401 Wind Cliff 1

    A new scenery greeted Auron. Upon seeing his surrounding, Auron could see numerous cliffs. And, those cliffs were connected by a single narrow path, that only fit for two average human body.

    With such a narrow path, if one not careful enough, they could fell down from the cliff and met their end.

    The training had progressed for more than 12 hours. On the outside, the sky had gradually turned dark. However, in this place, the sky was still blue. There was no sign that night would come soon.

    The teleportation function inside the vest was not used only to eliminate the participants, but it had another feature. The training participant could use it to rest. When used, the participant would be teleported to a separate room.

    Inside the room, they could rest or cook their own meal there. They also could stay as long as they wanted inside the room. Unfortunately, to use this function, they had to stay out of battle, or else, the feature would be disabled.

    At the current progress, many of the training participants had chosen to rest and saved their strength. Auron knew about this function as he had done his research about this training. However, right now, he didn't have any intention to use this function.

    Auron had set his goal to clear this floor first before resting. Just like the previous floor, Auron got 2 free attributes for clearing the third floor. He also got a task notification. This floor's task was to collect 200 [Smole]'s heart.

    From Auron's research, soldiers had classified this floor as a transition floor. The first floor would serve as a limit floor as it was used to eliminate the underperformance soldiers. The second and third floors were the basic floor. It was like an introduction to this Tower Training.

    Meanwhile, the fourth floor, where Auron was currently located, and the fifth floor were classified as transition floors. It was served for the transitioning phase for the sixth floor and above.

    Meanwhile, the sixth floor and above would be the real deal. The benefits and the challenges there were different from the five-floor below. The soldiers said that one day would not be enough to complete the task required. However, those floors were still quite far away from Auron. He had to focus on this floor first.

    A breeze of wind blow on Auron's skin. This was the signature of this floor. There was a breeze of wind that always blew on this floor. And, that wind would gradually grow stronger. When it reached its peaks, the wind could blow away a human body if they were not ready.

    After it reached its peak, it would gradually grow weaker, and it would repeat another cycle. Each cycle would take 30 minutes. So, 15 minutes was needed to make the wind reached its peak and another 15 minutes for it to reached its lowest state.

    The wind gave another challenge for the soldiers who participated in this training. If they were not ready, the wind could blow them away and made them crashed even fall from the cliff.

    If they fell from the cliff, they supposed to be dead. Fortunately, the vest they were wearing had a safety measure to prevent that. The vest would automatically teleport them to a random place. However, their vest's life would also reduce by 5.

    The wind would not only affect the soldiers. Since [Smole] was small, when the wind was strong enough, it would blow away the monsters. This would hinder the soldiers from completing their task. Of course, if they were fortunate, they could kill the monster without any retaliation.

    Fortunately, Auron was teleported to a cliff where there were only a few [Smole]. Moreover, the [Smole] already fought against a woman.

    It was a 1 versus 5 [Smole]. Auron glanced at the fight, and the woman seemed didn't have any difficulties. He decided to go to the other cliff. It was not a good practice to kill other monsters. Moreover, they all here were not competing with each other.

    Three paths led to other cliffs. Auron decided to choose the north path. When he was about to cross the path, he felt the wind getting stronger. As Auron had just arrived, he still didn't know whether the wind was in the phase of getting stronger or getting weaker.

    Looking at the wind's power, it was still not on its peak. It was far from its peak.

    It seemed the winds still in the middle stage of getting stronger. However, Auron didn't want to take any risk. What if he was blocked in the middle of crossing, then the wind reached its peak, he could be blown away and fell from the cliff.

    Auron decided to wait when the wind was in the second phase. Then, he looked at his surrounding, and it seems there were no monsters around beside the ones who were fighting against the woman.

    Auron didn't have anything to do. He decided to move away to his mage character. He wanted to know the situation there.

    When Auron regained his consciousness on his mage character, he was immediately greeted by two [Smole]s who directly attacked him. Taking out his knife, Auron slashed his knife to one of the monsters and used [Earth Spike] to the other one.

    Unfortunately, Auron's reaction was a bit of late. There was a slight delay when he moved to his mage character, which made his spell came out late.

    Auron could fend off one of the monsters using his knife, but the other one managed to hit him first before getting pierced by the [Earth Spike].

    Auron gritted his teeth and finished off the other [Smole]. Then, he checked his mage's vest's life. There was 39 health left.

    Auron felt reluctance. However, he could not do anything because that was the level of the AI that controlled his character. He could not move back and forth between each character. In the end, if he had to let his mage character eliminated from this training, then that's not a problem as long as his swordsman managed to stay until the end.
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