397 Tower Training 3

    Auron had 3 [Smole]'s heads from 100 that he needed. However, he was not in a hurry; rather, he wanted to do this carefully.

    Right now, Auron's goal was not to go to the next level, but he wanted to reunite with his mage character first. He was afraid that his mage would be eliminated in this kind of environment.

    This was still the first floor. From what Auron had heard before, there were no rewards inside the first floor. The first floor served as an elimination round to set the minimum standard for the participating soldiers.

    Fortunately, after 5 minutes, both of Auron's character could meet with each other. After reunited, Auron quickly checked at his mage's status. Currently, his mage had 10 [Smole]'s heads with 90 hit points left. Meanwhile, his swordsman had 15 [Smole]'s head with 99 hit points left.

    Since Auron had two characters, he needed to collect 200 [Smole]'s head so both of his characters could enter the next floor.

    As time passed by, more and more soldiers entered the second floor. Up until now, there was still no casualties among the training participants. However, as the number of the soldier on the first floor had reduced, this means there would be more enemies around.

    This could be an excellent chance to speed up their progress to the next floor. However, this also means that the soldiers needed to raise the vigilance more since the chances of them being surrounded rose.

    Actually, the quicker they went to the next floor, the better. Then, not long after, a sirene sound was heard all around the first floor. It was a sign that they would replenish the number of [Smole] on the first floor.

    Auron currently had 35 heads and 27 heads in his swordsman and mage, respectively. He had to hurry. More than half of the training participants had gone to the second floor. If he didn't collect the requirement quickly, the chances of him being surrounded would be high.

    Auron increased his hunting speed. Previously, he would passively wait for the enemies. However, right now, he was the one who was looking for enemies.

    The number of [Smole]'s heads he collected was increasing at high speed. In 2 hours after the training starts, Auron had 80 and 78 heads, respectively, in both of his characters. A little more and he could go to the next level.

    Not just him, but the other people also quicken their pace, they didn't want to be left out. The leftover soldiers started to group together with each other to hasten their progress.

    In the next 5 minutes, three groups of three people went over to the next level. These made the soldiers raced as they didn't want to be the last one, or else they could be overwhelmed by the enemies.

    Auron also increased his output power. Fortunately, he was ahead of the others and needed a little bit more. It took Auron 30 minutes to fulfill the number required in both of his characters.

    As soon as Auron completed the task, he quickly went over to the portal. He was in a hurry because he heard the sirene sound.

    When he arrived at the portal to the next level, Auron could see a pillar next to the entrance. The pillar was as high as Auron's stomach. On top of the pillar, there was a box to put the needed requirements inside.

    There was already a group ahead of Auron. So, he had no choice but to wait. However, while waiting, he also could not let go of his guard. There was no safe zone here. Even though he only had one step left, he could still be eliminated.

    Fortunately, the number of [Smole] around the portal was lesser than in other places. After the three men in the group ahead of Auron went to the next level, it was Auron's turn.

    First, Auron let his mage character went first. The requirement was put inside the box one by one. Magically, no matter how many heads were placed inside the box, the box was not full yet.

    After his mage character put the 100th head, Auron's mage character's vest shone, which indicated that he could use the portal. With that, the mage entered the portal and vanished.

    Auron's swordsman went up next. Quickly, he put the head one by one. Just like what happened to his mage, after the 100th head, his vest shone. Then, he went to the next level peacefully.

    When Auron arrived on the second floor, another notification came at him. It was the requirement to go up to the next level.

    [Bring 200 smole's arms to the third-floor entrance (0/200)]

    This time Auron was tasked to bring 200 [Smole]'s arms. Fortunately, each hand was counted as one. So, from one [Smole], he could get two arms. As long as he didn't destroy or burn the arms into ashes.

    Auron arrived on the second floor. On this floor, the scenery was different from the first floor. The sky was reddish dark. However, that was not the first thing that Auron noticed. Instead, it was the area's temperature.

    The heat was so high that it made Auron sweated as soon as he arrived at this place. Not only that, but there were also numerous small crater in the ground that hindered one's movements.

    Several medium-sized volcanoes also could be seen. And, those volcanoes were active. Randomly, those volcanoes would shoot out some hot magma out.

    If the soldiers were hit by the magma, they would also get 1 damage, and it could hasten their elimination progress. On this floor, the participant not only had to take care of [Smole], but they also needed to watch out against this random magma.

    Just like the previous floor, both of Auron's characters were separated from each other. Auron's first plan was to reunite with his mage character. Fortunately, Auron could control both characters, so he could jump back and forth to see their location.
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