385 First Prince 1

    Chaotic Death was in a dangerous situation. The First Prince's skill could injure him severely. Moreover, he had no time to dodge the attack.

    The First Prince also saw this and smiled. He was happy that Chaotic Death was in this situation. Although the skill was not enough to kill Chaotic Death, it would injure him severely.

    However, before the First Prince's skill could hit the target, Chaotic Death stuck out his hand and grabbed the soldier next to him. Then, he pulled the soldier in front of him to block the skill.

    The soldier who was being grabbed by Chaotic Death was in the middle of a battle with other soldiers from Gaia. So, he was not ready when he was being taken by Chaotic Death.

    The First Prince's skill hit the soldier. It immediately killed the soldier. Then, it penetrated through the soldier and also hit Chaotic Death. However, as there was a soldier between them and Chaotic Death, the skill's damage had reduced a lot. But, still, Chaotic Death that was blown away by the skill.

    What a pity for the soldier that Chaotic Death used as a meat shield. He must have never thought that he would die in the hand of his comrade, not his enemy.

    The First Prince saw Chaotic Death escaped the injuries. He gripped his sword tightly and charged at Chaotic Death again.

    Unfortunately, before he could reach Chaotic Death, several soldiers from Regalia's side blocked the First Prince's path. This was the scary part of Regalia's soldiers.

    Even though Regalia's soldiers were being used as a sacrifice, but they didn't complain about anything. Instead, they still kept on protecting the one who sacrificed them. It was like Regalia's soldiers were being brainwashed to only served the higher-ups.

    10 Regalia's soldiers immediately abandoned their individual fight and went to block the First Prince's charge. Even though the First Prince could easily dismiss these soldiers, but it still took some of his time. This time was used by Chaotic Death to recover entirely by consuming potions.

    The fight between the First Prince and Chaotic Death went back to square one. When the First Prince finally arrived at Chaotic Death. However, the injured, Chaotic Death, had recovered entirely and ready to fight once more.

    The First Prince directly used [Quick Slash]. He wanted to catch Chaotic Death off guard. However, what he wanted could not happen, Chaotic Death had prepared against the First Prince.

    Chaotic Death blocked First Prince's attack. Then, he slashed his sword to counter-attack.

    The First Prince dodged Chaotic Death's attack. Then, with a small movement, the First Prince used [Bash]. He wanted to really kill this Chaotic Death. But, it was not that easy as Chaotic Death blocked the attack once again.

    Both the First Prince and Chaotic Death exchange their attack. Although Chaotic Death lost in terms of power, he managed to hold on for this long.

    Occasionally, some soldiers around them went to help them. However, none of these soldiers could really make any change in the fight between the First Prince and Chaotic Death.

    As the battle between the First Prince and Chaotic Death progressed, the war between the two sides also progressed. Regalia had using their numerical advantage to hold down Gaia's resistance.

    However, even though they had tried to use their numerical advantage, but it could not annihilate Gaia's soldiers.

    The Gaia's side, under the general in charge's order, had tried to slow down the war's tempo and prolonged the fight. They had to rely on the reinforcements that came slowly. Each time the reinforcement came, the number was not that much, only around 10 - 20 people. However, the reinforcement didn't stop. The teleportation continuously shined and bringing people into Primavera City.

    Auron was still on the west side of the teleportation portal under the general in charge's team. The pressure on them still high even though the reinforcements already centered at them.

    The general in charge was in a dire state as well. He had overused his power. Fortunately, there were clerics behind him that supported him. If not, he would already long gone.

    Suddenly, a shout was heard from the enemies, "Charge!!!"

    With that one shout, all of the enemy's soldiers charged at Gaia's side. On the general in charge's team's location, a strange thing happened. The elite of Regalia mostly centered here because of the previous command from Chaotic Death.

    When the shout was heard, these Regalia's elite soldiers also charged at the general in charge's team. However, when these soldiers saw Gaia's general in charge, they avoided him and went to the other soldiers. Regalia's elite soldiers had ignored the Gaia's general in charge.

    However, the confusion didn't last long. The Regalia's soldiers charged passed the general in charge, which made the Gaia's soldiers retreat.

    However, the Gaia's general in charge who was stressed out with the pressure could not think straight and failed to observe his surroundings. Because he was ignored, he used this chance to madly attack the Regalia's soldier. And, in that short time, he could kill two soldiers and injuries more than 10 soldiers.

    After doing that, he suddenly realized how dire his location was. He was in the middle of the enemies with no path of retreat. The Regalia's soldiers had cut his way of escape. Moreover, because of the Gaia's frontline were being pushed back, the backline also pushed back away. Hence, the clerics' heal could not reach the general in charge.

    The general in charge was blocked entirely from his subordinate. Gaia's soldiers also realized this situation, they immediately tried their best to rescue their general. Unfortunately, the enemy would not let that happened.

    Moreover, the Regalia's soldiers also began to focus back at the alone general in charge. Facing this many enemies alone and from all of his sides, the general in charge could do nothing. He tried his best to stay as long as he could, but in the end, it was not enough.

    After more than 1 hour passed from the start of the war, the general in charge of Primavera City had died under the enemies' attacks.
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