392 Absurd 3

    During 10 minutes of walking, Smite was the one who was always talking. Auron could only keep silent and didn't utter any word. He silently heard when Smite was reciting Auron's promotion match or how excited he was.

    Fortunately, it didn't take any longer. Smite, and Auron arrived at the basecamp. When he came, Auron could see eight other people were sitting relaxed inside the basecamp.

    All of the people were chatting casually with each other. Auron looked at each of the people carefully. There were two women and six men inside the room.

    Smite immediately called everyone and introduced Auron, "Please welcome our new member, Smiling Wizard!"

    As Smite shouted, everyone's attention looked at Auron. Then, they continued talking with each other ignoring Smite and Auron. Seeing this, Smite whispered lowly, suppressing his anger, "These people..."

    Smite took out his dazzling staff. A long staff coated with pure gold. On top of the staff, there was a big ruby with 5 other rare gems surrounding it. Then, he raised his expensive-looking staff.

    When the other saw this, they surprised and immediately stood up from their seat. Then, using a friendly face, they directly approached and surrounded Auron. Each of them took a 180 degrees change.

    Previously, these people didn't care about Auron. However, now, these people bombarded Auron with questions. They didn't even wait for Auron to answer before asking another question as if they were very interested in Auron's life.

    Auron, who was being bombarded with questions, started to question his decision. Was his decision coming here wrong? There was a leader who looked like a rich fan and always talking excitedly. The other members who were seem nonchalant with Auron's presence.

    Then, the members started to introduce themselves one by one to Auron. The two women were Spica and Ainsley. Spica was a junior corporal and also the only cleric within this team. Meanwhile, Ainsley was a junior corporal and a thief.

    Next were Axton and Bernard. They were real brothers, and both of them were archers. The older brother, Axton, was a senior corporal while the younger brother, Bernard, was an intermediate corporal.

    Another member was Dayton. He was an intermediate corporal and a swordsman. To his left was another swordsman, Garvin. Meanwhile, to Dayton's right was Jeffrey, the only merchant within the team. Garvin was a junior corporal, while Jeffrey was a senior corporal.

    Next up was Cedric, a thief. He was a senior corporal and also the one who was the most uninterested with Auron.

    As everyone had introduced themselves, Smite began to introduce himself properly to Auron. He was the leader as well as a mage within the team before Auron came. He was also a senior sergeant.

    After Smite introduced himself, Auron began to introduce himself to the other, "I am Smiling Wizard, a mage and just got promoted to intermediate corporal recently."

    Although Auron still didn't officially become a corporal because there was some administration process, he already could claim his corporal rank. It was just a matter of time.

    After Auron introduced himself, the other welcomed him with an unenthusiastic tone, "Nice to meet you."


    "I love meeting you."

    Then, Smite coughed once. Hearing the cough, everyone immediately changed their behavior and welcoming Auron with enthusiasm. Auron could only smile wryly, seeing the weird behavior of his team members.

    Auron asked a question, "I think we still missed a person?"

    "Oh yeah, there was one more girl. But, I guess she was still doing her mission right now. Well, she was really diligent. I will introduce her to you when we got some time." Smite just remembered about another member.

    "She was a mage and also a senior corporal. What you need to know was she just recently joined the team three months ago just like you. However, be careful with her. She was the second strongest within the team only after our leader." Cedric explained to Auron.

    "Don't mess with her or you will be beaten up just like Dayton." Cedric reminded Auron.

    Dayton, who was being mentioned immediately, shuddered when reminiscing the event. Auron could see the fear on his face. But, Dayton wanted to protect his face, so he said, "I was careless at that time. If I was ready, I would be the one who beat her to a pulp."

    The others, including Smite, looked at Dayton, shocked. And, all of them had only one thought, shameless. What Auron didn't know was that Dayton kept on talking about how he wasn't ready, but when the other encourage him to prove it by challenging that girl once more, he gave a thousand excuses. All of them knew that Dayton was not strong enough to beat that girl no matter how many tries he took.

    Smite ignored Dayton's shamelessness, and he began to explain the team's rules and benefits once again. Meanwhile, the other had come back to their previous activity, lazying and chatting with each other.

    As the invitation had said, Auron would get one silver for every 5 military points he got that month. Everything would be totaled and paid on the last day of the month.

    Smite also explain the facility he could use, like this basecamp. Not only that, but Auron could contact Jeffrey if he wanted some help with selling an item or looking for some things. Of course, there would be some fee, but it would be a fair fee.

    After everything was settled, Smite let Auron do what he wanted. However, Auron chose to stay at the basecamp. He had to get along with his new team's members first.

    Auron sat on an empty chair and silently listening to the other conversation. Occasionally, he would join in the discussion, but there was nothing much that he could provide. So, he went silent once again.

    After a few minutes going on, Auron began to get comfortable with each other. Then, he talked with Smite and started asking some questions about the teams.
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