400 Frozen Field 2

    Afraid of being surrounded and ending his training quicker, Auron ran away. He had no choice to leave the corpse on the ground. Behind them, the [Smole]s already chasing them.

    Before Auron could go too far, one of the [Smole] already reached him. It was due to the environment here. While Auron's speed and movements were affected by the snow on the ground, the snow didn't have any effect on the [Smole]'s speed.

    Auron turned back and used [Wind Slash]. The attack hit the target and several others at the back. Auron didn't care whether his previous attack killed the monster or not, he immediately turned back and continued his run.

    There were too many monsters around. The number of monsters that chasing Auron didn't decrease. Instead, its number was increasing.

    Fortunately, not that far away from his place, Auron saw another group of soldiers. Without thinking for too long, Auron immediately went to that group.

    The group consists of 3 people. Surprisingly, that 3 people were coming from Auron's new team. They were the members of the Absurd team.

    Those three people were Spica, the cleric, Axton, the archer and the older brother of Bernard, and lastly, Cedric, the thief. Those three also got surrounded by many [Smole]. However, they somehow managed to hold on. Unfortunately, it was too difficult for them to hold on because of the member's composition.

    Spice, the cleric, didn't have much strength, so it was difficult for her to even defeat the monster. Moreover, there were many monsters around them right now.

    Inside those groups of three, the damage dealer was Bernard, the archer, and Cedric, the thief. However, they were not that good in a close combat environment. Moreover, those two were the agile type, that had to use their movement. Unfortunately, the snow had reduced their fighting capability.

    And, with many such enemies around them, it was already amazing they could still survive. Everything was thanks to Spica. Although cleric's heal didn't have any impact on this training, a cleric had many other buffs. They could give a shield for others, or they could increase their attack speed. Also, a damage buff was available.

    But, still, the number of monsters overwhelmed them. Those three didn't even have time to collect the legs even though there were many corpses around them.

    Auron shouted to grab their attention, "Hey!"

    The three of them took a glance at Auron, and their face sunk. It was because behind Auron, there were many monsters when there were still quite a few monsters at their side.

    Auron's mage character was the first one to arrive at the group's location, followed by Auron's swordsman.

    When Auron, who was controlling his swordsman, arrived, he immediately used all of his area skills available. He didn't care whether his ability only hit one or two monsters.

    Auron's parade of skills was followed by the other member's understanding. They tacitly knew what Auron wanted to do. Axton used his [Arrow Shower] and other area skill. While Spica immediately gave several buffs to Auron. She knew that with what Auron had done, all of the monsters aggro would come to him.

    Meanwhile, as a thief, Cedric had few area skills. Moreover, that skill was not that strong compared to his single target attack. So, Cedric carefully selected the near-death monster and finished them off.

    Auron's mage character also began to chant his area skills. Sadly, mage's spell was not as fast as the other skills.

    After all of the skill poured down on the monster, it evaporated 80% of the monsters around. However, they could not celebrate it yet. There had a finishing task to do.

    With the pressure had reduced by 80%, the group of 5 could quickly kill all of the monsters. After killing all of the monsters, without talking to each other, they knew what they had to do. They began to loot the monster's legs as fast as they could, or else another wave of monsters would come.

    Fortunately, with the many corpses around, they could complete almost all of their required task. Each of them needed only to kill one or two [Smole] to gain the right to enter the next level.

    Auron advised moving to the next level's entrance, which all of them agreed. The group of five began walking to the next level's entrance. There was still quite some distance between them and the portal.

    They moved slowly and carefully. With them completed the task, they didn't want to rush out as it would attract the [Smole]'s attention.

    It took two hours for them to arrive at the entrance. It was considered long because if there were no monsters along the way, they could arrive in 30 minutes using an average walking speed.

    However, they didn't mind the additional time they gained as it was safer for them to move this way. When they arrived at the entrance, they didn't immediately submit their loot.

    All of them decided to clear the monsters around the area first. It was not a simple task as it took them around 50 minutes to clear the monsters. The monster kept on coming when they fought, so it took longer for them to clear the area.

    Fortunately, after 50 minutes, there were no monsters around, and it was really safe. One by one, Auron and the other members began to submit their tasks.

    After submitting their tasks, they didn't have to directly go to the next floor. They had 10 more minutes to stay until the glow on their vest subsided. If the 10 minutes limit was passed, they needed to redo their task. However, it didn't take long for each person to submit, so 10 minutes was enough.

    As they were coming from the same group, they decided to stay until the end. When one submitted the task, the other was guarding him in case there was another monster's horde coming.

    Fortunately, the worst didn't come. All of them had the qualification to go to the next floor. With that, everyone took the portal and went to the next level.
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