395 Tower Training 1

    As the Tower Training scheduled had almost arrived, some fewer soldiers took missions. All of them were preparing for this Tower Training event.

    It has already been half a year since the last time the Tower Training held. The previous Tower Training was canceled due to unexpected conditions at that time. Fortunately, the current Tower Training was not canceled, although there was an unexpected condition in The Bridge World.

    Days went by, Auron had been spending his time hunting. He didn't waste any single time. While he was in his swordsman hunting, he left the mage character to train the alchemy skill. Then, he used the potions for his hunting.

    It was helping his hunting process. However, in the end, his money also depleted. Fortunately, the salary and reward from defending Primavera City had come. It saved his financial status.

    During those 5 days of hunting, Auron had gained some levels. Combined with the level he gained when defending Primavera City, right now, he was level 260.

    Currently, Auron, using his swordsman, was inside a potions shop in Miderian City. He was preparing for the Tower Training that would be held soon. He bought some potion's supplies with the last money he got.

    After supplying his potions, Auron directly went to the military. He had to come early, he thought there must be a lengthy verification process.

    When Auron arrived at the military's base, he was stopped by the guards. Fortunately, one of the guards was the one who gave Auron the envelope from the Fourth Prince the other day. The guard had recognized Auron and directly asked for the invitation.

    Receiving the invitation from Auron, the guard escorted Auron inside. Actually, Auron himself knew where to go since he got the invitation for his mage character. However, he had to pretend, so nobody had any suspicion of him.

    What happened was contrary to what Auron had thought. Previously, he would think that there would be a lengthy verification process. But, it turned out that everything went smoothly. It took only 5 minutes before the guard had escort Auron to the Tower Training's location. He didn't know whether it was usually done this quick, or it was because of the Fourth Prince's influence.

    The Tower Training's location was actually on the outskirts of the military base. When Auron arrived at the site, the place was already packed with soldiers. Some soldiers were idling, waiting for the start while some other soldiers had been looking for a group.

    Auron's arrival took the interest of the nearby soldiers. It was because Auron was escorted by someone. Usually, someone who was being accompanied was an important person. So, many of the soldiers thought that Auron was someone important.

    A military staff who was in charge of the Tower Training had received some words from the guard who escorted Auron. He also had heard the instruction from the above, so he already knew there was an outsider who came to join the Tower Training.

    The staff in charge welcomed Auron. Then, he gave some introduction about the Tower Training which Auron had known about it already. However, Auron listened to the staff obediently and nodded his head.

    After explaining everything he needed to know, the staff left Auron alone. Meanwhile, Auron looked to his left and right at the soldiers nearby. He could recognize there were some players among the soldiers.

    After the update, many players had gone to join the military, so it was not surprising Auron. And, most of them had gone directly to the corporal rank and above. Meanwhile, Auron had started in the military's academy and started out as a private when joining the military.

    Auron had found the location of his mage character. When he was about to go to his mage, a girl blocked him and said, "Why are you here? Are you joining the training as well?"

    It was Julia who first recognized Auron. There were many players among the soldier right now, so Julia didn't have any suspicion seeing Auron here. Before Auron could answer Julia's question, she continued, "If you are alone, come and join us! The more, the merrier."

    Auron, who was about to answer the first question, hold his word and nodded, "Okay."

    It was Auron's goal to reunite with his mage. And, he could achieve it by following Julia. If he came with Julia, Auron could keep his relationship with his mage character a secret.

    When Julia and Auron arrived at the Absurd team's location, everyone had a weird look on them. "Wow, it looks like our hard-working princess didn't forget to fill her life with some love." Dayton teased Julia.

    "Stop your nonsense! I just coincidentally met him, and since I recognized him, I brought him here." Julia explained the situation, but there was a slight red on her cheeks.

    Dayton ignored Julia's explanation and kept on teasing her, "Welcome! I hope you can protect our princess here. You should let her rest, she had worked really hard. Look, she just came back from reporting her mission."

    Auron looked at Julia. However, Julia said, "Ignore his nonsense! Come, let me introduced you with the other."

    "This is Smite, our leader. That annoying guy is Dayton. That guy is..." Julia started to introduced the members one by one, even Auron's mage character was introduced to Auron.

    Smite welcomed Auron and kindly explained, "Hello, nice to meet you! Although this Tower Training didn't require someone to be in a group, but it would be nice if you can join one."

    Then, not long after, several military staff were on sight. They were distributing something to all of the soldiers one by one. Both of Auron's character also received one each.

    After the distribution process, a military staff went on the podium and spoke, "We will begin the training shortly. But, before that, I have to explain what you will do inside. Although most of you have known it, there are also newbies here. So, I hope you bear with me."
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