382 Primavera City 3

    A panic commotion immediately surrounded the newly created hole. Enemies started to pour in from the created space.

    "What happened?" The First Prince also shocked by this sudden turn of events. He thought that the enemies would come in from the city's gate. He never thought that there would be a new entrance created.

    "An explosion created that hole to the west!" A soldier said.

    "How can that explosion be created? I don't see any siege machine on the enemy's side?" The confused First Prince asked once more.

    "Report, Your Highness! It seems the enemy sacrificed some of their soldiers to do some suicide bombing."

    The First Prince shuddered when hearing it was a suicide bombing. It was because he never imagined that Regalia would go this far to get Primavera City.

    With the size of the explosion known in Two Worlds, the First Prince knew that one bomb would not be enough to create that hole on the city wall. 100 bombs with that size would be enough to make a hole in the city wall. But, it would not create such a big space on the wall.

    With the size of the hole, there should be around more than 1 thousand soldiers sacrificed in that explosion.

    While the First Prince was still digesting the situation, another explosion occurred on the east side of the city wall. Another entrance was created.

    The First Prince thought that sacrificing those soldiers was an inhuman act. However, the enemy thought otherwise. Those one thousand soldiers was a reasonable sacrifice for them. Moreover, the result was more than expected.

    Two thousand soldiers to create two new entrances and also havoc among the enemy's rank was a good exchange.

    Another loud sound was heard. However, it was not coming from another explosion. Instead, it was from the temporary city's gate that got destroyed once again.

    The enemy had three ways to enter Primavera City, which made Gaia had to split their troops into three groups to block the enemy.

    The First Prince hurriedly shouted a series of commands. Not only that, but he also took his equipment and prepared to join the join.

    Then, the First Prince commanded his troops and went to the city's gate. Meanwhile, the general in charge took the west hole. As for the vice general in charge to the east side.

    Auron was on the west side of the city. He was near the city's gate when the war had started, slightly close to the hole's location on the west side. That was why, when the explosion occurred at the west side of the city wall, Auron immediately went over to that hole to block the enemy.

    In a chaotic war like this, the level would have little impact. A difference of 50 levels would not have any great effect on the war.

    Auron was using his mage character, so he was staying at the backline. He saw the enemies charged at them ferociously, which made him and the other mages started to use their spells.

    Meanwhile, the charging enemies were stopped by the frontline. Rain of spells poured out at the enemy's soldiers.

    Battling inside Primavera City could not be avoided. The enemies spread out and created havoc. Meanwhile, Gaia's side tried to contain the enemies so they would not spread out and destroyed the city's building.

    Primavera City's general in charge was the one who led the troops on the west side as well as the place where Auron was located. He was at the frontline and held the enemy's frontline.

    Bombardment from spells and arrows thrown at the enemy's side helped to ease the burden of the frontline. However, because of the enemy's number, it was not for too long.

    Fortunately, the hole and entrance created a funnel for the enemies. It made the enemies could only enter the city ten or eleven soldiers at a time, but they had to face a lot of enemies.

    This made the casualties number at the enemies soared up high. But, it didn't mean there were no casualties on Auron's side. Several frontline soldiers were slain by the enemies. Not only that, but the enemies also desperately thrown some range of attacks to the backline. That range attacks reaped several soldiers' life.

    The enemy used a sacrificing strategy. So, the soldiers at the front where the weakest soldier they had and was used as a meatshield.

    As the battle progressed, the enemy's elite soldiers started to join the fight. The pressure that Gaia's soldiers felt increased slowly.

    Auron was still busy throwing his spell when he heard that the east side of the city wall was on the losing side. With these three entrances, it would be difficult to guess where the enemy would focus their elite troops.

    And it was shown right now. The enemy attacked at their weakest link, the east side. The situation on the west side, more or less, was under control. Furthermore, the city's gate had the First Prince and his royal guards. So, it left the east side.

    Chaotic Death had analyzed the situation carefully. As the chief of commander in this war, he wanted a victory. He had to repay back for his disgrace back at the Raiding Month. That was why, in this war, he didn't hold anything back and used everything he got.

    From bombing squad to sacrificing strategy, all was Chaotic Death's idea. The Regalia's king had given him the authority to use what he had to use as long as he could bring victory. And, Chaotic Death thoroughly used the king's full support.

    When Chaotic Death saw that the east side of the city wall was the weakest one from the three entrances, he immediately ordered all of the elite to breakthrough through that entrance.

    And, this was the result. The enemy had a breakthrough from there and spread out to the city. From there east side, the soldiers started to turn and aimed at the city's gate. They wanted to fend off Gaia's side from the entrance.
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