?" The First Prince asked.

    The defense in all of the cities should be not that easy to be breached. So, the situation before really didn't make any sense for him.

    "There was a spy inside the city." The general in charge felt guilty and lower his head.

    The First Prince furrowed his brows, then the general continued, "The spy create havoc inside the city, and it took all of the attention, including the guards at the city wall. The enemies used that time to come closer to our gate."

    "When we realized the situation, it was already too late, the enemies were already closed to the city's entrance. We cannot prepare in time. Hence, the gate was breached."

    "As the situation already reached that point, I decided to activate the emergency plan."

    "It was a nice decision to activate the emergency plan. However, how come a spy can get through the inspection?"

    If a spy could reach Primavera City, this means that the spy got through two inspection place. The inspection at Kevad City and the one at Primavera City. This was difficult to be accomplished, except if there was an insider's help.

    "We still don't know yet. But we will investigate this matter." The general said.

    "How about the spy?" The First Prince asked.

    "We captured the spy, but he committed suicide, and we were too late to prevent it."

    "Forget about the spy then. But, you have to get down on how the spy could get through two inspections."

    "Now, what's the situation here?" The First Prince started to ask the current situation.

    "We have the situation inside the city under control. The destroyed gate had been replaced with a temporary one. Meanwhile, outside the city, the enemy was amassing their soldiers."

    "What's their chance to initiate an attack on us?"

    "Seeing the number of soldiers they amassing, the chances should be high." The general said seriously.

    The First Prince pondered quietly. Five minutes later, he commanded, "Prepare for battle! Also, send out a messenger to the other three cities. Tell them to enter the war state and checked everyone properly. I don't want this situation to happen once more."

    "I will lead this war by myself. However, give me 30 minutes to report this back to the kingdom."

    With that, the First Prince stood up and left the meeting while the general in charge and the other soldiers bowed to send him off. After the First Prince exited the room, the general in charge quickly did as what they told. He wanted to redeem his mistake by doing properly at this time.

    An ordered quickly sent out throughout the Primavera City. Preparation for battle had commenced. During this state, all the teleportation would be activated nonstop. Of course, this would burn the kingdom's resources, but this was necessary since it would lead to a disaster if the city got taken.

    Outside the city, the number of enemies slowly increasing. Indeed, a battle was inevitable. Everyone inside the city was nervous. They knew how important this city for Gaia World. They could not lose it.
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