383 Primavera City 4

    The First Prince saw the incoming troops from the east direction. Without further ado, he directly shouted, "Fall Back!!! Protect the teleportation portal!"

    The First Prince had ordered a retreat. It was not because they were losing, but they had to protect the teleportation portal.

    The teleportation portal was the most critical asset in Primavera City. It linked to the Gaia World. If the enemy captured the portal, they could use it to create havoc and kill civilians in Kevad City.

    With the First Prince's retreat order, the west side also began to slowly retreat. They could not retreat disorderly, or it would let their enemies kill them one by one.

    The First Prince's troops were the closest to the east side and also the fastest one to retreat. Meanwhile, just like what the First Prince had said, the enemies had split their troops when entering Primavera City.

    Half of them went to cut the First Prince's troops' path of retreat while the other half directly went to the teleportation portal. They knew the importance of this teleportation portal. If they captured it, then they could take their time to kill all of the Gaia's soldiers in Primavera City. Not only that, by capturing the teleportation portal, they also secured their way to intrude to Gaia World.

    This would give them one step ahead in conquering the Gaia World. The royal guards under the First Prince showed their capability. The Regalia's soldiers who were tasked to cut the First Prince's path of retreat could do nothing to them.

    With the First Prince's lead, the city's entrance troops had gone quickly back to the teleportation portal. Although they were late, it was not that long since the enemies had reached the portal. They were still in a battle with the troops that guarding the portal.

    Not long after, the soldiers from the west side also arrived at the portal's vicinity. All of the Gaia's soldiers had gathered at the teleportation portal.

    With the addition of the First Prince's troops and the west side's troops, they quickly fend off the enemies from the portal. However, the enemies didn't go away that far. They were amassing their troops in the middle of the city.

    Chaotic Death entered Primavera City. The war progressed as he wanted. Right now, he was in a very dire need for achievement. His last failure had embarrassed his name.

    Although the Regalia's king still trusted him, the other Regalia's general could not. Moreover, the generals who disliked he had so much control in the military used this chance to defame him.

    So, through this battle, Chaotic Death wanted to get a great achievement to silent the one who disliked him. He saw that the First Prince had participated in this battle. However, the First Prince was not his goal. Primavera City was his main goal.

    Although killing the First Prince was tempting, but Chaotic Death remembered his failures previously. The biggest reason for his failure was because he was so adamant in killing the Fourth Prince when it was not his main goal. And, that mistake had cost him a lot.

    Right now, Chaotic Death would only focus on Primavera City. Killing the First Prince would be a bonus. If he could kill, then he would kill. If not, then he would forget it.

    Chaotic Death had to take a huge risk by using the sacrifice strategy. If he failed, it would give momentum to the people who were against him all this time. Even the Regalia's king himself could start to reevaluate his value.

    Fortunately, for this war, Chaotic Death still got the Regalia's king's support. Hence, many of the general and soldiers in this war would heed his command.

    Chaotic Death was in the middle of Primavera City and looked at the teleportation portal's direction. The frontline was still engaging in battle with Gaia's side. It was just as his thought, Gaia's side would not easily surrender this city.

    Gaia must have wait for reinforcements from their side. However, Chaotic Death had thought about that. That was why he had stationed troops at the other three cities. They would serve him as insurance.

    If Gaia insisted on sending their troops from the other cities, he had commanded the stationed troops to attack the empty cities. However, Chaotic Death also had to be wary with the First Prince's counter plan. That was why he wanted to finish the fight here quickly.

    "Hang on!!! A little bit more, and the reinforcements will come!!" The First Prince shouted loudly.

    The soldiers replied the First Prince's shout with another shouted. The Gaia's soldiers' fighting spirit was soared.

    Chaotic Death saw this, he smirked and said, "What a useless bunch!"

    Then, Chaotic Death said with ease, "Give more pressure! Push the enemies more!"

    Regalia had the number advantage. It would be easy for them to wear Gaia's soldiers down. Chaotic Death didn't care about the number he had to sacrifice. As long as he got Primavera City, everything would be paid off.

    Chaotic Death also said to the soldiers beside him, "Pick a messenger and send a message to the troops at the other three cities to prepare and watch the city's soldiers' movement. If there is a chance, immediately attack them."

    The soldier bowed at Chaotic Death and went to send the message. Meanwhile, Chaotic Death gave another command, "Aim that man! Kill him if you can!"

    Chaotic Death pointed and gave a death sentence to that man. However, he didn't point at the First Prince. Instead, it was the general in charge of Primavera City.

    After coming this long, Chaotic Death could not wait for too long. He knew the longer he waited, the riskier it would become. That was why he wanted to hasten the process by pressuring the Gaia's side physically and mentally.

    Chaotic Death knew that if he could kill the First Prince, this battle would be over. However, to do that would be difficult. Then, he thought about killing the general in charge. Even though the impact would not be as great as killing the First Prince but it would be enough for claiming Primavera City.
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