394 Meeting Once Again 2

    Tower Training was a popular event inside the military. Although it had a defined schedule, once in three months, but the schedule often changed. It was because it needed to adjust to the event that happened in Gaia.

    Tower Training was usually given to the unassigned soldiers. However, they allowed other soldiers who wanted to join as long as it didn't interfere with their mission. But, they still need to register first to be allowed.

    When a soldier was free, he would definitely join this event. It was because the rewards were too enticing to reject. The said rewards were not things. It was a qualitative change in their body. Each soldier, who joined the Tower Training, had given testimony. They said there was a qualitative change in their body after joining the training. Hence, many soldiers had always wanted to participate in the training.

    "Have you register yet?" Smite asked. Since Julia was not invited, she needed to register first before she can join the training.

    "Relax, I have taken care of all the necessary administrative processes," Julia answered casually.

    "Won't you guys joined in the training as well?" Julia asked back. She knew that her team's members were too lazy to do some mission, so they must be told to the training.

    "Yes, finally, we could gather as a team," Spica said happily. It was rare for them to do some missions together. The last time they did a task together was when Julia first joined the team.

    "Yeah..." Smite sighed. Even though many soldiers like joining this training, Smite didn't like it.

    This made Auron wondered, how could such a lazy person became the leader of this team. Moreover, he was a sergeant.

    "Nice, we can compete with each other." Julia continued, "Should there be a reward for the strongest, leader?"

    "This woman... Such money-grabber" Smite was surprised by Julia's sentence and thought inside his mind. However, Smite also could not kick her since he was also benefited from the bonus rewards.

    "Ugh... No..." Smite rejected Julia's offers.

    "Fine... Just saying..." Julia said with her tongue out. "Well, then. I have to get going. There was some mission waiting for me."

    With that, Julia left the room. Meanwhile, all of the people inside looked at each other shocked.

    "Why does she so hardworking?" Dayton wondered while looking at the other members. The other members shrugged their shoulders.

    With Julia left, the other members continued their conversation. Not long after, Auron also left the place. He had some unfinished business to take care of.

    Auron went back to his room. As soon as he arrived at his place, Auron immediately went to his swordsman. He had been curious about the reward. However, with the series of events happening, he had no time to check the reward.

    Auron directly went to the military's base since the Fourth Prince told him so. Auron inquired the guards whether there was any message for him or not.

    Not long after, the soldier who checked it for Auron came back with an envelope. He gave that envelope to Auron, who received it excitedly.

    Auron had thought what would the Fourth Prince gave him. He had been imagining how fast would his level soared. Without further ado, Auron opened the envelope. Inside, there was a letter from the Fourth Prince.

    Auron read the letter. At the beginning of the message, the Fourth Prince apologized. He was apologizing because he had tried to fulfill Auron's request. Unfortunately, the place where usually the royalty trained could not be divulged to outsiders. So, the Fourth Prince had to change the reward.

    Inside the letter, the Fourth Prince had also said that he had the approval for this new reward. As long as Auron agreed, he could take the reward. Auron just needed to give his consent this week at the latest. If Auron still not agreed yet, the Fourth Prince would think of another reward for him.

    Then, the Fourth Prince began to explain about the reward he proposed. He described it as detail as possible, what Auron would get, and also what Auron needed to do.

    It turned out, the reward that the Fourth Prince gave was the chance to join the Tower Training. Even though the experience it offered was not that many, but the reward it gave would definitely make him stronger. In the end, it would make him stronger, although not in the form of level.

    Based on the explanation from the Fourth Prince and the information he got from the military, the reward would be a qualitative change in his body. For an NPC, this might be the case, however, for a player, this reward should be in the form of attributes points. This should be similar to what Auron got when he was still in the military academy.

    Auron smiled. Gaining permanent attributes should be better than just raising the level. He couldn't miss this chance. Auron folded back the letter and put in back inside the envelope. He had to bring this letter at the promised date as this letter served as proof. Then, he said to the guards to relay his approval to the Fourth Prince or at least to someone in charge.

    With everything resolved, Auron went back happily. Since the Tower Training would only begin in 5 days later, Auron had some spare time to do. He absolutely would not take mission like Julia, or he would be lazying like Smite.

    In the meantime, he had to think about what to do. There were many options, such as hunting, raising his blacksmithing skill or alchemy skill, and many others.

    Auron looked at his money. He still had enough to last for two or three more days hunting. With that, Auron chose to do some hunting while he made his mage character to raise the alchemy skill. He could also use some of the potions produced during the alchemy. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

    After choosing his hunting place, Auron controlled his swordsman and went to the hunting place.
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