404 Wind Cliff 4

    [Lightning Chain] was an advanced spell from the wind element. It was a strong spell. Unfortunately, it had a long cooldown and long chanting time. Not only that, but it also had a short-range attack.

    However, even though the spell only had a short-range attack, the spell could jump to the closest enemies up to 5 enemies. If there was an enemy in a half of meter from the original target, the spell would jump and attack that enemy. Then, it continued until it hit 5 enemies. If there was no enemy around, then the spell would stop.

    After killing the 5 enemies, Auron took their hearts one by one. His task progress increased by 5 points.

    Since there were no more enemies in this cliff, Auron quickly crossed to another cliff. Unfortunately, he could not found any monster on this new cliff. He went to another one and still could not get anything.

    After another two more cliffs, he had to wait for the wind to pass its stronger phase. For these two cliffs, Auron found two monsters on one of the cliffs. Unfortunately, there was already another player who claimed the monsters. Meanwhile, Auron could not find any monster on the other cliff.

    Time passed by. Finally, after spending more than 10 hours on this floor, Auron managed to complete his task. He went to the fifth-floor portal and handed over his quest. When Auron finished handing over his quest, Auron took the Portal and went to the fifth floor.

    As soon as he arrived on the fifth floor, the first thing Auron did was to use the vest's rest function and teleported to the rest area. Then, he went over to his mage character.

    It was time for him to finished the quest on his mage character. Auron took 10 hours to complete his quest on his swordsman character. For this mage character, it could not only take 10 hours. Everything was so random. If he was fortunate, he could finish it less than 10 hours.

    Unfortunately, the chance of that happening was below 40%. The reason was that several hours later, morning would come. When the morning came, there would be more people on this floor fighting over monsters.

    At that time, it would be more challenging to get monsters. He would have to rely more on his luck. Auron shook his head. There were around 4 more hours before the morning came. He would try his best to collect as many [Smole]'s hearts as he could.

    Auron started to control his mage and moved back to the fourth floor from the rest area. He was teleported to one of the numerous cliffs. His luck was pretty good.

    As soon as he arrived on the fourth floor, Auron saw three monsters on the same cliff. He smiled, seeing this. This was a good start.

    Taking out his dagger, Auron used his swordsman's movement skill and charged at the nearby monster. During charging, he didn't forget to start chanting a spell.

    As Auron charging towards the monsters, they also did the same. The monsters made a three-pronged attack towards Auron. They all came from all sides.

    Auron slashed his dagger at the monster's face. The monster didn't have any intelligence at all. Instead of avoiding the attack, they opened their mouth widely.

    Auron's dagger slashed at one of the monsters vertically. Although it didn't kill the monster, it only had a sliver of health left; also, it stopped the monster's attack. Meanwhile, Auron used the [Earth Spike] that he had chanted to attack the other monster who came towards him.

    The monsters got pierced by his [Earth Spike]. However, Auron could not be happy yet. There was still one monster's attack left that coming towards him. Auron faced this one monster, and, using his leg, he kicked the monster from the right side.

    Of course, this kick would not kill the monster, but it blew away the monster. Auron didn't stop there. He looked back at the first monster, who had been slashed by him, and approached it. Then, Auron stabbed the monster with his dagger.

    The kicked monster had recovered and began to attack Auron once more. However, Auron had finished off the other monsters. Facing this monster in a one on one fight, was a piece of cake for Auron. A [Fire Bolt] flew towards the jumped monster, and Auron finished it with a stab to the monster's belly.

    After exterminating all of the monsters, Auron began to collect the hearts. He got another three new hearts. With the previous two hearts he had, now, he had five hearts. There was still a long way to 200 hearts.

    Auron looking at the situation and saw that there was still a chance left to cross to another cliff before the wind went violent.

    Auron moved to another cliff. However, it seemed he ran out of luck. After crossing two cliffs, he could not find anything. In the end, Auron had to wait for the wind before continuing his hunt.

    When the morning came, people started to make their move. Auron began to meet with other people more often. The competition was going fiercer.

    Auron had to spend more effort to find enemies. He had to move four to five cliffs to only see one to three monsters.

    Although Auron had spent more effort, in the end, he had to wait until the night time came once more to complete his quest. It took more than 16 hours for Auron to complete his quest. In total, Auron had spent more than 26 hours in this fourth floor. It was over more than one day.

    Auron wanted to curse. However, he could not, as he had already tired. After all, he had finished his quest. Auron didn't waste any more time. He walked to the fifth-floor entrance and handed over his task.

    Auron's vest was glowing brightly. Then, he walked over to the portal and teleported to the fifth floor.
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