381 Primavera City 2

    The First Prince hurriedly went and looked for the general in charge. He saw the general in charge was briefing his subordinate.

    The First Prince approached the general in charge. However, before he could utter a word, the ground was shaking. Then, a bell's sound rung following behind.

    The enemies attacked!!

    The general in charge, who still didn't realize the First Prince was coming to his way, immediately dispatched his soldiers to the entrance's gate. Not long after he gave that command, he saw the First Prince approaching him.

    The general in charge bowed politely to the First Prince and said, "I just dispatched a unit to hold off the enemies while we are preparing for the second attack. What should I order next, Your Highness?"

    The First Prince had previously declared he would take the control command in this war. That was why the general in charge politely asked the First Prince's opinion.

    The First Prince, who previously wanted to discuss the new strategy, had to put that thought away. In the current situation, time was a luxury thing for them.

    "It looks like I have to improvise things," The First Prince said inside his mind.

    "Good! Prepare the troops! Activate the city's shield and the city's defensive system!" The First Prince said his first command to the general in charge.

    Then, the general in charge immediately followed the command. He took some troops and went to the city's defensive tower.

    When a territory upgraded to a town, it would get a defensive shield to hold several attacks. Then, when the same town upgraded to a city, it could build a defensive tower.

    As it names implied, a defensive tower was used to attack the enemies. There were three types of defensive buildings that a city could use. The first one was the classic arrow tower.

    When it was activated, it would shower the enemies with a quick rapid arrow. Each time it attacked, it would throw three-volley of arrows to the enemies before it needed to recharge.

    Of course, it was the weakest and also the first type of defensive towers that a city could build. It could be made when a territory reached a low-grade city.

    The next defensive tower could be built when the territory reached a medium-grade city. It was a cannon tower. Every time it attacked, it would release a huge cannonball. Not only that, but the cannonball was also strong as well that it could fly far away.

    The last defensive tower was the elemental tower. This last tower could only be built in a high-grade city. Just like its name, this tower would shoot out a magic bullet at the enemies. It could also change its attack's element to the four elements.

    This elemental tower was the most favorite because it was easy to use and was stronger than the other two towers. Although the attack range was not as long as the cannon tower, it was longer than the arrow tower. Moreover, to operate this tower was relatively easy. Unfortunately, the cost to use this tower was also the highest among the three types of defensive towers.

    Although the enemies were quite huge in number compared to Auron's side, but Auron's side could still win this battle. Since this was a battle to hold the city, they could use the city's defensive towers to help them.

    Even though they had to bear the enormous cost of activating the city, but it was better as long as they could win this battle.

    A shield was formed outside the Primavera City and surrounded the city. Also, when the enemies had reached the attack range of the cannon tower, several explosion sounds were heard from the top of the city wall. It was the sound of a cannon tower.

    Several cannonballs were launched at the enemies and reaped a few of their lives. With the enemies were closed to each other, the cannonballs reaped some of the enemies' life. However, compared to the enemies' number, the casualties were not that much.

    "Prepare the second round of attacks!!" A high ranked soldier commanded the soldier to reload the cannon tower.

    Despite the fact there were casualties among them, the enemies kept on charging towards Primavera City. A rain of arrows and magic bullets flew towards them. The strong one could dodge this few attacks. However, the weaker one could only blame on their strength and misfortune.

    The casualties on the enemies' side had approached a hundred thousand in this such a short minute. However, compared to the enemies' number, which amounted to almost 3 million, it was not really much.

    The second round of defensive tower's attack fired once again. But, still, it could not keep the enemies away from approaching their town.

    Bang... Bang... Bang... The enemies also didn't just let Auron's side kill them one by one without retaliating. Several enemies launched their attack only to meet the city's shield.

    The city's shield's health bar depleted. The damage was not that serious, but the amount of the enemies' attack made the shield quickly crumbled. In just 15 minutes from the battle, the shield's health had been reduced to half.

    "Keep on firing!!! Reload the tower quicker!!!" Several shouts could be heard.

    All of them knew that these towers could not kill all of the enemies. However, at least, it could reduce their numbers.

    In another 15 minutes, the city's shield destroyed into pieces. With the shield destroyed, the enemies' attacks flew pass to the city wall and targeting the soldiers on top of the city walls. Casualties started to build on Auron's side.

    "Prepare for ground battle!!!" The First Prince shouted his command.

    Soon, the enemies would reach the city's gate. A ground battle was inevitable. All of the soldiers had been preparing to receive the enemies behind the city's entrance. Auron was one of them.

    Boom... A loud sound was heard, but it was not from the city's gate. To their shock, a portion of the west city walls crumbled and created a big hole.
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