402 Wind Cliff 2

    After eliminating the two [Smole]s, Auron collected its heart. He had been pessimistic about keeping his mage character so it could last longer during this tower training. Then, suddenly he got an idea.

    As he thought deeper, Auron began cursing himself, "Stupid! Why I never thought about this before!"

    Auron had got a brilliant idea. With the rest function that could be activated, why didn't he taking turns on controlling his character?

    Of course, it would not guarantee 100% that he could succeed. However, it should be easier for him to control the risk.

    As a player, Auron had the advantages of time and stamina. They could play for 24 hours without resting. Meanwhile, the NPC soldiers could not do this as they needed to sleep just like now, where there were only a few people on this floor currently. Most of them were players.

    Auron's idea was still raw, but he thought that was a doable idea. Auron pressed the rest function on the vest. Then, it teleported his mage character to the rest area.

    After making sure his mage character safe in the rest area, Auron went over to his swordsman character.

    Auron was still waiting for the wind to past over its peak before crossing to another cliff. He had nothing to do as there was no monster at his cliff at the moment. Meanwhile, the woman had finished her fight and started collecting the heart.

    After she finished collecting the heart, she immediately took the east path to another cliff. The wind was getting stronger. Auron could feel the changes. The soft breeze became more violent.

    Auron saw his clothes started to flutter. He looked at the woman who had started crossing to the other cliff. The woman also felt the wind's power changes and began to panic. It was because the distance between each cliff was not short.

    The distance of each cliff was 5 kilometers. It would take around one hour for an average human to cover that distance. Of course, in this game, that distance could be covered in less than one hour because of the skill and attributes.

    The woman increased her speed while maintaining her balance. Unfortunately, her challenges didn't stop with only the wind. Three monsters were coming from the other direction from her. She had no choice but to fight. Sadly, this was not an ideal place to fight.

    However, the monster didn't move at all and just crouching down. Looking at the monster's state, Auron could see that the monsters were also trying their best to hold on, and they were not in a state to fight. The woman also realized that.

    The woman could take the chance to kill the monsters. However, she decided to ignore the monster and passed them. There was still a long way before she reached the end. She didn't know what would wait in front of them. Hence, she wanted to make sure of her safety first.

    The woman started to run. Then, she jumped passed the three crouching [Smole]s who were crouching on the ground, trying their best to not be blown away.

    After passing the first group, she found another monster who was in the same state in front of her. The wind was getting stronger. The monster who stayed still in the path started to move unwillingly to the edge.

    The woman hurriedly increased her speed. When she was nearing the end of the path, she started to sway because of the wind. She was pushed by the wind, her right foot closed the foothold. She gritted her teeth, with all of her might, she jumped using her left leg.

    Then, the wind reached its peak, which pushed the woman who was still in midair. Fortunately, she landed on the ground and rolled several meters before she hooked her hand on the ground to avoid falling.

    Several minutes staying on the ground, the wind grew weaker. With the wind grew weaker, she had secured her safety.

    Meanwhile, Auron had also felt the wind when it reached its peak. He had tried to block the wind. Unfortunately, it didn't work 100%. He still being pushed back for some distance.

    Fortunately, Auron was not in a dangerous situation since he didn't taking any risk to cross over. He had wanted to experience the wind's power at its peak. Now, he had experienced it, he knew how far the current wind's power from its peak.

    After waiting for several minutes for the wind to calm down, Auron started to move and took the north path. Although the wind had calmed down, Auron didn't want to be trapped inside the path. So, he immediately sprinted as soon as he took the path.

    Just like what he had thought, after the wind reached its peak, it cleansed many monsters on this floor. Although several monsters could hold on, its number didn't go over 10% of the original amount.

    Unlike the woman, Auron had an easy time crossing the path. Using his skills, it didn't take for more than 5 minutes for Auron to cross the path.

    When Auron arrived at his destination, he began to search for monsters as this was his task. Unfortunately, he could only find one monster who already had its enemy. Since the wind still on its weaker phase, Auron decided to move to the other cliff.

    Very quickly, Auron arrived at another cliff. Finally, on this cliff, he found two monsters, and there was no one around. Auron immediately claimed the monsters. Despite the fact there still was the wind around, Auron could finish the monsters without any difficulties.

    However, after finishing this monster, Auron didn't know what to do. The wind was getting stronger once again, and he had to wait as he didn't want to take any risk.

    After spending 4 hours on this floor, Auron only had met with 10 monsters. It was because every time the wind reached its peak, it also killed many monsters along with it.
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