393 Meeting Once Again 1

    Auron was trying to get to know about his new team's members. After several minutes talking, Auron found out that the last member who was not present right now was a money-grubber.

    That last member was just like Auron, a soldier who recently joined the military. When she first came to the military, she already took Smite's attention. However, since she was still a private, Smite didn't invite her. Throughout the days, Smite kept on watching the progress of this girl.

    It turned out what Smite thought was correct. This girl was not ordinary. In less than one month, the girl had already collected enough points to promote to the next rank. Without further ado, Smite extended his invitation to this girl without thinking about the result of the promotion test.

    Smite didn't care about the result, but he still believed that the girl would pass the exam easily. And, just like Smite had said, the girl passed the promotion test and directly became a senior corporal.

    Of course, many other teams invite that girl. However, to his surprise, the girl chose Smite's team. It was surprising because, at that time, his team still had not entered the top 10 even his team was not in the top 100. Moreover, the top 3 teams had sent their invitation to the girl as well.

    Smite gladly accepted the girl without thinking much. He knew this girl would definitely be a powerhouse ranking. He didn't care about the girl's reason for choosing his team.

    Time went on, and Smite and the other team members started to get acquainted with the girl more. From their interaction with the girl, they began to guess the girl's reason. Just recently, Smite confirmed his suspicion to the girl and what all of them had thought was correct. The girl's motivation for joining them was because of the money he offered for contribution points.

    Smite could only smile wry when he heard the girl's reason. However, he would not complain at all because the girl had also contributed a lot. The reason why their team could get into the top 10 was mainly because of this girl.

    This girl was very active in joining a mission. Moreover, her speed of completing the task was quick, and the result was amazing. Hence, she got a lot of contribution points. From these 3 months, it could be said that the girl contributed 80% of the team's points.

    However, none of the members cared about that. The purpose of Smite paying some money in exchange for contribution point was because he wanted to enter the top 10, but he was too lazy to complete a mission. He didn't care whether all of his money spent on one person or multiple people.

    Meanwhile, the other member also didn't really care as they were not the ones paying. What they really concerned about was the girl's health. The girls had given some advice for her to rest. However, she rejected the advice and said that she was healthy. Of course, what she said was true since she was the second strongest in the team after Smite.

    The girl had fought against Smite once, and she lost. However, nobody knew whether she intentionally lose or not. Thinking about her gold digger behavior, the probability of her intentionally losing the match was really high. It could be she didn't want to embarrass the one who paid for her money.

    After hearing the story about this girl, Auron became more curious about this girl. Auron had guessed that this girl was a player because it was rare for an NPC to join the military late.

    "I am back," A shout came from outside the basecamp, and it was a girl's voice.

    "Oh, she came back," Smite said to Auron.

    "You are fortunate. She was rarely here since she was often on a mission. Come, let me introduce you two."

    The mentioned girl walked through the door. When Auron saw her, he was astonished. Auron knew that face. It was Paradise Spring, Julia's character. This means the girl they talked about before was Julia.

    The first thing Julia did was approaching Smite. Then, she said, "He... He... He... I have finished another mission. This time, I should get around 100 contribution points. Don't forget to prepare the money."

    Smite replied, "No worries. Come, I want to introduce you to this guy. He is Smiling Wizard, our new members. He was a mage. With him, we got three mages in our team."

    "Oh... Hello, my name is Paradise Spring. Nice to meet you." Julia introduced herself.

    However, Auron still looked astonished and didn't reply to Julia's introduction. Smite was confused and asked Auron, "Do you know her?"

    However, Auron also didn't answer Smite's question, which made Smite asked Julia, "Do you know him?"

    Julia shook her head, " No. This is our first time meeting."

    Then, with Julia's answered, Auron came back to his senses. "Oh yeah, what she met previously was my swordsman character. Meanwhile, right now, I am on my mage character." Auron was thinking inside his head.

    "Ugh... Hi, my name is Smiling Wizard. I am a mage and an intermediate corporal. Nice to met you too."

    Auron thought inside his mind, "Why did Julia enter the military? With her ability, it should be easy for her to join a large guild."

    Sadly, when Auron looked at Julia once again, she was missing. Julia had already ignored him and went passed him. She had a chit chat with the girls. Smite also joined in the conversation.

    Auron, who was alone, didn't want to be left out. So, he also joined in the conversation, although he was still new.

    After some time conversing with each other, Smite asked Julia a question, "So, will you join the Tower Training?"

    "Of course! I will not miss it. Although it didn't give a contribution point, I heard that it has amazing benefits. Of course, I cannot miss the chance." Julia said with eyes shining.
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