398 Volcano Field

    Drenched with sweat all over his body, Auron's swordsman met with the mage character who was also sweating. Although sweating didn't have any impact on the fighting capability, it still made Auron uncomfortable.

    Auron saw his mage's condition. It turned out his mage's vest's life reduced by another two points and was at 88. Surprisingly, the [Smole]'s arms it got already amounted to 30. Meanwhile, Auron's swordsman only got 10.

    However, Auron could not spend his time peacefully here. A group of 10 [Smole]s already went closer to them. He immediately took a battle stance and went to the front.

    Auron's hand, which wielded the sword, swung. An [Smole], at the forefront, leaped to Auron. It showed its small and sharp teeth trying to gnaw Auron's head. However, before it could do anything, Auron's slash had cut its body into two.

    One down and there were 9 more to go. The dead [Smole] fell to the ground. Meanwhile, another [Smole] from Auron's two o'clock direction attack at him. Before this [Smole] could reach Auron, a [Fire Ball] slammed its body and blown it away.

    Two [Smole]s jumped at Auron while one [Smole] went passed Auron to his mage character. Auron chopped one [Smole] and kicked the other one. Then, he turned his body back and stabbed his sword.

    Auron was aiming at the [Smole], who went to his mage character. Unfortunately, his stab missed the target. His sword stabbed at the [Smole]'s left hand. Although it didn't kill the monster, it made the monster limped over.

    As the monster got sidetracked, Auron's mage character had finish chanting his spell and threw an [Ice Bolt] to the monster, which killed it immediately.

    The one who Auron kicked previously got up, and like an angry bull, it charged again at Auron. When Auron was about to kill it, a big magma ball shot out at them. Auron stopped his attack and avoided the incoming magma ball.

    Unfortunately for the enemies, they could not avoid the coming magma ball and got incinerated. Two [Smole]s died without leaving any ash.

    Although the enemies died because of the magma ball, actually, Auron didn't feel good at all. It was because the enemies got burned without leaving any ashes. This means that he could not get any mission's progress from those two monsters.

    Four more [Smole]s left from the groups. An [Earth Spike] pierce one of them as all of them started to charge out. Facing three [Smole]s, Auron used [Whirlwind] to blow the monster away. The skill didn't manage to kill them, but it left them with only a sliver of health left. Then, both of Auron's character killed the leftover monster one by one.

    Auron divided the 16 arms rewards from the 8 monsters, equally to both of his characters. Then, he continued to search for other monsters.

    There were around 1000 soldiers on the second floor, the volcano field. Some of the soldiers had gone to the next level, while a little portion of the soldiers still on the first floor. Up to this time, there was still no one that got eliminated. However, some soldiers only had a few chances on their vests.

    Although the differences between the soldiers and monsters on the second floor were vast, the players' progress was not as fast as when they were on the first floor. It was because the random volcano's magma ball killed many of the monsters. Moreover, the monsters on this floor came in a pretty huge group, just like what Auron faced.

    If they could not kill the monsters quickly and seized the mission's task, the random magma ball could destroy the corpse while they were fighting the other monster. Of course, there were still many monsters left, so there were still many people that fulfilled their requirement and went to the next floor.

    However, Auron still chose to do this one step at a time. He didn't want to rush out and got careless. There was still a long way to go. Moreover, there were still 9 days left.

    A magma ball flew to Auron's east. Then, it slammed on the ground and made a small crater. It also eliminated five [Smole]s who weren't aware of the magma ball. This situation often happened in this second floor.

    If you looked at the sky, you could see a few red scorched ball flying around all over the place. This was also what increased the difficulty.

    Three hours after Auron arrived on the second floor, he had fulfilled 50% of his requirement. Currently, Auron's swordsman's life was at 97 while his mage's life still at 87.

    What could Auron do when he was surrounded by 100 agile [Smole]s? Although he had already tried his best by unleashing all of his area skills, that number still very high. In the end, Auron could not help but get attacked.

    What's more frustrating was after Auron killed all that 100 monsters, a magma ball came at his place. As the monsters' corpse was close to each other, that magma ball destroyed 30 bodies.

    However, what Auron could do except continuing his hunt. He moved to another place and started to collect once more.

    After another two hours, Auron's progress was at 95% in both of his characters. A little bit more, and he could go to the next floor and claim his rewards. Starting from the second floor, there was a reward when one went to the next level.

    Slash... A [Smole] died under Auron's sword. This was the last [Smole] from a group of 15 that attacked him. Auron started to collect their arms.

    With this additional 30 arms, Auron had completed his task. Actually, Auron didn't need all 30. He just needed 20 arms and could go on. After collecting the necessary items, both of them moved to the portal.

    Then, both of them taking turns in placing the required items with Auron's mage character went first. Auron's swordsman's character went next and went to the next level.
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